Distribution and speciation of metals in medicinal plants from South

Distribution and speciation of metals in medicinal plants from South East
Dr Gary Owens, Future Fellow – Mawson Institute, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8302 5043. Email: gary.owens@unisa.edu.au
Area: Analytical Chemistry / Environmental Science
Suitable for: PhD and Masters
In many countries worldwide, traditional medicine using locally grown plants continues to be a
common practice. However, there is concern that this practice can potentially lead to
detrimental health effects related to heavy metal toxicity when medicinal plants are consumed
which accumulate high levels of heavy metals. The aim of this project is to determine the
magnitude and severity of heavy metal contamination in medicinal plants and to understand
the soil-to-plant transfer patterns of these heavy metals for a number of common medicinal
plants. This study could be applied to Medicinal plants from India or traditional Chinese
medicines, or indeed any cultural background that has a tradition of medicinal plant use.
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