Makers Empire signs exclusive distribution deal for Korean market
ADELAIDE: APRIL 7, 2105: Australian 3D printing software company Makers Empire has entered into a deal
with leading Korean distributor Greencomm to sell its product to the Korean education market.
Greencomm will provide primary and middle schools in Korea with Makers Empire’s Learning Program as
the company’s exclusive distributor in Korea.
Makers Empire CEO Jon Soong said is Korea was well advanced in its goal of becoming a world leader in 3D
printing by introducing primary school teachers and students across the country to innovative 3D printing
“The South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, identified 3D Printing as a growth engine
for the country and a 10-year plan was launched with the key objective to achieve 3D printing skills in 20%
of the country’s population by 2020,” Mr Soong said.
“To support this, the Korean government will supply 5,800 3D printers to all schools, train 13,000 teachers
and build 130 3D printing promotion centres and we very much look forward to being part of that growth,”
he said.
“Korea has a history of success driven by innovation and hard work: Korea touches the lives of millions of
people around the world every day via the cars we drive, the TVs we watch and the smart devices we use.
“Makers Empire is delighted to partner with Greencomm to help support Korea’s goal of becoming a world
leader in 3D printing.
“We look forward to Korea’s primary school teachers and students creating and learning with Makers
Empire,” he said.
Greencomm CEO Shin Ki-chul said Greencomm is a passionate supporter in Korea’s ability to bring lifechanging technologies to the world.
“The Korean government has shown great vision in outlining a 10-year road map for 3D printing just as
Makers Empire has shown similar nous in creating the world’s first 3D printing technology for primary and
middle school students,” Mr Ki-chul said.
“We’re excited that our partnership with Makers Empire will give students and teachers fun and easy 3D
printing tools and programs to drive our 3D printing future,“ he said.
About Makers Empire
Makers Empire is the world's easiest to use 3D printing software. Users can start designing in 3D in seconds
– no CAD or IT skills necessary!
Makers Empire's 3D design and printing Learning Program was developed specifically for primary schools
and tested extensively by classroom teachers and students. It is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.
We help teachers achieve real learning outcomes, engage students in STEAM topics, and become confident
teachers of 3D design and printing technology. We help students enjoy learning through our appealing and
inspiring curriculum-aligned lesson plans.
3D printing technology is being used everyday to make people's lives better: like computing, it has potential
application in almost every single industry. So students with 3D printing experience have a clear advantage
over their peers in terms of future tertiary education and career prospects.
At Makers Empire we're helping today's students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Join our community.
About Greencomm
As a leader of digital convergence, Greencomm embraces the challenge of change to serve customers’ need
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