Project Title: Honors Mentor Events
Project Description
Honors Mentor Events are a series of on and off campus activities that are created to educate, entertain,
empower, and generate positive interaction among students, and with faculty, at MSJC. Past events
include five consecutive semesters of Open Mic nights, a debate between a student and a professor
about the value/impact of Christianity on the world, an afternoon tea and presentation on the Titanic, a
group wilderness hike, special events with Congressman Raul Ruiz, a visit and presentation from Judge
Hernandez, screenings of pirate themed movies to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a
Pajama Day, faculty forums, a medical school informational presentation and a Student Leadership
presentation held on both campuses.
These events are a critical part of the student experience at MSJC. Honors Mentors use these events to
develop their leadership and organizational skills. They learn how to bring an entire event to
completion: starting with an idea, getting it approved by the Honors Coordinators, requesting
volunteers, securing a venue, working with a variety of people/groups to get everything accomplished in
proper order and correctly, creating flyers and promoting the event, and cleaning up after the event.
Student organizers have an opportunity to work closely with faculty and many use the events as a
chance to work on their public speaking skills. One mentor commented about her experience creating
the Tea and Titanic event, that she had put in a lot of work to “…make the event happen and the
experience was invaluable—and it only happens because we are Honors Mentors”. Other students
benefit from these events as well. The Open Mic Nights, in particular, have been very successful. All
MSJC students, and faculty, are invited to showcase their talents with each other. Past events have
included original, and classic, presentations of poetry, pop-songs, instrumental pieces, stand-up comedy,
and various other artistic displays. Students from all different disciplines and backgrounds come
together and form a supportive community. Faculty are also very supportive of the event—some offer
their students extra credit for attending and writing a critical analysis of the event or for performing.
Other instructors have come to the events and performed.
Currently, plans are being made to continue the Open Mic Night events for the next year and we are
planning to host three each semester. Mentors are working on hosting more events such as another
event similar to the Medical School Information Presentation, a mini-conference where students can
showcase their research, and movies (for fellowship and discussion). The new school year has not
started yet, but as you can see, it is shaping up to be a busy year for the mentors. We are planning on
hosting a minimum of six events per semester.
MSJC values excellence, collaboration, relationships, innovation, relevance, access, leadership, diversity,
and integrity. So do the student mentors of the Honors Enrichment Program. Their projects and special
events are those values in action and everyone involved is either learning or teaching—and sometimes
both. Please consider attending or participating in some of our upcoming events so you can see the
students in action first-hand.
Project Justification
As mentioned above, the Honors Mentor Events are designed to enhance students’ education by
offering them experiences outside of the classroom that will help them in the classroom. Leadership and
organization, public speaking, and cooperation are just a few of the skills picked up along the way. Just
like the Honors Enrichment program offers its multi-disciplinary seminar classes, the Honors Events are
often created to offer attendees a “total emersion” experience. At the Open Mic events, it is not just
about making a student stand in front of the classroom to recite a poem they memorized for class; it is
about providing a creative outlet and giving them a full and well-rounded experience. Lighting is
dimmed to reproduce a stage-like setting, light refreshments are served to give it that coffee shop feel,
and students are given freedom to express themselves, and their emotions, however they want. The Tea
and Titanic event is another example of offering students an experience. It would have been easy to
show a film about the ship or present a simple PowerPoint presentation, but it was much more fun and
engaging for attendees to be served afternoon tea and scones in real teacups, to listen to period
background music while getting settled, to be able to see and touch genuine and reproduction items
from that time period, and watch the presentation being given by someone wearing period appropriate
clothing. It is one thing to simply hear the retelling of the famous disaster again, and a whole different
one to feel like you experienced it.
In addition to offering students unique experiences created and presented by their peers, these events
also add to the college’s Student Life experience—something that administration, faculty, and students
all feel is an important part of the college experience.
We are asking for the MSJC Foundation to support the program by relieving the student organizers and
faculty advisors of some of the financial burden of the events. On average, the creators of the Open Mic
Nights spend around $50, per event, to supply equipment, decorations, and refreshments. Most of the
costs of the other events have also been absorbed by the mentors hosting them. In addition to relieving
the students of some of the costs, a grant from the MSJC Foundation would also help to improve events.
The Student Leadership workshop may have more impact if we provide each attendee with a binder,
which they keep, that includes applications and informational handouts for all the clubs and
organizations on campus. The nature hikes could be improved by providing water for the student
participants. Financial support may also lead to some new and exciting events from students who have
great ideas, but are not able to execute them because of the costs involved.
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our request for a mini grant. The Honors Mentor
program, and the events that come out of it, truly exemplify what our college stands for—and with your
support, it can only expand and improve.
Budget Information and Project Schedule
We are planning on hosting approximately 6 events each semester and we are requesting up to $60 for
each event. Since we are planning 12 events, that totals $720. While these are the events we are
planning to host, new mentors may come up with slightly different events that they hope to organize
and so the final form may be slightly different. The Budget request is for supplies.
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
December 20145
Open Mic Night
Open Mic Night, Student Presentation event
Open Mic Night, Honors Movie Night
Mini Conference
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
May 2015
Open Mic Night
Open Mic Night, Nature Hike
Open Mic Night, Honors Movie Night
Finals week fellowship event
Project Manager
The Project Manager will be Erik Ozolins and Christina Yamanaka (Honors Coordinators).
Erik Ozolins
Christina Yamanaka
639-5725 [email protected],.edu
487-3522 [email protected]
Project Completion for Honors Mentor Events from 2014-15
The Honors Mentors organized a number of events during the past year. Most of the events did not
require the use of Foundation funds but a number of them did. The events that were hosted by the
Honors mentors included:
Faculty Forum: Biology (MVC) – Different Biology professors spoke about their experiences as biologists
including their graduate school experiences. Approximately 25 students attended
Faculty Forum: History (SJC) – Different History professors spoke about their experiences as biologists
including their graduate school experiences. Approximately 40 students attended
Nursing School Presentation & Medical School Presentation (both MVC)– These presentations involved
invited speakers from within and outside of the college who are professionals in the respective fields to
speak about their experiences. There were over 100 students at the Medical School Event.
Holocaust Remembrance Film (SJC) - This event was a showing of a film followed by a discussion led by
MSJC faculty.
Reality Rally (MVC) – Several Honors Mentors participated in the Reality Rally in Temecula to raise
money for Michelle’s Place.
Dia de los Muertos (MVC) – The organizer of this event had a number of traditional foods and objects
and provided a brief presentation on the significance and history of the day.
Pajama Day (MVC & SJC) – The organizers of this event had cookies and hot chocolate in the Honors
room for students to share in, while the students were encouraged to wear (appropriate!) pajamas to
Titanic and Tea Event (SJC&MVC) – The organizer of this event gave a presentation on the sinking of the
Titanic while serving an authentic Edwardian Tea. This event was held in the Fall on both campuses.
Open-Mic Nights (MVC) – There were 3 Open Mic nights in the Fall Semester and 2 Open-Mic nights in
the Spring semester. The organizers of these events did use the Foundation funds to purchase food and
decorations for the events. The organizers also requested the purchase of Coffee Pots that could be
used at all Honors Mentors events, which we did purchase.
Tea and Titanic Presentation
Honors Mentor: Sandi Colby
Open Mic Nights
Honors Mentors:
Sandi Colby
Kylie Gardner
Trisha Felix
Dia de los Muertos
Honors Mentor:
Kylie Gardner

Project Title: Honors Mentor Events