Hello Knights Families & Friends,
My name is Bernie McCarthy and I am running for the position of President for Southampton
Knights Football. I am a construction manager, with responsibilities ranging from ordering
materials, scheduling and meeting subcontractors on all projects. My most important duty is to
communicate with the homeowners, answer all of their questions, to ease their apprehensions
throughout the project.
I have been fortunate to assist in coaching my son’s team in the Knights Football organization
for the past 3 years. I was introduced to assisting Coach Steve Wolf on the 55lb. team and then
progressed to the 65lb. team, assisting Coach John Skillman for the past 2 years. As an assistant
coach I promoted a team work attitude for the players, noting that football is a commitment for
the next 3 months and to get them to lookout for each other as brothers. I always gave positive
comments to all the players during practice and games, to maintain their positive attitude and
keeping them up beat and having fun. I have also announced games at the field, grilled food
for the snackbar, worked the chains and helped in field setup and maintenance.
I want to be President of the Southampton Knights and I will lead by example. I will still have
my "hands on" in whatever needs to be completed. I would like to improve communication
between the parents and the board members. The new, revised Board is second to none and
with open discussions, is willing to share goals for the organization and converse with
everyone. I believe with everyone working in unity, we can accomplish amazing things. I feel
the most important thing I can do as president, is to keep everyone talking and feeling great
with the Knights organization. We have great players, Thanks to all of you. Great players
make a great team. A football team is more than our kids in uniforms playing football. It
includes parents, friends and friends to be made. Team means: Together Everyone
Accomplishes More. A great Team makes a great organization that represents a great
I, with the support of the board, in the future, would encourage more parent participation. We
should have more accessible in person registrations at various events that would increase our
numbers. This would result in more players and parents on the team. There is strength in
numbers and win or lose I will support Southampton Knights football and look forward to how
strong we will be.
Thanks for your support and Go Knights!
Bernie McCarthy

Hello Knights Families & Friends, My name is Bernie McCarthy and I