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Read the article at surface SILENT READING 10 MINUTES

Article Comprehension

1. What influences tides in the oceans and seas on Earth? Does something similar happen on the moon as well? 2. How are lobate scarps formed? What is different about the ones on the moon? 3. What do scientists attribute the difference to? Critical Thinking Challenge What would happen if there was no gravitational pull between the earth, moon and sun? Now, practice your vocabulary words at

Log in with username “team6a” and password “6a123.” Click on “Spelling and Vocab.” Change the word list to “GRAVITY.” Play a few games and try a few activities. Then complete the quiz below: _____1. exacerbating A. moon _____2. distinct _____3. contraction _____4. transmitted B. haphazardly C. duplication D. sent _____5. randomly _____6. simulation _____7. superimpose E. aggravating F. clear G. squeezing _____8. satellite H. overlap Finished? Turn in and watch the video on the reading link or complete the word search under “Play Game.”