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A highly motivated and experienced Construction Professional. Onshore & offshore Construction
Professional with 17 years piping/ structural / Engineer background experience in the Oil Gas and
construction industries in the UAE, Africa on & offshore (Brownfield modifications to the DWG
PCWU platform), for most major companies & operators. Preparation and checking of Structural and
Piping drawings. Knowledge of Welding processes,"PWHT" Post Weld Heat Treatment, NDT &
other procedures. Good exposure for the inspection of material and equipment. Awareness and
commitment to HSE performance.
Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their
objectives, supervising human resources, offering experience in a range of industries and
environments which include; Oil & Gas, Offshore, Topsides Yards and Fabrication Shops.
It is also apparent to me that my experience in Structural, Construction, Oil & Gas industry, and
Installation-is a good match for the qualifications you are seeking. Good understanding of Structural
layouts, structural fitting, assemblies, erection, fabrication, performing construction activities as per
drawings, sketches. Quality assurance/quality control service, monitoring proper erection method as
per engineering standards and specifications.
A strong leader with vast professional skills and experience fully utilized to ensure the successful
completion of numerous high value projects and the skills development of individuals. A confident
communicator, able to work across all disciplines and levels. I am currently pursuing a more senior
role to continue my personal & professional development and build on my current management skill.
I possess excellent communication skills and ability to work as a team leader or member. Valuable
team member, able to work as a self-start, with excellent management and communication skills, able
to work as a Construction Professional.
1989 – 1995 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy; Engineer
Bachelor degree.Diploma AB-I 017301
AZFEN Consortium
COP-WC Project
Site Engineer,
Discipline Supervisor
December 2010
To Present
Client: AIOC - Azerbaijan International Operating Company. BP
Duties and Responsibilities:
Supervising and leadership on pipe and electrical supports fabrication.
COP-WC Project “ATA” Fabrication yard.
“Brownfield” project, modifications to the Deep Water Gunashli platform in the Caspian Sea.
Current base scope of COP design includes Brownfield modifications to the DWG PCWU platform.
The main topside modifications can be summarized as follows:Installation of a 750t riser support frame (RSF) complete with 3 risers. Installation of jacket clamps
at 6 levels plus a DWS (dead weight support at +8m level)
18” WI pig launcher and associated 2500lb Duplex piping valves/Instruments.
16” PW pig launcher / receiver and associated 300lb CS piping, valves/instruments.
14 “Gas Pig Receiver and associated 900# LTCS piping, valves/Insts.
2 new WI sub manifolds local to the existing WI manifold.
15 Tie ins required to existing systems.
4 new under deck pipe racks to accommodate the new riser piping.
New pipe rack within the South cooler module.
New pipe rack around the existing tote tank structure.
New Chemical Injection package.
Replace existing topside isolation valves in the Phase 2 Oil pipeline riser system to allow pigging
and isolation of the existing Phase 2 export pipeline.
 Review work packages for constructability
 Supervision and monitoring the construction activities carried out by subcontractors
such as erection and installation of steel structures at utilities/ancillaries and refinery
 Ensure that construction activities are carried out to the highest HSE standards
 Ensure that construction and installation conform with project standards and will met
target completion dates
 Attend safety toolbox talk and progress meeting
 Coordinate in the preparation of test packages and handover documents
 Actively participate on programs to develop the capabilities of local construction
workers with particular emphasis on HSE and quality
 Toolbox talks to foremen and group leaders
 Quality Control on Receive of Goods
 Supervising of logistics and delivery of materials to the site and anticipate any shortage
to avoid delays, able to feedback all the site problems and help for the solution.
 Handover to the QC and Dimensional Control Groups
 Clarification of the on drawing welding symbols to the fabrication teams
 Ability to enforce actively the working schedule and targets to subcontractors
 To inform on a permanent basis the BP Project Engineering Manager of any foreseen
technical or financial or delay risk.
 Provide technical support to subcontractors during construction process.
 Site inspection/supervision of structure and piping systems.
 Preparation of SEQ as well as technical bid evaluations.
 Responsible for the project’s structure works and construction activities on site
 Leading a team of workers at site to ensure in quality and material control, progress and
clients’ and project’s needs are met.
 Prepare permits as per requirements ISSOW.(Level 2)
 Supervision experience for hot work on the live platform.
 Turnaround/Shutdown experience in a supervisory.
 Weekly progress reports to BP management.
2. Azerbaijan
Structural Supervisor
December 2010
Azerbaijan, Baku and
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Train sub-contractor personnel to carry out installations in accordance with company
 Inspection and testing of heat tracing circuits to ensure that installation meets with
company’s standards and the customer specifications.
 Reviewing all documents related to the construction modification project. Determination
optimal construction procedures in order to minimize disruption to operations and
recommend such practice to superior.
 Measurement of installed quantities of cables and components.
 Responding to sub-contractor queries on drawing and schedules
 Provide sub-contractor interface with structural, piping, painting and insulation
 Providing feedback on actual work progress to the Project Engineer/Manager.
 Working safely at all times and monitoring the safety performance of the sub-contractor to
establish compliance with site and national safety rules.
 Identifies project hot spots, criticalities and activity priorities.
 Organize the work of the team and write the project procedures for the execution and
control of the structural studies.
 Completing daily progress reports and test certificates as required.
 Providing emergency on site first aid cover as required.
June 2009
3.AlmotamayezaCO. Project of design Build
of 2466 residential
Structural Supervisor June 2010
Duties and Responsibilities: Client: HIB
 Involved in all structural activities including fabrication, installation and control off all
structural items.
 Coordinating the engineering activities of the team members throughout the project with a
permanent concern for optimization of quality, costs and schedule criteria.
 Quality Control on Receive of Goods.
 Supervising of logistics and delivery of materials to the site.
 Instructing installation workers and control of their performance.
 Liaising with supplier representatives.
 Search possible solutions which can bring overall savings to the project.
 Ensuring that all works are performed in accordance with the project specifications.
 Scheduling tasks, project resources and field coordination.
 Coordination procedures with production, maintenance, safety, logistics, and inspections
personnel at site to ensure smooth completion of construction work.
 Assisting in the preparation of weekly progress reports.
 Overseeing the day to day on site operations.
 Toolbox talks to foremen and group leaders.
Fabrication and
May 2006
installation of HVAC
April 2009
Construction Group
items on PCWU
Structural Supervisor
Azerbaijan, Baku
Topsides Project.
MCG Fabrication Shop
Client: AIOC - Azerbaijan International Operating Company
PCWU Topsides Project. “ATA” Fabrication yard.
Duties and responsibilities:
Involved in fabrication, installation off all HVAC items in PCWU platform. Involved in all
structural activities including fabrication, installation and control off all structural items:
MCG Fabrication Shop: steel structural estimates include pipe-racks, elevated pipe supports,
pump shelters, access platforms, handrails, (cutting, rolling, beveling, profiling) etc.
 Duct fabrication
 Drawing clarifications to the installation personnel (fitters, welders etc.)
 Establish the schedule of the execution studies and the associated plan for resources
 Responsible for delivery of fabricated ducts to the worksite.
 Installation and Insulation of HVAC lines
 Handover to the QC and Dimensional Control Groups
 Hook-up and commissioning of HVAC system
 Supervising the group of 50 men
Upgrade of Dada
March 2006
Gorgud Rig working
Structural Supervisor April 2006
Construction Group
on Azeri-Chirag
Azerbaijan, Baku
Client: British Petroleum
Duties and responsibilities: Involved in all construction activities including fabrication,
Installation and control of all structural items on Dada Gorgud Rig
 Toolbox talks
 Receipt and organization of logistics of the materials
 Supervision of rigging operations
 Supervision of Living Quarters upgrading operations
 Analyze the technical documents (specifications, calculation notes, drawings, etc.) in order
to assess the scope of the studies required and the potential risks.
 Development of daily progress reports to BP management
February 2005
6. Technip Maritime
Structural Supervisor March 2006
Overseas Ltd.
TPG-500 IDV ,Shah
Deniz Gas Project
Azerbaijan, Baku
Client: AIOC - Azerbaijan International Operating Company. BP
Zykh construction yard near Baku.
Duties and responsibilities: Involved in all construction activities including fabrication, installation and
control off all structural items on TPG-500 Shah Deniz Gas Platform.
 Toolbox talks to personnel of 270 men
 Daily handover instructions distribution among the installation teams
 Clarification of the on drawing welding symbols to the installation teams
 Coordination of activities with Scaffolding Supervisor
 Supervision of prioritization of lifting and crane operations also involve in heavy lift operations and
steel structure erection in quite a number of this project
 QC and Dimensional Control coordination
 Provision of recommendations for the promotion among team members
 Almost 17500 tons of steel have been erected as per drawing and specification
Supervision of erection/modifications by sub-contractors at area of assignment.
Ensure that sub-contractors will comply with HSE requirements at site.
Attend weekly meeting with sub-contractors and prepare minutes of meeting.
Overall coordinator with other discipline at off-site area.
Follow-up RFI’s on area of assignment.
Coordination with workshop on remaining and additional items for fabrication.
Assume the duties and responsibilities of Steel Structure Superintendent while on home
leave or during his absence.
Prepare internal construction punch list for clearing by sub-contractors before final
inspection of PMC/client.
Supervision of the Jackup platform for transportation offshore.
7. MQS J.S.C.
Structural Supervisor
February 2005
Azerbaijan, Baku
Duties and responsibilities: Supervising MQS J.S.C. Metal Fabrication Shop. The group of 190 men
(150 Fitters, 32 Welders, 8 Mechanics, etc.)
Supervising and leadership on pipe support construction (approximately 14000 pipe supports),West
Azeri And East Azeri Projects, McDermott MCCI
Fabrication of mooring system in fabrication shop and installation it on STB-1 Central Azeri
Project , Saipem Eni Group
Fabrication and installation of Appendix Clamps on the barge TMI-2,West Azeri Template
Project, Saipem Eni Group
Fabrication of Walkways For Jackets, CA,WA and EA Projects, Boss Shelf
Fabrication of Pipe Rack for Sangachal Terminal, BP
Fabrication and Installation of Skid Beams for Zykh Yard, Assembly of TPG-500, Shah Deniz
Gas Project, Technip Maritime overseas Ltd.
Fabrication of structural items for Chirag, Istiqlal, Leader, Dada Gorgud Offshore platforms in
MQS fabrication shop.
Full time supervision at appointed subcontractor workshop during fabrication of steel structures for
offsite and utilities.
Observe fabrication condition and call for changes, if necessary.
Expedite all priority items to ensure early completion.
Prepare daily report on all levels of fabrication to the Construction Manager.
Act as a channel of communication between site and sub-contractor on all matters relevant to
satisfactory delivery of structures.
Ensure that Field Quality Control Plan (FQCP) is implemented and drawings are updated at
workshop to avoid rework on site.
Almost 9,000 tons of steel have been fabricated as per drawing and specification.
During this period developed approximately 100 employers from trainee to 6 grade fitter level,
some of them promoted later to
Dubai and Baku
Medusa Spar in Dubai
Central Azeri in
Azerbaijan, Baku
Structural FitterForeman
September 2001
March 2003
Client: AIOC - Azerbaijan International Operating Company. BP
Duties and responsibilities:
Involved in all construction activities including fabrication and installation of all structural items.
Steel structural estimates include pipe-racks, elevated pipe supports, pump shelters, access
platforms, handrails, tanks, box girders, plate girders, (cutting, rolling, beveling, profiling) etc.
Surakhani Oil
Azerbaijan, Baku
Oil and Gas
Site Engineer
September 2001
Duties and responsibilities: Involved in all construction activities including fabrication,
installation and control off all structural items.
Ensuring that all personnel are aware and follow all Quality Production Procedures specified in the
Quality Plan when appropriate and as identified by the Quality Assurance Manual. Receiving
drawings, schedule activities and documents from Planning Department. Supervising of assembling
and erection of columns, girders, pipelines, truss, vessels, tanks et. Maintenance work such as:
installation, modification, maintenance, precommissioning and commissioning. Performs air, hydro
and operational tests in the system to ensure tightness. Replaces damaged insulation on pipes.
Training and Development:
Graft fitters’ course in Dubai
Steel Structural
5 days safety training in Dubai
Rigging and lifting course, working at Heights.
5 days safety training in Baku
Basics of Safety
RTC training course
Risk Assessment, Toolbox talk, Task Observation
BP Permit to Work training
Performing Authority course
Manual Handling training course
Manual Handling Risk Assessment
First aid (Level-1)
STOP certified
Bp AzBU Safe Systems of Work
(SSOW) (ISSOW) Level-2 as a Performing Authority,
ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training
ISO 9001:2008 QMS Implementation Training
Safety leadership training course
Level 1 Risk Assessment (L1RA)
Competent Hot Work Supervisor (CHWS)
Experience: Performing Authority for Hot Work Naked Flame on the Life Platform.
Personal Details:
Marital Status:
English – Fluent, Russian – Native, Azeri – Native,
Turkish-fluent, Arabic-speaking
Computer skills: MS Word/Excel, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer.
Categories & Freelance Skills:
Engineering & Technical Categories
• Construction Topsides.
• Oil & Gas (Industry)
• Engineering
• Infrastructure
• Civil & Structural (Construction)
• Construction (Topsides- Experience)
• Construction (Energy - Oil & Gas - Experience)
• Construction (Infrastructure- Experience)
• Fabrication (Engineering - Experience)
• Health & Safety (Construction - Topsides & Construction - Experience)
• Health & Safety (Construction - Civil & Structural - Experience)
• Health & Safety (Energy - Oil & Gas - Experience)
• Health & Safety (Engineering - Experience)
• Onshore (Construction - Civil & Structural - Experience)
• Onshore (Energy - Oil & Gas - Experience)
• 6 Degree fitter level