Year 7 Technology
Victoria Shanghai Academy 2013-14
Course overview
Design Technology (DT) and Computer Technology (CT) form the MYP Technology subject
area at VSA. Our Technology subject area uses a ‘design cycle’ teaching approach and is
assessed using the MYP Technology criteria. Students will have 2 lessons a week in
Technology divided between Computer Technology, Design Technology (Resistant Material)
and Design Technology (Food & Textile).
A unit of work in MYP design must be ensured that:
conceptual understanding and specific design skills are being developed
learning outcomes match the MYP objectives
the problem or need is framed within a global context and is a real need that can be
solved through the design process
each unit of work explores one or more aspects of the design cycle
the design folder is used to document evidence of all stages of the design project
local and/or global issues are used to promote discussion about the effect of design on
and the environment
appropriate resources are selected
health and safety issues are addressed and provide a framework for informed decisionmaking
The aim of the Technology program is to allow students to develop problem solving skills,
design and presentation skills and knowledge of technology and how it affects them, future
society and the environment. It gives them the opportunity to exercise their creativity, become
more innovative, skillful and enterprising while enhancing personal growth and personal
fulfillment. At the core of the MYP Technology program is the ‘Design Cycle’. You will
follow this Design Cycle model in all of your MYP technology projects.
The design project is a compulsory component of all MYP design courses.
As students progress through the different stages of the design cycle, they are constantly
experimenting with ideas, researching topics, compiling sources, brainstorming issues,
sketching possible solutions, making changes, rejecting proposals and critically evaluating
their work. All relevant activities and
outcomes should be recorded, and dated, in a design folder.
The design folder is a compilation of evidence that accompanies the final
product/solution for a unit of work.
Students formally record the results of their research, their various plans and designs and
the evaluation of their finished products/solutions in the design folder.
This task will be assessed using all four criteria. It should be presented in A3 or A4
The design folder must be clearly divided into four sections: “Inquiring and analysing”,
“Developing ideas”, “Creating the solution” and “Evaluating”.
It must begin with the student’s inquiry into the problem and end with the evaluation of
the product/solution.
Aims of the course
The aims of the teaching and study of MYP design are to encourage and enable students to:
enjoy the design process, develop an appreciation of its elegance and power
develop knowledge, understanding and skills from different disciplines to design and
create solutions to problems using the design cycle
use and apply technology effectively as a means to access, process and communicate
information, model and create solutions, and to solve problems
develop an appreciation of the impact of design innovations for life, global society and
the environment
appreciate past, present and emerging design within cultural, political, social, historical
and environmental contexts
develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems
act with integrity and honesty, and take responsibility for their own actions developing
effective working practices.
Course outline
Unit Title
Image Retouch and
Logo Design (CT)
Inquiry Question
How can we
investigate the
processes involved in
innovation, creation,
development and
How can we express
our ideas?
How can we enhance
the impression of a
thing through the use
of technology?
Global Context
Our creativity and
forms of expression
Watch Design (DT)
How can we
investigate the
processes involved in
innovation, creation,
development and
How can we express
our ideas?
How do we consider
the balance between
aesthetics and
function in things we
Our creativity and
forms of expression
With the use of the
appropriate software
and techniques to
design a logo which
used to increase the
publicity of a
at the same time the
logo requires to
match the key
concept(s) of the
company; and
enhance a photo to
arouse the public
awareness of the
these two items have
to retain several
connection(s) in
To design and
produce a clock that
can show positive
message that you
believe that what it is
doing are worth
praising and
promoting. In your
clock design you
may also showing the
contribution of a
famous person have
positive image to the
Bags Production
What is charatersitics
and functions of your
chosen textile item?
Our creativity and
forms of expersson
What problem is the
textile item solving?
How was the textile
item created and
What is the
advantages and
disadvantages of the
textile item?
How does textile
technolgy affect our
everyday living?
How can we organize
our own things?
Bags, which are
containers of flexible
materials such as
leather and fabric,
are used for carrying
and storing items.
Design, style and
capacity are crucial
factors to be
considered when we
decide to buy or
design for use. To
protection, this
project encourages
students to find some
old garments or
fashion accessories
to decorate the bags.
Criterion A
Criterion B
Criterion C
Criterion D
Inquiring and analysing
Developing ideas
Creating the solution
Maximum 8
Maximum 8
Maximum 8
Maximum 8