Research Paper Requirements: “What do I need to write my paper about?”
Paper must be: typed, 14 pt font, double spaced, minimum 3 pages,
minimum of 5 sources.
Include ALL OF the following information in your report:
***(#6 and #7 should be the longest and most thoroughly researched sections)
1) Biome’s Location: Identify the general and specific locations you will find this
biome. Give the country, continent, general size, latitude and longitude. Pick one
place in particular within your biome that you will research further.
2) Biome’s Abiotic Factors: Identify the abiotic factors that affect this biome.
Explain the climate, temperature range, precipitation, sunlight, water conditions,
soil and changes in season.
3) Biome’s Plants (producers): describe at least 5 types of plants that grow in this
biome. Choose one plant and describe how it fits into its niche in the biome.
4) Biome’s Animals (consumers): describe at least 5 types of animals that live in this
biome. Choose one animal and describe how it fits into a niche in the biome.
5) Adaptations: Describe how your chosen plant and animal is able to survive in this
biome. What are the features that help it to survive? (What are its adaptations?)
6) ***Biome’s Environmental Problems: Identify and describe causes and effects
of 2 environmental problem(s) that this biome or its inhabitants may face, for
example: habitat destruction, pollution, drought, global warming, floods,
poaching, extinction, overgrazing, invasion of non-native species, forest
management. Make sure to analyze data from charts, graphs, or tables and explain
them in your paper. Be specific about where the problem is occurring.
7) ***Biome’s Environmental Solutions: Create and propose 2 solutions to the 2
environmental problems. Be prepared to convince your audience that your
solution will be effective and represents the best choice.
8) Biotic Survival Rates: Make a prediction about what will happen to the survival
rates of the plants or animals in your biome if your solution does not work. Be
descriptive, think of the food web. (DO NOT just say: “They will all die.”)
9) Biome’s Importance: Write a brief statement on the biome’s value to people.
Why is it important to humans?
10) Questions: Write 3 questions that you think scientists could use to further
research or study about your biome.
Pick-A-Project Requirements:
“What kind of project will I create for my presentation?”
Now that you have worked so hard on researching the information and writing a paper, choose
one of the options below for creating an interesting project to present:
Option #1: Poster
Use art supplies and pictures to create an information poster (18”x24”) on your biome. Use
photos and color. Neatness counts!
Include: Biome Name, General Facts, Map, Photo of Environmental Problem, Picture and
Paragraph of Solution, Food Web, 1 graph, table or chart that gives data on environmental
Option #2: Diorama
Create a 3d diorama in a shoe or cereal box using art supplies or your own creations. Glue the
labels, maps, and writing on the sides or where they fit best.
Include: Biome Name, Map, The Food Web (plants and animals labeled), how the environmental
problem or solution effects would look, paragraph about plant and animal adaptations
Option #3: Powerpoint
Create a 10-15 slide powerpoint that has pictures and information about your biome.
Include: Biome Name, Map, Animal and Plant Adaptations info and pictures, environmental
problems and solutions info, 1 graph, table or chart that gives data on environmental problems,
Food Web Picture
Presentation Requirements: “What am I supposed to do or say when I present?”
Should be 5-10 minutes long. Give general information about the location, climate, plants, animals,
and abiotic factors.
Discuss the environmental problems cause and effect, then, convince the class of what you think
the best solution to the problem is.
Use notecards, good eye contact, speak clearly and loudly.
Bibliography: “Do I need to tell you where I got all of my research information?”
List ALL OF the sources that you used in completing your project. Include the titles, page
numbers, or complete website names. (Don’t just list google or the search engine, give the actual
web address. Do not use Wikipedia.) Minimum 5 sources.
Example 1: Website: The World’s Biomes. University of California Museum of Paleontology.
Or Example 2: Book: All About the Rain Forest. p 10-17. By John Smith.

Biome`s Environmental Problems