Separation of a Mixture


SWSC Science Competition

Separation of Mixtures

Science Competition Title:

Separation of a mixture

Instructor’s Name:

Mrs. Bruozas

School of Instructor:

Lincoln-Way Central

Email Address of Instructor:

[email protected]

Date Competition Rules were created:


Description and Rules for Competition:


: Teams will separate individual components of a mixture, construct a flow chart outlining their procedure and also complete a written portion on the separation technique.


: The instructor will supply the hot plates, and other devices required for separation of the components.


Students will be graded on their ability to successfully separate each component of the mixture and show it to the instructor

Teams will be graded on their ability to create a flow chart to outline their procedure

Students must be prepared to answer questions about the data collection.

Tie Breaker:

Completion time will be the tie breaker

Number of Teams allowed per school

: 2