October 1st, 2013 To whom it may concern: It is an honor and a

October 1st, 2013
To whom it may concern:
It is an honor and a pleasure to write this recommendation for William Langfitt, an intelligent, mature,
thoughtful, kind, disciplined and positive young man. William has been a student of mine for three years;
French 3 Honors as a sophomore, French 4 Honors as a junior and this year, AP French language and culture.
He also joined my advisory group this year.
William is one of the few students who has been a pleasure to teach; he is one who makes any class
richer and any teacher happy. William entered my French 3 Honors class with a decent foundation in French
and worked very hard to rise to the level of AP French Language this year.
In our AP French Language course, students had to read challenging authentic documents and fiction,
write essays, prepare for debates and class discussions and work hard to master all the aspects of French
grammar as well as increase their vocabulary base. William approaches this class with a lot of dedication, hard
work and interest. In class, his level of concentration is amazing, making use of every moment of class, taking
notes and asking questions during class.
William comes every day to class in a good mood; he is always cooperative and enthusiastic. William has never
once complained about a grade or any challenges I have presented. He is a very consistent and persevering
William is usually receptive to suggestions and accepts criticism in a mature and assertive way. He pays
close attention to correct his papers promptly and effectively and does everything to meet the high
expectations of the challenging AP class. He worked closely and responsibly with me to learn the proper
techniques to prepare for tests or quizzes and to revise or correct his writing. William always participates in
oral activities and is willing to take risks and give it a try. Consequently, his oral and written skills are
constantly improving and especially this year where we focus more on preparing for the AP exam. William
comes to class thoroughly prepared with enthusiasm and a good attitude. His presence and positive attitude
contribute significantly to making a positive class dynamic.
William’s passion and commitment goes beyond the classroom. He has been involved in sports,
especially baseball, community service and also numerous clubs at the Episcopal Academy and outside of
school. William was a baseball camp counselor all summer, helping young boys to improve their game.
William’s impeccable comportment, maturity, school spirit, kindness and generosity to all and friendly
disposition make him one of the most popular members of his class and our community. He embodies virtues
which nowadays are only remembered as relics from another era: courtesy, humility, honesty, substance and,
above all, respect. He has a profound respect for his peers, teachers, coaches and anyone who has guided him.
William is a good individual who will make the most out of his opportunities in college and beyond. He
will manage the challenges of life with honesty and responsibility, and he will enrich any place fortunate
enough to have him. It is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend him for your program. If I
can be of any further assistance in this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Marc Eripret
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