ENC 1101 - College Writing
Winter 2010
ENC 1101 Writing & Rhetoric I
English 1101 (ENC 1101) Syllabus
Winter 2010, TU & TH. 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Instructor Richard Williams
Office: Room 212
Office hours: Monday 2:35 – 4:00p.m.
Tu. - Friday from 2:35 – 3:00p.m.
[email protected]
Out of class (O.O.C) assignments for a given day are to be completed before coming to class. In
addition to The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, (3rd edition), your instructor may
supplement the assignments below with quizzes, additional readings, or grammar and
punctuation exercises. He may amend the syllabus if there is a need for it.
Required Texts
(1) The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (3rd edition). New York: Pearson Custom Printing
[FIU Custom], 2009.
(2) The Everyday Writer(4th edition)by Andrea A. Lunsford
NOTE: All Page numbers in this syllabus are from the required texts. Also, the syllabus and
its contents are tentative, depending on Instructor and additional factors. Classes are awaiting
further information on the use of www.turnitin.com.
About the Course:
ENC 1101 is the first in FIU's two-course writing sequence. In addition to short writing assignments, students will
write a minimum of four major assignments that go through a full writing process and that are between 800 and
1,800 words in length. To prepare students to take essay exams and standardized tests, approximately two to three
class periods will be devoted to teaching and practicing strategies for timed writing.
Course Outcomes:
By the end of the course students will produce documents that do the following:
Indicate their ability to write in various genres including peer review, prewriting, rhetorical analysis,
narrative, thesis-driven essays, and researched writing;
Respond to various rhetorical purposes and address the needs of various audiences;
Display genre-appropriate format and structure and stylistic choices, understanding differences in open and
closed form prose;
Develop an effective thesis and support it with reasons and evidence;
Exhibit appropriate syntax, grammar, and punctuation, and spelling;
Show their ability to choose effective sources for their rhetorical context and to document and incorporate
sources according to academic conventions.
ENC 1101 - College Writing
Winter 2010
Through their formal and informal assignments, students will show their ability to develop and adapt an effective
writing process for their context. Specifically, they will be able to do the following:
Generate relevant and timely paper topics that are appropriate for their chosen audience and the
Use prewriting activities to develop their ideas;
Use (and understand) research as a way to explore and develop ideas;
Revise their essays in response to reader feedback and understand the differences between revision and
Write effectively under pressure, understanding strategies for responding to timed-writings, a common
form of university discourse.
Also, students will learn strategies for critical reading and for writing collaboratively. Their learning will be
evidenced, particularly, by their ability to do the following:
Produce thoughtful peer reviews of their classmates’ work;
Critically annotate and analyze their readings (often professional essays and other professional
Complete collaborative writing assignments (formal or informal) and to reflect on their collaborative
writing process.
Classroom Practice: Students will often write in the classroom, completing brief in-class reflective writings,
collaborative assignments, and peer reviews. A writing class is what we call an “active learning” classroom because
students cannot learn to write simply by listening to their instructor lecture about writing. Therefore, in class,
students will be asked to be an active participant. Instructor will create meaningful contexts for writing, helping
students understand the reasons for a writing assignment, its goals and grading criteria.
Class Meetings:
Week 1
Tues 1/26
Introduction to the course. Overview of Syllabus. Essay 1 assigned: Diagnostic writing.
Th. 1/28 –No Class
Week 2
Tu. 02/2
Introduction to College writing. The Everyday Writer (pp. 12-42). Allyn&Bacon (pp. 20-21& 49-56). Return of
Thurs. 02/4
The Everyday Writer (p. 49-ex.3.1). Logos, Pathos and Ethos explored. Allyn&Bacon (pp.57-62). Peer review of
diagnostic. O.O.C: Revise essay1.
Week 3
Tu. 02/9.
Types of Writing: Allyn&Bacon (Chap. 6 - pp.97-103). The Everyday Writer (p. 76-ex.8.2). Essay 2 assigned.
Thurs. 02/11
The Everyday Writer (pp. 115-120). Teacher supplemental assignments.
Final draft of Essay 1 due. Your essay must be at least 500 words long (along with Peer Reviews).
ENC 1101 - College Writing
Winter 2010
Week 4
Tu. 02/16
Midterm (Essay 3).
Thurs. 02/18
Autobiographical Narrative Allyn&Bacon (pp. 110&112, 114). Teacher supplemental assignments.
Final draft of Essay 2 due. Your essay must be at least 500 Words.
Week 5
Tu. 02/23
The Everyday Writer (Chap. 30: ex. 30.1 & 30.4). “Phantom Limb Pain” by Kris Saknussemm. Allyn&Bacon
(pp.124&125). Terry MacMillan’s “Easing my heart inside” (pp. 137-139): Reader Response: Ques 1: How do
plot, setting and language affect the reader? (Typed response: at least 300 words) due next class meeting.
Thurs. 02/25
No Class
Week 6
Tu. 03/2
« Tarantulas : enchantedlearning.com » (pp. 158-161). Informative Writing. Allyn&Bacon pp. 182-184). Group
Assignment. The Everyday Writer Chap. 14. Developing topics and thesis for research. Preliminary discussion on
the research essay. Essay 4 (Research) Assigned.
Final draft of Midterm Essay 3 due. Tentative Library Research Day. Roll will be taken. Preliminary discussion
on the research essay. Source Cards. Class activity: review brainstorming notes and write a statement of the
problem and a statement of the proposed solution you currently favor. Exchange problem and solution statements
with a classmate. Make a list of questions the author will need to answer to convince you of the truth of the problem
and solution statements. Share and discuss.
Week 7
Tu. 3/09
Classical Argument Allyn&Bacon (pp. 207- 212. Ex. 213). The Everyday Writer : ex. 30.5. Teacher provided topics.
Allyn&Bacon (pp. 225 – 228). Peer review and/or conference.
Thurs. 3/11
Classical Argument continued. Allyn&Bacon . ex. 247-249. Begin research outline. Planning and Managing your
research project. Source Cards.
Week 8 Group Project Assigned.
Tu. 3/16
Preliminary group discussion and determination of tasks. The Everyday Writer (pp. 427-475). In-class exercises in
summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and interpreting source material. O.O.C- Bring a copy of one research article
you plan to use in your paper. Read it critically and underline the important information and ideas.(Individual
Research Paper).
Thurs 3/18
Allyn&Bacon. “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper(p. 327) and “Sesame Street: Brought to you by the letters
M.A.L.E.”by Phyllis Bookspan and Diane Helman (pp. 310-311) and Bring a copy of one research article you plan
to use in your paper. Read it critically and underline the important information and ideas. In-class exercise in
Winter 2010
ENC 1101 - College Writing
summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and interpreting source material. Sample Research essay Citing Sources: MLA
Week 9
Tu: 3/23:
ENC 1101/Essay Exam. Research checkpoint 2: Group Paper collaboration: in-class work with thesis statements
and outlines. Sample Research Essay - Allyn&Bacon(pp. 594-596).
Thur: 3/25.
Bring in Portfolio for check/conference. The Everyday Writer ex. 35.1. Independent Study: Individual Research
paper work or Group Research Project.
Week 10
Tu. 3/30 and 04/01 –
Spring Break – No Class (Have a Nice Break!)
Week 11
Tu: 04/06:
Allyn&Bacon: Assembling a Portfolio: pp. 787-789.. Individual Research Paper due. Your paper must be 3-5
pages of 300-1000 words.
Thurs. 04/08:
The Everyday Writer ex. 36.1. Group Assignment: “Too much his father’s child” Genaro Gonzalez. Allyn&Bacon.
(pp. 449-454). Discussion and Reader Response. Teacher assigned topics for discussion and Reader Response.
Week 12:
TU: 04/13:
Self Reflection assigned (Exam). The Everyday Writer ex. 37.2 (p. 364). Teacher provided topics for discussion and
Reader Response.
Thurs. 04/15 – No Class
Tues: 4/20
Group Annotated Research Projects due with Presentations.
Thurs: 04/22
Group Annotated Research Projects due with Presentations.
Tues. 04/27 Make Up Session/Revisions
Thurs. 04/29 Make Up Session/Revisions
Week 15
Tues. 05/04 Revisions/Examinations
Thurs. 05/06 Revisions/Examinations/End of Course
Winter 2010
ENC 1101 - College Writing
Course Grading:
All written assignments will be prewritten, revised and edited. A final draft will be written from the rough
draft. The prewriting, rough draft and final draft will be clipped together and handed in on the due date.
There will be no exceptions for late papers.
Five five- paragraph essays of 500-700 words each will be required for the semester. The assignments and the
research paper will use the MLA format (see text). For the essays, the student must hand in the prewriting, the
outline, the rough draft with corrections, the peer reviews, and the final draft. The final draft must be printed.
The student will save all writings in a portfolio for self evaluation and word count at the end of the semester.
Print the word count on each assignment you write (this can be found on the Tools drop down). ALL LATE WORK
WILL RECEIVE a lowered letter grade.
In addition, students will be responsible for answering questions about and discussing the readings when
required. These answers, both revised rough drafts and final drafts, will be handed in for credit.
Assignment Weighting
Essays(including.Group Project)
Exams & Quizzes
Final Portfolio
Reader Responses
Short Writings/Grammar
Class Discussion & Participation
= 100%
Grade Scales
A= 90-100
Students are graded on Class reading, discussion, and writing.
Individual papers are all worth 10 points each. Midterms and Final Essays are 20 Points. Group Annotated Research
Essay is worth 20 points as well.
Essay 1: _____________/10 (February 2)
Essay 2: ____________/10 (February 11)
Essay 3: ____________/20 (Midterm) (March 4)
Essay 4: ____________/10 Individual Research Paper (April 6)
Essay 5: ___________/20 (Group Annotated Research Essay/PowerPoint Presentation – April 27)
Final Exam Essay: ___________ /20 (TBA)
ENC 1101 - College Writing
Winter 2010
For Your Information:
Students may use Make Up/Revision Days to redo papers they may have done poorly in earlier
in the semester.
All essays are to be five or more paragraphs, 3-4 or more pages, 500-1000 or more words,
typed, and doubled-spaced, using 12-point, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Tahoma fonts only,
following the standard heading that is supplied:
[Your name]
[Course Title]
[Assignment/Type of Writing]
All assignments/essays that are written in class are to be written on standard 8½x11 looseleaf
paper, and will be collected.
All assignments/essays are to be submitted on the due-dates, regardless of absence because
you can send to me via email. Late papers will not be accepted.
The Portfolio: At the end of the semester, a portfolio of your work will be due ( ), which will
include five revised essays, the original five essays, and an essay reflecting on your writing and
learning; this is your portfolio.
The Research Paper: At the end of the semester, a 3-5 page research paper will be due April 6,
which will examine the theme of the course. A folder with copies of all of your sources must
accompany your research paper.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade for the course. For more
information on plagiarism, read the document on plagiarism that I distributed.
Group Annotated Research Paper:
As a group, students will produce a 12-page document discussing an assigned topic. This
document will reflect an MLA formatted style with an annotated bibliography. As a part of the
process, groups are expected to produce a no less than 8 slide PowerPoint presentation of their
paper, leaving room for open discussion on the topic.
*Cell phones are not permitted in class. You may step outside to make or
respond to any necessary calls.
* Eating is permitted as long as you clean up after yourself.
* Students are considered tardy after the first 15minutes of class.
As the semester progresses, the syllabus may change; advance notice will be given.

ENC 1101 - College Writing