DRAFT (10/26/15)
THEME: Reasons for Hope
NAMI Mass state convention - Sat. Oct. 31 - Doubletree by Hilton
Workshop Descriptions
Morning Workshops 10:15 – 11:45 am
1. Peer-to-Peer: Images of Recovery: Learn how the NAMI Peer-to-Peer program has
integrated the use of imagery created using a simple app. This has given participants in
Peer-to-Peer an effective way to express and share meaningful aspects of their lives and
recoveries. Peer-to-Peer graduates will share their images and discuss their perspectives
on the value of expressive imagery in NAMI programs. Live demonstrations will be
given so bring your iPads and smartphones and create your own images on the spot. (A
limited number of iPads will be available to those who do not have the necessary
Presenters: Steve Koppel, Ivy DeAngelis, Eliza Williamson
Moderator: Judi Maguire
2. Best Practices in Law Enforcement/Mental Health Partnerships: Focus on
successful partnerships between police departments and local providers that support
mental health. Featured police departments include Fitchburg and Cambridge.
Presenters: Lt. Harry Hess, Fitchburg PD
Sgt. Fred Cabral, Cambridge PD, Catherine Pemberton, LICSW, Cambridge PD,
Jacquelyn Rose, MPH, Cambridge PD
Moderator: June Binney
3. Mission Direct Vet and Veterans Treatment Courts:
Since 2008, Massachusetts has been establishing programs for court-involved veterans,
starting with a grant funded by SAMHSA to the Department of Mental Health. These
include MISSION-Direct Vet, now a DMH funded service as an alternative to
incarceration for veterans with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders,
as well as trauma histories. MISSION-Direct Vet currently operates in Worcester and
Hampshire Counties. Veterans Treatment Courts have also been established, beginning in
the Dedham District Court. Clinical supports and peer support for these programs come
from DMH, the Trial Court, and the Veterans Administration. Each of these programs
uses peer support and focuses on recovery and decreased recidivism. Case examples
demonstrating these programs will be offered.
Presenters: Emily Holmes, LICSW, Central Massachusetts Area Forensic Director,
DMH, Edward Callahan, Program Director of Veteran’s Treatment Courts, Peggy
Wiinikainen, Mission Direct Vet Clinical Case Manager, Chuck: Veteran
Moderator: Karen Gostenhofer, NAMI Central
4. NAMI Mass Compass & Friends: Connecting You to Mental Health Resources:
This workshop will feature an interactive introduction to the NAMI Mass Compass
information and referral helpline. First we will demonstrate how Compass Navigators
use our state-of-the-art resource database to log information and find local resources with
case examples based on actual phone calls. Then we will hear from two other helplines:
Health Care For All’s, insurance and healthcare helpline; and INTERFACE, a mental
health provider matching helpline services.
Presenters: Megan Wiechnik, Margaret Hannah (from Mass. School of Professional
Psychology – now INTERFACE); and Kate Segel (Bicego) from Health Care For All.
Moderator: Meagan Traughber, Assistant Director of NAMI Mass Compass
5. The 99 Faces Project: What it tells us about fighting stigma:
This workshop will have a presentation of 99 Faces showing photographic portraits of 33
people with schizophrenia-related disorders, 33 people with bi-polar disorder and 33
people who love them. This workshop will also powerfully illustrate many stigma
fighting facts.
1st phase: Guy Beales, Diane Joe, Rae Simpson, Linda Lewis, Gary Bromley and Anne
2nd phase: Debra Pacheco, Michael Fetcho, Howard Trachtman, Bernice Drumheller
Moderator: Lynda Cutrell
Afternoon Workshops 2:30 – 4pm
6. CEOs Against Stigma campaign: An Overview for Friends of NAMI Mass:
NAMI Mass has launched a statewide CEOs Against Stigma campaign. Come and learn
about this campaign and what it means to be a CEO Against Stigma. Hear from one of
our CEOs and also an In Our Own Voice presenter. Learn about the business case for
overcoming mental health stigma in the workplace.
Presenters: Steve Rosenfeld, NAMI Mass Board President and architect of this
campaign; A CEO Against Stigma: Ed Manzi, Jr. In Our Own Voice presenter: Kristin
Moderator: Laurie Martinelli
7. Achieving Independent Living: Learning Your Affordable and Supportive Housing
There is a shortage of affordable, supportive housing – people wait an average of 8 years
for Section 8 vouchers, and a disproportionate number of homeless people have a serious
mental illness. This workshop will give a general overview of housing options available
to adults with mental illness. We will explore both financially and clinically supportive
housing options and hear from organizations and programs that help people of
representatives from the Leominster Housing Authority and a housing specialist from the
Department of Mental Health.
Presenters: Cindy Driscoll, Director of Housing Management Services, Leominster
Housing Authority;
Arthur Ellis, DMH Central Mass Area Housing Coordinator
Moderator: Megan Wiechnik
8. Diversity and Inclusion training: Sensitivity and Awareness:
This sensitivity and awareness workshop reviews the major principles of diversity and
inclusion such as “micro-aggressions,” and implicit bias and why being inclusive should
be the goal for every organization.
Presenter: Florette Willis and Bernice Drumheller, NAMI Western Mass
Moderator: Joseph Feaster
9. Storytelling Saves Lives: The Importance of Raising Our Voices to Stop Stigma:
This workshop will offer participants a community look at mental illness and recovery
through the sharing of stories from a few members of the cast of This Is My Brave Boston
and NAMI’s In Our Own Voice program. Panelists will talk about the impact of sharing
their stories has had on their lives and their recovery journey.
Presenters: Eliza Williamson, Cathy McNeil, Kathleen Considine, Parkie Jones
Moderator: Caryl Leeds
10. Suicide Prevention: Local Responses to a Public Health Crisis:
Background of formation of the Suicide Prevention Task Force; community partners and
support; programs and services; outreach initiatives. Steve and Deb will describe the
support they received from old friends and new friends to deal with their grief following
the loss of their son, Jeffrey, to suicide; chronicle the founding of Teenage Anxiety and
Depression Solutions (TADS); and describe their efforts to help other parents with
children who live with mental illness. Formation, mission, and Screening for Mental
Health programs to educate, raise awareness, and screen individuals for common
behavioral and mental health disorders and suicide.
Presenters: Barbara Nealon, Montachusett Suicide Prevention Task Force: Steve and
Deb Boczenowski, “A Family’s Response to Suicide” and Meghan Diamon, Screening
for Mental Health
Moderator: Guy Beales, President, NAMI North Central Massachusetts

Workshop Descriptions 10.26.15 - National Alliance On Mental