President’s Intercommunication Team
May 17, 2012– 2:00 p.m.
WHCL Conference Rm. 124
District Office Conf. Rm.
Pedro Avila, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness & Enrollment Services
Dave Bolt, Vice President of Educational Services
Bob Clement, Athletic Director
Stephanie Droker, Administrative Intern
Jose Lopez, Dean of Student Services
Frances Squire, WHCCD Foundation, Executive Director
Kurt Sterling, Academic Senate President
Don Warkentin, President
Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson, Vice President of Student Services
Deborah Soria, WHCL Financial Aid Director
Ken Stoppenbrink, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
Carole Goldsmith, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Workforce Development
Lataria Hall, Administrative Intern
Charles Freeman, Director of Nursing
James Preston, Interim Dean of Educational Services
Don Branker, Events Coordinator
Cathy Barabe, Director of Grants
Michelle Kozlowski, Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services
Brittany Burkhart, Student Representative
John Bernal, Director of Maintenance & Operations
Vera Kennedy or designee, Curriculum Committee Chair
John Ieronimo, CSEA President Representative
Jody Ruble, Dean of Categorical Programs
1. Budget Update
Ken Stoppenbrink reported that budget assumptions were built in January.
The Governor’s May Revise did not make much of a change to the community
college systems. The red flag now is that the revenue stream is going to be
short and community colleges will be cut, with a $735,000 shortage reduction
to WHCCD. We were planning to build a budget assuming the tax initiative
would fail. We, as a district, have no intention of reducing our offerings. How
do we resolve? We will have indirect fees from grants for administrative
overhead of $400,000 and next year $440,000. Not included is the C6 impact,
but direct program cost savings anticipated will be in the $900,000 range. $1.1
million in cuts will be needed. We will transfer money.
According to recent polls concerning the tax initiatives, 54% are in favor of
them passing. The campus responsibility is to makeup $381,000. How to make
up short falls? Mr. Warkentin stated that in Lemoore an offset will be the
retirement of Pat Kraft. Ken added that discussion with CSEA and CTA will be
the possibility of furlough days. He reported that San Joaquin Delta is planning
to shut down for the month of July as a cost saving measure.
Some colleges are assuming the tax initiatives are going to pass and building
their budgets accordingly. Not all colleges are taking the same measures.
Some are using their reserves and some are not filling positions. This is not a
one-year problem. Ken believes a three-year approach is best.
Ken stated that he had just returned from oversight committee meetings and
Redevelopment Agency’s (RDA’s) have been shut down. No one knows how
many dollars this will net the state. The counties have to look at tax rolls of
2. Graduation
Mr. Warkentin invited all to attend graduation. Jose reported that 170 caps &
gowns have been reserved in the Bookstore thus far. Jose displayed the
commemorative medallion that has been ordered to give to graduates. He has
order 235. Graduation preparations are in place and rehearsal will be held on
May 23rd. The Middle College High School graduation will be on May 25th.
3. C6 Update
Carole reported that she has good news. She was in Sacramento yesterday and
met at the chancellor’s office and included in the meeting was a representative
from the Employment Development Department (EDD). Discussion has been
transpiring with EDD concerning tracking. Colleges don’t necessarily track
data as to where students go and if they get jobs. There has not been a systemic
approach to data being tracked. They are now moving forward to an interagency agreement and they will have an online tool that they will roll out in
July. We will have access. This is mandated data and will help us with our
gainful employment. Updates are being sent. We are making great progress.
There will be no new programs until January. These funds will be used for
direct instruction. Documentation must be in place and the Department of
Labor will require it. A lot of movement is going on. Much work will be done in
preparation this summer. West Hills will be hosting a “train the trainer”
session on the WHCL campus on May 30-31st.
4. Foundation Update
 Scholarships
 President’s Scholars
Frances reported that $70,000 was earned on the golf tournament. This will
be used for the President’s Scholars program.
Frances reported that on May 16th rather than a dinner, an ice cream social was
held to present scholarships. She appreciated Jose and his staff for their work
in coordinating the decorations, etc. Participation was not high. The employee
philanthropy scholarship donors were invited. Frances thanked all those who
participate in the employee philanthropy program. She would like to speak to
groups concerning employee philanthropy.
Frances shared that Ventura College offers free tuition to all incoming high
school students which is funded through profits from a swap meet they hold.
Frances believes we also need to get creative. Monica Santino, foundation
secretary, is back in the Foundation office since her time off, and Olga is
working to wrap up for the fiscal year.
5. Athletics Update
Bob Clement reported that it is an exciting time of year to see athletes getting
recruited to four-year colleges. The Eagles Landing event on May 11th was
successful. There were approximately 100 staff/potential students/parents in
attendance. The women’s basketball schedule is full with four tournaments
planned outside of WHCL. Next year we hope to have our own tournament.
The hiring process for a women’s basketball coach is still occurring with
interviews currently being scheduled. All the paperwork has gone to Human
Resources. Nineteen applications are being considered. There is quite a range
of applicants. There will be a compliance summit on August 17th which is a first
for the conference. We have been selected as the host institution.
We have a new women’s assistant soccer coach to assist Coach Lopez. She has
a good soccer background. Additionally, Bob reported another first; that of a
dirt track for WHCL. It will be used for cross country training. Also Bob
reiterated the success of the recent program review.
Bob reported that he had purchased 200 custom folding chairs to be used for
VIP seating at athletic events.
6. Nursing Pinning Ceremony
Charles Freeman reported that the Nursing Pinning Ceremony will be held on
May 27 at 2:00 p.m. in the Golden Eagle Arena. A Power Point presentation
will be shown. Charles reported that official notification has been received for
a Psych Tech to RN program. This will hinge on C6 funding. Currently there is
not a projected start date.
7. 5C’s
James Preston reported on the upcoming summer 5c’s program. This year will
bring the largest group ever of 6th through 8th graders. College students will be
mentors and there is a 9-1 ratio. All students are coming on a full scholarship.
It is a huge need. Hanford Migrant is sponsoring 90 students. Life After
School Program is sponsoring 100 students from 8 different schools; another
migrant program is also sending students. The curriculum includes gliders in
the science classes, technology and writing will be taught; there will be a
performing arts class, art class, and a fitness class in the Arena. Teachers will
teach in the mornings and students will teach electives in the afternoons.
Students choose their electives. This year’s theme is ID: 2022 to get them
thinking 10 yrs. ahead. It will be much fun, much work, much entertainment,
but also exhausting.
8. S.O.A.R.
Lataria Hall explained the Summer Opportunities for Academic Readiness,
S.O.A.R. program, WHCL’S newest summer enrichment program. The focus is
on incoming 9th through 12th Kings County students. Sixty students will be
accepted and over 300 flyers have gone out. Additional flyers will be sent to
former 5’c students. Topics are: science/robotics, web page design, critical
thinking skills, and an academic readiness program. There will be six mentors,
three from 5c’s and three from the Engineering Program. The long term plan is
to add different components, i.e., performing arts, leadership, and students will
eventually have an opportunity to pick from an array of programs. The cost is
$325 and there are no scholarships this year due to the newness. If anyone
would like to donate to sponsor a student please contact Sylvia or Lataria. This
is a quality summer enrichment program from students to attain a broader
experience. Sylvia asked that Frances work with her to create a donation sheet
for contributions.
9. 2012-2013 Schedule of Meetings
The 2012-2013 Schedule of Meetings was distributed.
10. Other
There were no other items at this time.

PIT Minutes 5 17 2012 - West Hills Community College District