Residential Water Commitment Pledge

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Everyone in the family can participate to help use water more efficiently. Sit down with each other and
take a moment to talk about how your family can team up to tackle these water conservation tips. Once
you are done, you and every family member can sign the pledge and begin the adventure together!
In the Bathroom:
Decreasing my shower by two minutes.
Turning off the faucet while washing my face, brushing my teeth and shaving.
Repairing leaky toilets or upgrading to a WaterSense® certified, Peel Approved toilet.
In the Kitchen:
Not running the tap continuously while washing dishes or produce.
Running the dishwasher only on a full load.
In the Laundry Room and Furnace:
Running the washing machine only on a full load.
Upgrading to WaterSense® certified front-loading washers and/or furnace mounted humidifiers.
Scheduling lawn watering more efficiently and avoid over-spraying onto pavement and excessive
Using a broom instead of a hose to clean my driveway.
Aerating my lawn.
Modifying lawn space with sustainable Fusion Landscaping ® including draught tolerant, native
Supporting WaterSense® in “Fix a Leak Week” to correct household plumbing leaks.
On the Go:
Using re-usable stainless steel or glass water bottles instead of buying bottled water.
Through Education:
Discovering more about our complete water footprint at
By addressing these changes, we pledge to use water more efficiently by conducting the
activities checked above.
Names of family members:
Signatures of family members:
Regional Municipality:
Please don’t forget to scan and send your pledge back to us at [email protected] or [insert
Municipal contact here]. We will be sure to pass along your commitment to your local municipality.