University of Cape Town Job Title: Research Medical Officer Faculty

University of Cape Town
Job Title:
Research Medical Officer
Health Sciences
Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM)
Khayelitsha District Hospital (KDH) and Mitchells Plain Hospital
and the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine,
University of Cape Town.
Medical Officer
Responsible to:
Prof Robert J Wilkinson and Dr Suzaan Marais
Works closely with: Khayelitsha District Hospital Staff, Mitchells Plain District
Hospital Staff and Wilkinson Group and Meintjes Group research
staff at KDH and the IDM.
Summary of post:
This post will be held at the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine
(IDM) within the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Cape Town (UCT). The
daily activities of this post will be 90% based at clinical research sites in Khayelitsha and
Mitchells Plain and 10% at the IDM.
A MBChB graduate who has experience in the evaluation, investigation and clinical
management of patients with neurological disorders, tuberculosis and HIV-related
conditions is sought to work as research medical officer on a large clinical study
conducted at Khayelithsa District Hospital and Mitchells Plain District Hospital by Prof
Robert J Wilkinson and Dr Suzaan Marais. The study is a prospective study to evaluate
the utility of different diagnostic methods for tuberculous meningitis and will include
~200 participants. The post may also involve recruitment of participants and supervision
across other smaller studies within the group. Some prior experience of clinical research
will be very advantageous. The Medical Officer should be experienced in performing a
thorough neurological assessment in order to rule out clinical contra-indications to
lumbar puncture and should be competent in performing lumbar punctures.
The post is supported by a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship to Dr Suzaan
Marais. The term of the post will initially be a one-year contract.
Duties and Responsibilities:
To carry out clinical and related medical research activities of this study and relevant substudies.
Duties will therefore include:
Recruitment of study participants, clinical assessment including performing a
thorough neurological examination and clinical follow-up of participants.
Completion of all relevant study documentation according to study standard operating
Maintenance of, cross-checking, and entry of accurate data at clinical site according
to South African and international Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Close liaison and maintenance of effective communication with the other study staff
and site staff members.
Management, supervision and teaching of clinical research staff as required by the
Needs to conduct all necessary study procedures such as phlebotomy, lumbar
puncture and collection of any other clinical samples as required.
Transport of clinical specimens to the laboratory at the IDM and GSH from the
clinical sites, when required.
Development or revision of study standard operating procedures as needed.
Presentation of research findings at meetings at the clinical research sites and IDM.
NB. This job description provides an outline summary of the duties of the post.
Amendments may be necessary but will be made in consultation with the post holder.
Person Specification:
 A degree in Medicine
 Knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
 A high level of knowledge of central nervous system infectious diseases in HIVinfected patients, such as tuberculous meningitis and cryptococcal meningitis
 Advanced level of experience in neurological diseases clinical practice
 Clinical research experience
 Current accredited GCP certificate
 Phlebotomy
 Clinical experience of management of patients with meningitis and other neurological
 Experience in performing a thorough neurological examination such that the Medical
Officer could identify contra-indications to lumbar puncture
 Competence in performing lumbar puncture
 Maintenance of accurate clinical records according to GCP standards
 Good working relationship within the research group and excellent rapport with
 A desire to make progress in understanding diseases that are responsible for great
morbidity and mortality deaths amongst disadvantaged people of the world
Maintenance of patient confidentiality
To promote equity according to the University’s mission.
 Registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa
 Experience in assessment and management of patients with neurological complaints
Dr Suzaan Marais
Professor Robert J Wilkinson