Information Centre "Use of assisted reproductive technologies for

4-6 February 2014
Hall 75, VVC, Moscow, Russia
Information Centre
"Use of assisted reproductive technologies
for livestock development"
An 'Information Centre' is a joint exhibition area where companies come together to
exhibit products and solutions for a special topic.
In the Information Centre, exhibitors display products that address existing problems in a
special area and that represent particularly innovative solutions and technologies.
The products are demonstrated in as detailed and practice-oriented a manner as possible.
An Information Centre is a neutral platform. The stand design is the same for all
participating companies. The product presentations are tailored to the potential customers,
with particular emphasis being placed on the prospective benefits. Interested visitors also
obtain unbiased information from a neutral expert.
From an economic point of view, livestock and poultry development plays an increasingly
important role in animal husbandry as it aims to rear healthy and fertile young animals that
not only increase the herd or flock size, but also raise yields.
The efficiency of livestock and poultry development measures is influenced by a number of
different factors. The genetic potential of the animals plays an important role, as do the
housing and feeding conditions, the success of rearing young animals and optimal herd or
flock structure and population management.
The Information Centre focuses mainly on topics such as reproduction management,
improving fertilization results, increasing the efficiency of insemination techniques and
procedures, embryo transfer, pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring the inseminated animals,
monitoring calving, farrowing, lambing and foaling and monitoring and caring for the
newborn animals (perinatal care).
The Information Centre provides information on problems that occur in practice and
communicates information to practitioners on the latest findings, methods and processes
from research and from industry.
Companies involved in production areas related to the livestock and poultry reproduction
cycles that manufacture for example technical equipment and veterinary preparations for
oestrus stimulation and artificial insemination, animal identification and marking systems,
equipment for semen analysis, preparation and packaging, and that develop technologies,
equipment and preparations for diagnosing and monitoring pregnancy, or herd management
software, are invited to participate in the Information Centre “Use of assisted reproductive
technologies for livestock development”.
The work processes involved in the reproduction chain are used to structure the Information
Centre into specific areas.
The Information Centre is broken down into the following areas:
1. Oestrus stimulation
Stimulation of sexual maturity
Oestrus synchronization
Oestrus stimulation
Oestrus induction
Oestrus monitoring
Ovulation stimulation
Ovulation synchronization
Increase of fertilization rates
This area covers hormone preparations, feed additives, monitoring equipment, etc.
2. Insemination
Equipment and consumables for semen collection (phantoms, gloves, artificial
vaginas, semen collection bags, semen filters, incubators, hot plates, temperaturecontrolled baths)
Semen collection equipment (filters, pipettes, petri dishes, microscopes, photometers
and sperm densitometers, software for analyzing sperm motility and concentration)
Semen preservation and packaging equipment (heat sealing equipment, filling
systems, dispensers, pumps, sperm diluters, climate boxes, climatic chambers,
thermal insulated containers, refrigerated cabinets, cyropreservation equipment,
freezing machines, nitrogen containers, combination systems, rods, tubes, sterilizers)
Insemination equipment (back fat thickness measuring equipment, catheters, probes,
cannulas, insemination brackets, insemination belts, pipettes, ampules)
Laboratory equipment (microscopes, heating systems, incubators, centrifuges, scales,
sterilizers, shaker and rolling mixers, magnetic stirrers, hot plates, control units,
3. Embryo transfer
Equipment and consumables for oocyte and embryo retrieval (retrieval sets,
aspiration pumps, needles, syringes, catheters, gloves, petri dishes, flushing media)
Embryo handling and preparation equipment (filters, dishes, microscopes, dosing
units, pipettes, petri dishes, assipettes, vitrification sets, sterilizers, culture and
gestation media)
Embryo packaging and preservation (containers, tubes, ID markers, test tubes, heat
sealing equipment, holders, freezing media, freezing equipment)
Equipment and consumables for embryo transfer (thawing equipment, squirters,
pipettes, catheters, plungers, pre-heating equipment, incubators, gloves, embryo
transfer media)
Laboratory equipment (microscopes, heating systems, incubators, centrifuges, scales,
sterilizers, shaker and rolling mixers, magnetic stirrers, heating and hot plates,
control units, software)
4. Diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy
Rectal palpation
Histological method
Transrectal/transcutaneous sonography (scanners, sonographic equipment)
Biochemical or hormonal test
Reflector test
Opthalmological test
Birth synchronization
5. Partus
Veterinary obstetrics equipment
Birth monitoring equipment
Equipment and facilities for rearing young animals (colostrum administration, wet
nurse equipment, rescue decks, etc.)
Castration and tail docking equipment
6. Administration, management, organization of livestock and poultry
Livestock and poultry inventory documentation and management systems
Livestock and poultry management system software
Stand position
The Information Center will be positioned in Hall 75 A in the exhibition sector “Feedstuff /
Veterinary” on an approx. 200 m² island stand near to the main entrance to the hall A.
The Information Centre's location – opposite the main entrance in Room A – is very
The planning and positioning of the thematic focal areas will be closely coordinated with the
participating firms.
The organizers will be responsible for the overall concept, the stand construction,
registering the technical facilities and stand support.
The participating firms will be responsible for setting up, operating and dismantling the
admitted exhibits. The exhibits will be supplemented with explanatory texts, all sharing the
same design.
The participating firms are responsible for the content of their statements.
Appropriate references will be made to the participating firms and organizations. In the case
the participant of Information Center has own company stand at AgroFarm outside the
Information Center, so that will be referred additionally.
The stand structure will be open and communicative.
The stand design is the same for all participating companies, except for a company's logo,
which is displayed on each participant's stand.
An independent advisor will be available in the Information Centre throughout the
exhibition, who will – following a consultation with interested visitors – refer them to the
relevant exhibiting companies.
Cost overview
Registration fee:
11.200 Rubles (ca. 260 €) for the exhibitors with their own stand at AgroFarm
19.260 Rubles (ca. 447 €) for the exhibitors without their own stand at AgroFarm
Costs of presenting the exhibits: 60.950 Rubles (ca. 1.415 €)
The costs include:
The 5 m² stand area
Stand construction
Signposting, companies logos
Suspensions, spreaders
Using of furnished communication areas
Stand cleaning
Stand management by the organisers
Marketing and advertising
If the exhibitor wishes to present larger exhibits, the additional exhibition area can be
rented. A fee of 12.200 Rubles (ca. 283 €) per m² occupied area will be charged.
In addition exhibitors will be offered the opportunity of ordering of banners where they can
display information on their products/exhibits. The organisers will provide the uniform
template for the banners and take over the banner production. The exhibitors will be
responsible for structuring the poster content according to the given size. The costs include
printing costs and affixing the banner at the stand of Information Center.
Costs per banner: 13.800 Rubles (ca. 320 €)
Exhibitors in the Information Centre can also order furniture or equipment for presenting
their products. Prices will be made available on request.
The participating firms will bear themselves the costs of transport, construction and
dismantling of the exhibits, demonstration materials and company’s own stand personnel.
The Information Center will be supplemented by an expert conference on the same topic
“Livestock and poultry development and reproductive technologies”. The combination of
expert lectures at the conference and presentation of the products at the Information Center
will link the theoretical bases and the practical solutions.
To supplement the Information Centre, a series of specialist events will be held, covering
specific topics in the area of livestock and poultry development such as: identifying key
figures for efficient herd and flock reproduction (insemination age, calving/farrowing quota,
optimal useful life of dams), organizing livestock and poultry development in cow, pig and
poultry keeping (structure, documentation), increasing rearing performance, introducing
new insemination technologies, feeding mother animals, etc.).
Events on the above-mentioned or similar topics that are organized by Information
Centre participants will be given higher priority.
Exhibitors can also rent the Forum for their own lecture or events.
The costs are 20.000 Rubles (approx. €420) per 55 min.
This price includes:
the technical equipment (audio and presentation equipment)
technical support during the event
promoting the event via the channels of the AgroFarm organizers (inclusion in the
technical programme sent out to potential visitors in the run up to the event, in the
guide that is handed out to each visitor at the exhibition, publishing notification of
the content of the event on the AgroFarm website and dispatch of this notification to
addresses on the organizers’ mailing lists – exhibitors must supply the text for this
notification in Russian)
The Information Center will be publicized using all available channels:
 Information about the Information Center will be provided in the brochure for
visitors that will be sent out to approx. 20000 potential visitors
 Information about the Information Center will be provided in the guide handed out
to each on registration
 There will be a detailed presentation of the Information Center on the AgroFarm
website under the heading “Technical programme” > Reproductive technologies
 There will be a reference to the Information Center “Livestock and poultry
development and reproductive technologies” in all the main press releases by
 A separate press release on the Information Center will be issued with detailed
information and a list of the participating firms and organizations
 The Information Center will be marked on all hall plans (in the guide, the catalogue,
the exhibition hall)
The communications concept will be coordinated with the participating firms and
organizations. Additional promotional measures can be planned and agreed with the
participating firms and organizations.
General Conditions
All interested firms can as a matter of principle participate in the Information Center,
irrespective of whether they rent a separate stand of their own at AgroFarm.
The maximum number of participating firms and organizations is limited to 20. If the
number of interested companies is higher, those exhibitors with their own stand at
AgroFarm will be given preference. Moreover the sequence in which applications are
received will be crucial.
The decision on admission of interested firms rests with the organizers.
The technical rules of the Exhibition Regulations apply for the Information Center too.
If you find this offer attractive and are interested in participating in the Information
Center “Use of assisted reproductive technologies for livestock development”, please
let us know.
If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact:
Angelina Laas
DLG International GmbH
Eschborner Landstraße 122
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069/24788-273, Fax: 069/24788-138
E-Mail: [email protected]
The next AgroFarm will be held from 4 to 6 February 2014 in Moscow at the AllRussian Exhibition Center in the new Hall 75.