Fossil Lesson Using SV

Fossil Lesson Using SV (Ed Robeck)
1. Engage
a. Show video from Jurrasic Park—emphasizing fossils
b. This leads to the question: How do fossils form?
2. Explore
a. Pass out fossils kits and let students find fossils
b. Layering activity
i. Use 2L bottle full of water
ii. Add sediments
iii. Predict what the sediments will look like after bottle is shaken and allowed to
iv. Shake
v. Let sediments settle
vi. Observe sediments
vii. Infer reasons
3. Explain
a. Have students share words and phrases related to why layering happens
b. Describe process of living things being caught in layers
c. Use SV from:
d. Describe mineralization of fossils
4. Elaborate
a. Give additional examples—show photos of layers in rock
5. Evaluate
a. Show a photo of layers and ask students to describe how they formed.
Begins with a relevant question
Use science processes
Inductive approach (evidenceconclusion)
Leads to more questions