Volume 125 Note Submissions Form
Please complete both parts of this form and upload it as a separate document, even if you
are resubmitting. Members of the Notes Committee will never gain access to the contents of
this form, and your personal information will not be used to evaluate your Note. Your
information will be held in strict confidence by the Managing Editors, who alone will know the
identity of authors whose Notes are not accepted. Your information may be used at an aggregate
level to help the Committee better understand the composition of the submissions pool, but will
not be linked to you as an identified or unidentified individual. Please email Managing Editors
Elizabeth Ingriselli ([email protected]) or Charles Bridge ([email protected])
with any questions. We look forward to receiving your submission!
– The Yale Law Journal Volume 125 Notes Committee
Part I: Administrative Information
1. Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. Class Year (e.g., 1L, 2L):
5. Note Title:
6. Word Count (including footnotes):
7. Please indicate any professors with whom you have worked on this Note and explain in
what capacity you worked with these professors.
8. Many submissions that are not accepted for publication will be eligible for a Revise &
Resubmit Letter. Please indicate whether you would like to receive a Revise & Resubmit
Letter if your submission is eligible for one.
____: I would like to receive a Revise & Resubmit Letter if eligible
9. The Notes Committee sometimes finds it necessary to consult with faculty members on a
Note before deciding whether to accept it for publication. Please indicate whether you
give permission to the Notes Committee to consult with:
____: Any faculty member
____: Any faculty member except the following:
____: No faculty members
10. Subject Area of Your Note (please highlight as many as apply): Administrative Law /
Civil Procedure / Federal Courts / Commercial Law / Bankruptcy / Comparative Law /
Constitutional Law / Torts / Property / Contracts / Corporate Law / Securities Regulation
/ Criminal Law & Procedure / Critical and/or Feminist Theory / Environmental Law &
Policy / Family Law / Immigration Law / International Law / Intellectual Property /
Cyber Law / Law & Economics / Law & Philosophy / Legal History / Tax Law & Policy
/ Admiralty or Maritime Law / Entertainment Law / Health Law / Employment Law /
Military Law / Education Law / Legislation / Other (please describe): _______________
Part II: Statistical Information
1. What is your Student ID number?
2. On which drop date did you submit your piece?
3. Did you write this paper as part of a class?
If so, please list the class:
Yes / No
4. Is this the first time you have submitted this paper to the Journal? Yes / No
5. If you are resubmitting your piece, how many times have you submitted this piece in the
past? (Do not include this submission in your count.)
6. If you are resubmitting this piece, why did you resubmit? Please elaborate.
__ Encouragement from Revise & Resubmit Letter
__ Encouragement from Notes Development Editor
__ Encouragement from Faculty
__ Other (please elaborate):
7. If you are resubmitting this piece, please indicate the Notes Committee’s vote breakdown
for the most recent submission:
__ 1 votes
__ 2 votes
__ 3 votes
__ 4 votes
__ 5 votes
Please note that few Notes receive “1” and 2” votes on the first submission and that many Notes
are accepted after initially getting lower scores than “1s” and “2s.”
8. Did you work with a Notes Development Editor on your submission?
If so, please indicate the NDE:
Yes / No
9. If you worked with a Development Editor, how helpful was your experience? Please note
that the Committee will not have access to this information during its deliberations, nor
will your identity be linked to your NDE.
__ Very helpful
__ Somewhat helpful
__ Unhelpful
__ N/A
Please note anything that you felt was especially helpful and/or an aspect that you felt
could have been improved upon.
10. Approximately how many hours did you spend preparing your submission packet
(including your Statement of Originality)? Please estimate to the nearest half-hour (e.g.,
1.5, 2.0, etc.).
11. What is your gender?
12. What is your race/ethnicity? Please select all that apply.
__ White/Caucasian
__ Black/African-American
__ Asian/Pacific Islander
__ Hispanic/Latino
__ Native American
__ Other (please specify): _______________________
__ Prefer not to respond
13. What was your pre-college household income?
__ $10K-$50K
__ $50K-$75K
__ $100K-$200K
__ More than $200K
__ Prefer not to respond
14. How would you describe your political views? Please select all that apply.
__ Conservative
__ Democrat
__ Liberal
__ Libertarian
__ Moderate
__ Progressive
__ Republican
__ Other: _________________
__ Prefer not to respond
15. Did you attend any YLJ events explaining the process of writing a Note (e.g., “How to
Write a Note”)?
If so, list the event(s):
16. What is your YLS class year?
__ 1L
__ 2L
__ 3L
If you are a joint-degree student, please specify the non-law program in which you are
enrolled: _____________________
17. Please add any additional comments, suggestions, or criticisms of the Journal’s Note
submissions process.

Volume 125 Note Submissions Form Please complete both parts of