Roosje *Rose* De Grauw, MD

Roosje “Rose” De Grauw, MD
5961 Carvel Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Dear Whom It May Concern:
After many years of training, I am looking for a position as a general pediatrician and I am
interested in your practice. Currently, I am a third year resident at the Pediatric Residency
Program at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I am looking to move to the New York City and Long Island area to be closer to family. I have
members of my immediate family living here and after several years of being apart, I want to
reconnect with them. I feel that now is a time in my professional career where I can make the
move to be closer to them.
When I came to residency, I was not sure what area of pediatrics I wanted to focus on. However,
my residency continuity clinic at the Pediatric Adolescent Care Center showed me the joy of
forming relationships with patients and families that first drew me to pediatrics. I am looking for
a practice where I can establish myself and continue to be a part of the lives of my patients and
their families.
Quality improvement (QI) is an important area for the future of pediatrics and is an area that I
have a special interest in. During residency, I participated in various projects, including looking
at the use of social media in an urban, underserved clinic which resulted in a poster that I
presented at our residency scholars program. I also will be submitting it for the Pediatric
Academic Society meeting in May. Not only does QI keep a practice functioning at an optimal
level, it is now an essential part of personal development as a requirement for the American
Board of Pediatrics’ Maintenance of Certification and I would love to bring my passion for this
topic to your practice.
I believe that I would be able to contribute to your practice because I am motivated, hard working
and I strive to give my patients the best care possible. Before I entered medical school, I worked
for two years in a research laboratory, which was a valuable experience for me and taught me the
discipline needed for a successful career.
I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss any opportunities in more
detail. Enclosed is my curriculum vitae for your review. I can be reached via email at
[email protected] or phone, 608.698.2992. References can be furnished upon request. Thank
you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Rose De Grauw, MD
Senior Pediatric Resident
Riley Hospital for Children
Indianapolis, IN