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Grand River Collegiate Institute
CGC 1DI: Canadian and World Studies
Grade 9 Academic Geography
Year End Summative Project 2014-2015
15% of Final Grade
Name of Student: ________________________________ Due Date: Jan 13, 2016
CGC IDI Final Summative Project
Project Specifics:
You will be building on your knowledge from your previous units, to apply, think and communicate the
proposal of a new national park in Canada. Your focus includes choosing one Canadian Geographic issue that
is affecting Canadians. Analysis of this issue will allow you to discover which natural region is in need of a
national park based on this issue. You will then map your proposed park (in GIS) and suggest reasons why
this park is beneficial in protecting the environment, and how creating this park will address your issue.
Learning Targets:
“I can accurately identify and investigate a significant Canadian Geographic Issue that has human and/or
environmental implications”
“I can suggest how creating a new national park in Canada will address possible solutions to my identified
issue and recognize implications to the human population in this location”
“I can accurately use spatial technology skills and geographic inquiry to investigate, analyze and
communicate geographic issues”
Part A: Identifying a Significant Canadian Geographic Issue
Over the course of the semester, you have had the opportunity to explore a wide range of issues that affect Canadians
and/or the environment. You will now choose ONE of these issues to analyze.
Choose an Issue and Find an Article
You will be introduced to a variety of digital databases that contain a wide range of Canadian issues
involving Canadians and the environment. Use a database or go to to search for an article.
You must find a recent article on an issue (within two years), and it must have a clear Canadian
Connection. Remember: all issues are controversial, which means that they have multiple viewpoints.
Make sure that your article is an issue. Print the article once you find one and complete the
following chart, initialed by your teacher.
Name of
Some suggestions for issues include:
Glacier Protection
Resource Extraction
Threatened Ecosystems
Endangered Species
Land-use conflict
Type of Issue
by Teacher
Water Pollution
Part B Article Summary and Analysis of Issue
Article Summary. (Approximately 1 page typed)
Print the whole article and complete an article summary using the format specified below.
 Page set up: The headline, the date, the author, the source, the place will appear at the top of your
written summary. (Just as it did with your current event assignment).
 Write a summary of the article following the required
format below. Review the marking rubric for more detail.
Headline: Toxic spill: Without Warning to Local
Date: September 21, 2015
Required format:
Author: Dr. Alena Thomas
Source: Canadian Geographic
Place: Williston Lake, B.C.
First sentence: The issue in the article is....
Theme: Environmental
Second sentence: The main people or groups involved are.....
Body: (Discuss all points of view with detail. Use multiple paragraphs as needed).
Creating a Sense of Place:
o What is where?
o Why There?
o Why Care? (in short paragraphs, include all points of view).
Conclusion: (Based on your issue, describe why a National Park may be a possible solution
and explain how your park design relates to this issue. Also include the implications that your
park may have to the local human population
Part C: Design of Park Features to Help Address Your Issue
Design and include three features that you will need to have in your new park design that best helps
address your issue. Some examples may include: an education centre to learn more about an endangered
species, or a board walk to help encourage people to stay off of sensitive ecological areas, etc. Each of these
features will appear in the legend of your park map. You must have at least three. Explain each with a
detailed paragraph in the chart below.
Features in your park
(i.e. water source, forest, education
centre, wetland, boardwalk)
How is this feature related to the issue and why have
you included it in the park? (detailed paragraph)
Part D: ARCMAP ~ in GIS you will create a digital map of your new National Park.
Application: This map will follow all mapping guidelines and will include the
At least three layers of data (i.e. overlaying files that you are adding to illustrate features in
your park). Some examples may include population density, cities, vegetation, existing
national parks etc.
Symbols representing each of your park features from part C above.
Label important landmarks (i.e. cities, water systems, roadways etc) that exist in the area of
your park
Name for your park
Legend which illustrates features in your park
Three pictures with captions which illustrate the natural environment and/or issue in your
National Park
See instructions Attached.
Submission Details
Final Summative Projects are essential for course completion
Your summative project must be word processed
Please create a title page for your assignment that contains the following information:
Name, Date, Course & Section, Teacher, School, Name of Park
I have included the following (all in order):
 Title Page
 Part A: Printed article found on library database or CBC website with teacher approval chart
 Part B: Completed Article Summary (typed; 1 page in length)
 Part C: Completed Chart: Physical Geographic Park Features
 Part D: Completed Map – Printed
 Marking rubric for assignment
 Name and date on EACH page.