NGO Fare Request Form

Airnorth has a strong commitment in supporting Timor-Leste as a developing nation. We
therefore offer support to registered / accredited non-government organisations (NGOs)
who carry out legitimate humanitarian activities to assist the Timorese community.
Airnorth’s NGO fares are available for return Darwin to Dili bookings and provide a similar
level of flexibility to our fully flexible Air Flex fares at a discounted rate. Our NGO fare rates
are subject to change without notice.
Please note that NGO Airfares cannot be purchased for children of 11 years of age or under.
All organisations requesting NGO Airfares must fully complete sections 1 and 2 of the NGO
Request Form and provide adequate evidence that they are a registered / accredited NGO.
All NGO fare requests are to be submitted a minimum of five (5) working days prior to
departure date via email to [email protected] Any requests received less than
five (5) working days prior to departure may not have their request processed in time.
NGO Airfares Guidelines:
Successful applicants are selected on their ability to provide adequate evidence that they
are a registered / accredited NGO that will be travelling to and from Timor-Leste for the
purpose of undertaking humanitarian activities.
When approved, Airnorth will provide NGO fares with an automatic approval for a 10
kilogram excess baggage waiver for each Darwin to Dili airfare. All 10kg excess baggage
waivers travel on a standby basis only (no exceptions) and are subject to space availability.
Note this baggage waiver is not applicable for the return Dili-Darwin sector.
NGO fares must be booked by contacting Airnorth Reservations on 1800 627 474 (freecall),
08 8920 4001 or [email protected] NGO fares are not available for bookings
through the Airnorth website.
NGO fares can only be booked by the nominated authorised NGO staff member detailed in
Section 2 of this form. NGO fares are not to be distributed to any other booking or travel
agent/agency. Distribution of Airnorth NGO fares could result in loss of your NGO status.
NGO fares are for NGO business use only and not for NGO staff leisure travel. It is the
responsibility of the authorised person to ensure that this condition is met at all times. A
breach of this condition may result in the NGO fare status being forfeited.
Should an approved NGO applicant make a booking on a non-NGO fare (e.g. an internet fare
on the Airnorth website, or through a travel agent) then their NGO status will not be
applicable to this booking and they will not receive an automatic baggage waiver. Any
booking of this nature made by the NGO will require the NGO to complete an Excess
Baggage Waiver Request Form for each booking made. This Excess Baggage Waiver Request
Form is available on the Airnorth website.
NGO fares have the following terms and conditions attached:
 Changes are subject to NGO fare availability and are permitted up to two hours prior
to departure.
 Names are changeable up to 24 hours prior to departure.
 Waitlists are permitted.
 No-show tickets are considered travelled on and no refund will be given. Fare will be
 E-tickets will be issued. E-tickets and relevant photo identification must be provided
at check-in.
 All passengers have a confirmed checked baggage allowance of 20kgs.
 All passengers will automatically be granted a total baggage allowance of 30kgs
(inclusive of the 10kg baggage waiver) at the time of booking NGO fares.
 Any baggage in excess of 20kgs will be carried on a stand-by basis.
 Any baggage in excess of 30kgs shall be paid for at the applicable rates.
 All passengers arriving into Dili are required to pay a visa entry fee of USD$30.00.
 NGO fares are eligible for direct bookings by NGO only and not eligible to be booked
by other industry operators or travel agents.
The NGO fare status automatically expires each year on 31 December. It is the
responsibility of the NGO to reapply for NGO fare status a minimum of one month prior to
the termination date. No NGO fares can be booked without valid NGO fare status held with
Section 1 – NGO Details
NGO name
Years of organisation
Alternative number
Website address
Section 2 - NGO Fare Application
IMPORTANT: Official documentation validating NGO status must be submitted with this
request. Only requests accompanied with this documentation will be considered. No
exceptions will apply.
Anticipated number of
return trips per year
Currently hold NGO
accreditation with
Type of NGO evidence
documentation provided
Authorised representative
name/s and position/s
Authorised representative
email address
Darwin – Dili
Dili – Darwin
example: ACFID, AusAID, etc...
example: NGO business registration/accreditation certificate
copies to be submitted with this request form
of nominated person/s to make NGO bookings
of nominated person/s to make NGO bookings
NGO Manager approval
NGO booking notes:
All passenger names must be provided as shown on their passports.
All passengers need to have a passport valid for at least a further six months on the day of
his/her departure from Timor-Leste. If the passenger fails to observe this, they will be
denied check-in prior to departure from Australia.
For updated information regarding passport and visa requirements, go to the Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade website: or go to
For more information about NGO fares and to obtain current rates please contact the
Airnorth Reservations team on Australian Freecall 1800 627 474, +61 [0]8 8920 4001 or via
[email protected]
For Airnorth use only:
Airnorth Manager