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Zuma Dental® Introduces Z-Ray® Hi-Performance Digital Sensors
and State-of-the-Art Imaging Software
The New #1 in Image Quality*
Los Angeles, CA (October 15, 2015) - Zuma Dental®, the creator and direct distributor of
Z-Ray® Hi-Performance Sensors as well as Z-Ray® Imaging Software is excited to
announce the Company’s formal launch on October 15, 2015 at the ASDA meeting in
Beverly Hills. From image quality and software to cost and training, Zuma Dental® set
out to address and solve some of the biggest pain points for clinicians currently using
digital sensors and for those clinicians reluctant to switch from film.
“First and foremost, image is everything,” said Robert Hayman, CEO of Zuma Dental®.
“We developed Z-Ray® to give dental offices unparalleled image quality.” Hayman
added, “in fact, in a recent head-to-head clinical study by The Dental Advisor®, they
found the New Hi-Performance Z-Ray® System to be significantly superior to Dexis®,
Schick® & CareStream®.” Additionally, most practices can only afford to buy one sensor,
not only wearing out the sensor, degrading image quality, but the shuttling of one sensor
from operatory to operatory can also impact overall productivity in the office – which
could cost the office thousands of dollars annually. “That’s why we decided to turn the
industry on its head with a disruptive “Live The Dream” pricing strategy”, said Hayman.
“We fundamentally believe clinicians should have hi-performance sensors in each and
every operatory.”
Z-Ray’s advanced image quality is a result of truly innovative technology,
 Next Generation Scintillator Technology
The scintillator converts radiation to light output. The Z-Ray® scintillator simply
does this more efficiently - not only more energy, but more uniform energy,
resulting in superior contrast ratios, cleaner images - no hot spots or areas
showing less signal. In other words, you’ll see a consistent level of grayscale
across the entire image.
 The Fiber Optic Plate
A thicker fiber optic plate focuses and filters energy better, resulting in still
sharper images.
 True 16 Bit Image Capture
16 bit capture is state-of-the-art; as good as it gets. The benefit is higher
resolution and reduced pixilation, especially important when zooming in on small
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Uncompressed Image Data
The Z-Ray® system is unique - much like high definition TV, the more data the
more detail per square inch of image.
True 22 Line Pairs per Millimeter
More line pairs, means more clarity. You’ll get sharper, cleaner images with less
noise and less pixilation.
Z-Image® is the latest generation of state-of-the-art imaging software, its powerful
imaging suite contains:
 Most powerful imaging enhancements of any software:
o Manual Enhancements: 9 different arrays of enhancements & filters.
o Auto Enhancements: 5 Pre-Sets: GP, Perio, Restorative, Implant and
Endo. Each of these can also be further customized.
 Seamless billing integration with most practice management software systems.
 Ability to convert data from most digital imaging software platforms.
 Compatible with other image capture equipment, i.e. digital cameras, scanners,
Z-Ray® has been in development over the past 3 years and has been in beta testing with
members of the Zuma Dental® Advisory Board for over a year. “Excellent clarity is critical
on x-rays to properly diagnose proximal caries. Z-Ray® images deliver superb contrast
and definition and give me the kind of clarity I need, “ says Marvn Fier, DDS, FASDA,
ABA. Integration of the Z-Ray® system is easy and the software is intuitive. Ed Lowe,
BDc, DMD states, "We could not be more pleased with the Z-Ray® Digital Radiography
System in our office. The sharp detailed images are amazing and the pricing is the best.
The value you get for the hardware, software, training, and support is definitely worth the
When a clinician purchases the Z-Ray® system, they also gain free access to Zuma
Dental’s ZEN (Zuma Education Network), a revolutionary new learning paradigm, which
reduces training to less than 60 minutes. ZEN features a series of 3- to 5-minute online
videos and quizzes encompassing the use of the software, sensor placement, x-ray
power, exposure setting, and more. “We want to give clinicians the tools they need to
develop and maintain their level of expertise, anytime, anywhere, and online,” said
Ekram Khan, CTO for Zuma Dental®.
For more information about Z-Ray® Hi-Performance Sensors and Z-ImageTM software,
please call 310-300-5525 or visit
About Zuma Dental
Zuma Dental®, is the creator and direct distributor of Z-Ray® Hi-Performance Sensors as
well as Z-ImageTM Software - dentistry's most powerful imaging suite.
Every executive and staff member is committed to our "Live the Dream" philosophy,
that Hi-Performance Sensors & Software should be in every operatory. To make this
dream come true, Zuma Dental® is proud to present a fully transparent and
completely disruptive pricing strategy. Zuma Dental® has also created ZEN (Zuma
Education Network) - a new paradigm of online learning, inspired and patterned after the
Zuma Dental, LLC 11661 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 810 Los Angeles, CA 90049
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world renowned and revolutionary "Online Khan Academy" which has taken the
educational world by storm. ZEN makes training simple, efficient & fast - usually
between 30-60 minutes for your average trainee.
*See: Clinical Comparisons of In-vitro Filtered Image Quality, Dental Advisor, Biomaterials Research
Results (9/21/15) available for download at
Zuma Dental, LLC 11661 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 810 Los Angeles, CA 90049
phone: 310-300-5525 | [email protected] |