Test 1 Notes - Scales Mound Community Unit School District #211

Welcome to the Webpage of
Superintendent William G. Caron, Ed.D.
What do the Tests Tell us About our Hornets?
Recently our students completed the first round of benchmarking in reading and math by taking
the Measure of Academic Progress tests (MAP) and AIMSweb testing. Each of these tests is aligned with
our curriculum goals and the Common Core State Standards. My children have taken these tests during
their education. I would often ask them what are these tests and what do they mean? Well, as parents,
you can guess the variety of answers we got back from them. Take a few minutes to ask your students
the same question, what are these tests and what do they tell you?
The MAP test is designed to:
Measure instructional readiness and student growth on district curriculum and Common Core
State Standards (CCSS)
Compare and predict student achievement and growth over time via research-based
normative and growth information
Predict your grade 5+ students’ college readiness with data that align to ACT®
Create and reinforce data-informed instructional practices
Evaluate academic programs and identify professional development needs
(See more at: https://www.nwea.org/assessments/map/common-coremap/ sthash.H6HKZqHm.dpuf)
After the students are done testing, teachers look for patterns that appear in the data. Several
times during the school year, our classroom teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists,
and speech/language pathologist, review the data to determine if there are any additional supports or
interventions we can do to assist the students. Student scores are compared to previous scores and
performance in the classroom. By using the RIT scores, banding common scores together, and having
collaborative conversations, teachers make key instructional decisions about what students need and
develop plans to meet those needs.
We believe that every student can be successful in Scales Mound Community Unit School District
211 and our staff works hard to communicate and collaborate to serve all students needs. If you have
questions about your child’s progress in any of his/her classes feel free to contact his/her teacher by
phone or e-mail.
Keep working hard Hornet’s and let’s have a great year!
Dr. Bill Caron