Project Monitoring Report
SECTION A: Project profile
Project number & title:
HWG 07 2013A --- The Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(TCM) in Airborne Diseases Containment
Time period covered in report:
2013.2 --- 2014.7
Committee / WG / Fora:
Health Working Group
Project Overseer Name:
Weihong Cong
Organization / Economy
People’s Republic of China
Date submitted:
SECTION B: Project update
Briefly answer each of the questions below to a maximum of 2-3 pages. If you have submitted
previous Monitoring Reports, focus on progress since your most recent previous report.
1. Current status of project:
On schedule: YES
On budget: YES
On target to meet project objectives: YES
2. Implementation: Describe progress against the project’s work plan and proposed objectives. Was
sufficient time allocated for planning of the activity? Were there delays in implementation and what
are some of the risk management approaches in place to ensure effective implementation of this
The ‘Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Airborne Diseases Containment International
Seminar’ is scheduled on 17th -18th October 2014 in Beijing. We are currently in the preparation stage of the
project. The preparation has focused on two parts, the research work and the conference services.
In terms of the research work, we negotiated and decided the contractor for the research work, and contractor
has signed the contract with APEC. Together with the contractor, we worked out a research plan and
determined researchers for each part of the research project. Three parts of the research plan have
completed their literature search, analysis, and preliminary report drafts. These three parts are the ancient
literature review, modern literature review, and the market research.
In terms of the conference services, we negotiated and decided the contractor for the research work, and
contractor has signed the contract with APEC. The contractor organized two preparation meetings, and
decided the location (i.e. the hotel) for holding the seminar. The contractor signed the contract with the hotel
and paid deposit. We have also organized and contracted experts who will give presentations during the
seminar. We first selected experts in considering their expertise, and we contacted them to negotiate topics
and contents of their presentations. We decided the domestic experts who will give presentations during the
seminar, and established contacts with them. Their topics are preliminarily decided. The international
presenters are not yet decided, but we have reached out for few of experts and are waiting for their replies.
The preparation work has been organized smoothly and is carried out according to the plan. The expected
number of participants is eighty, and participants will cover a range of different professions. The expected
participants come from different professions relate to the application of traditional Chinese medicines, such as
public health, infectious diseases, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, TCM literature
research specialists etc. We expect to bring different topics into the discussion, so that experts and
participants can share their knowledge and experience with others to deepen our understanding about the
advantages and controversies with regard to the use of TCM and Traditional Medicines among APEC
members. The scheduled experts will present information on the trend of infectious diseases worldwide, the
ancient and modern experience of using TCM and Traditional Medicine against infectious diseases, issues
relate to the promotion and application of TCM among APEC member economies etc. It is expected depth
discussion will benefit all participants in different ways.
3. Challenges: If not covered in Q1, describe any issues which impacted on the successful
completion of the work plan. Describe how you addressed these. Has this impacted on the project
schedule or budget? How might your fora Committee or the Secretariat help in addressing such
The preparation work is carried out smoothly. The current challenge for us is to engage international experts
to present during the seminar. The engagement of variety of international experts would contribute to the
depth of information and discussion we can get out from the seminar. Our Project Overseer Ms Weihong
Cong has established contacts with few experts during the first HWG meeting in February, 2014 and she is
currently contracting Professor Zheng Xiaoying to ask for help with regard to inviting relevant international
experts. We will further report our progress to APEC via emails to PD/PE.
4. Engagement: Describe the engagement and roles of stakeholders in the implementation of the
project, including other APEC fora, experts and beneficiaries.
As planned, selection of experts and participants are in process. We have decided the domestic experts who
will give presentations during the seminar. The international speakers decided including experts from
Australia and Thailand. Others are still in the process of negotiation. Once the experts and schedule of the
seminar are fixed, we will reach PD/PE for inviting participants from planned APEC members. Participants are
expected from the following member economies, Russia, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru,
and Papua New Guinea.
5.Objectives and outputs: How do results of the project so far (if any) compare with its expected
results? Are outputs being delivered on time and of appropriate quality?
The results of the project so far have met our expectation for the preparation stage.The research work have
experts drafted their preliminary research reports, but these reports are in Chinese and not yet translated into
English. The negotiated experts that will give presentations during the seminar have provided their personal
resume, topics of their presentation and outlines of their presentation. The PPTs of their presentations are not
yet provide. The planned due time for all reports, PPTs and summary is the end of August, 2014.
The outputs of the projects are not to be delivered at this stage.The preparation and materials have been
done in the past few months, and have met our project plan as mentioned above.
We will share our research results and information with all participants, and provide the chance for depth
discussion into the topic of TCM application against airborne diseases. All valuable information and results will
be shared among all APEC members after the seminar.
FOR APEC SECRETARIAT USE ONLYAPEC comments: Is the project management effective? How could
it be improved? Are APEC guidelines being followed?

HWG 07 13A MR Aug 2014