C-Card October 15 Update

Dear All,
It has been a long time since our last C-Card update, and there have
been a lot of changes. I am happy to be contacted as per below to
clarify any questions you may have. Many thanks, Kirsti B
Mobile: 07436 109129 Main Admin line: 01603 226666 [email protected]
Some background information, which you might not be aware of:
Sexual Health Promotion Unit became ‘Terrence Higgins Trust Norfolk’ at
the beginning of March 2015.
We still coordinate many of the same services (e.g. Your C-Card, Norfolk
Chlamydia Screening Programme), but we are operating from different
premises and using different contact details. We are now:
Terrence Higgins Trust Norfolk, 1a Oak Street, Norwich NR3
Direct and general enquiries via one of the following
01603 226666
Fax: 01603 226688
[email protected]
(Please Services:
dispose of Norwich
any forms
you may
have featuring
our previous
and Sexual
are attached.
Health), Oak Street
The GUM clinic (formerly at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital) and the Family
Planning Clinic (formerly on Grove Road) are now under the same roof on
Oak Street in Norwich (where we are also now based).
There is now one booking number to ring if you want either a
contraception or a sexual health appointment anywhere in Norfolk: 0300
300 3030
iCaSH service delivery hubs are also in Gt Yarmouth and Kings Lynn, with
clinics offered in additional locations. Check www.icash.nhs.uk/ourservices/norfolk for the most up-to-date information, including about
walk-in-and-wait clinic times.
The main business - Your C-Card News!
New-style C-Cards
These have been redesigned and each new-style C-Card now has a unique ID
number printed onto it, so that we can watch patterns of usage. As a
result, there are also new Registration forms and Issuing forms to
capture this new information. These are both attached to this email, as
is our current Resource Order Form. Please save and use them!
New-style C-Card (front)
New-style C-Card
Norfolk Sexual Health
Services Guide
Another significant change:
If someone is 16-24 when they register, they can now use the new-style
C-Card repeatedly until they turn 25 without needing to re-register.
If they are 13-15 when they register, they can use the new-style C-Card
three times before having to re-register, same as with old-style CCards.
What to do if you offer Registration
 Check the expiry date of the condoms and lube in any unused
registration packs you have, and remove the old C-Cards and flyers.
Then use the attached Resources Order Form to get the appropriate
number of new loose C-Cards and Norfolk Sexual Health Services
Guides to put into the packs.
Please continue to write your R-PIN number on the C-Card when you
register someone.
 When registering, please note additional columns on the form,
capturing ‘ID number’, ‘current age’ and ‘gender code’. The ID
numbers will already be printed on the new C-Cards you order. The
updated Ethnic Origin, Gender and Sexual Orientation Codes list is
also attached to this email.
Please return your Registration Form at the end of each month
using one of the options listed below.
Please note: when registration packs are ordered in future, the CCards will be supplied separately in a bundle rather than already
inside the packs.
to do if you offer Issuing
time someone shows a C-Card to get condoms, please look at their
carefully and choose the relevant course of action:
If Under16 with an old-style C-Card: put a mark in one of their
visit boxes on the C-Card, and put a tick into one of the spaces on
the (new) Issuing Form
If Under16 with a new-style C-Card: put a mark in one of their
visit boxes on the C-Card, and write the card’s ID number into one
of the spaces on the (new) Issuing Form
If 16-24 with an old-style C-Card: put a mark in one of their visit
boxes and put a tick into one of the spaces on the (new) Issuing
Form. (If you also offer Registration, and have time to do so, you
could offer to re-register them for a new-style C-Card which will
work until they turn 25!)
If 16-24 with a new-style C-Card: no mark on the C-Card is
necessary (in fact there are no visit boxes for them). Write the ID
number into one of the spaces on the (new) Issuing Form.
Please return your (new) Issuing Form at the end of each month (not
quarterly) using one of the options listed below.
It is really useful to us to keep a track of C-Card activity and to
encourage more of you to return your Registration and Issuing data, this
can now be done MONTHLY in any one of the following five ways:
1. Via post (to Oak Street)
2. Via fax (to 01603 226688) Please make sure it is clearly marked for
attention of THT!
3. Via email as a scanned attachment to [email protected]
4. Via email as a Word document attachment to [email protected]
5. Via email to [email protected] with the data typed into a
template in the body of the email itself (template will be sent
round imminently).