For years, Mrs. Claus stood in
the background while we
introduced variation after
variation of her loving husband.
Then, two years ago, Mrs. Santa
stepped forward to join Kringle
in our yearly introductions. This
Spring, Claus came to us with an
inspiring “selfie” of him coaxing
a smooch from “the Mrs.” under
a sprig of mistletoe. He asked us
if we could come up with a
pottery rendition of that
passionate pause for our 2014
Annual Santa. To the left and
below, you see Santa, as we
designed him, at his wonderfully
detailed, romantically attentive
Kissin’ Claus:
8” Tall X 7.5” Wide
Every year, Santa rounds up a loyal herd of
his coursers to propel his sleigh across the globe,
delivering presents to one and all. For the last few
years, we have highlighted his herd of fleet-footed
fliers – two at a time. This year, we have reached
the end of his more commonly known friends of
flight. To the left “Blitzen”, adorned with a “sadle”
of holly leaves and berries, stands readied to dash
from rooftop to rooftop.
Below, is “Olive” one of the lesser known
of Santa’s “Faithful Fleet”. Behind the scene,
back at the North Pole, Olive is in charge of Local
#402 the union that represents ALL OF (get it??)
the other reindeer. At Christmas time, she gets to
don the olive branch necklace and brings
recognition to all of the reindeer “subs” that wait
their turn to propel the Jolly Old Elf on his night
before Christmas “Tour Du Monde”!
All prior reindeer are still available for
ordering. Call for more info.
7.5” Tall X 6.5” Long
7.5” Tall X 6.5” Long
Dustin’ The Medium Sized Snowman
7.5” Tall
As far as historians can decipher, the snowman dates back to 1380. The Potting
Shed’s “fellows of flake” date more modestly to the 1990’s. Our experience, with the
introduction of snowmen, has given us a real appreciation for the enduring ability of
a snowman to radiate the best of the Fall, Holiday and Winter seasons!
In 1991, we threw caution to the wind and decided to try our primarily blue
& white products in the traditionally red & green holiday marketplace. We timidly
added our H-07 (Topper) snowman into our introductions for the Christmas season
1991. Helped by a placement in the Horchow (Dallas, TX.) gift catalog for that
season, more than 2700 of the H-07 snowmen worked their way into the hands of
delighted customers. Over the years since then, we have released more than 55
different snowmen, snowgals, snowbabes and snowman-based items, to spark the
holiday decorating by customers in cold climes and warm! Most all of these products are still in production and can be
ordered for your holiday season decorating.
See them all at:!
This year, we are hoping to satisfy as many “Snowman-o-philes” as we can. We have added a small hanging
snowman ornament, a medium sized cousin and a large “super-sized” version for eye-grabbing displays.
“Smokey” The Super-Sized Snowman
11.5” Tall
“Stubby” The Mini Snowman
3.0” Tall
Over the past year, we have had numerous
customer requests for a “Christmas Plate”.
Thanks for the suggestions!
Tradition is a very basic fiber in the
“fabric” of Christmas! We have seen that,
ourselves, with our annual Limited Edition
Santas. We introduced the first Santa for
Christmas 1992 never thinking that it
would garner the number of avid collectors
that they have! And now, we hope to
engender a similar tradition that reflects the
years that family and friends have
celebrated Christmas together!
Following is a selection of three variations
on the theme - for 2014. We start with our
own Christmas oriented pattern - The
Winterberry pattern - designed by our lead
artist Kathie Rosko. Following that is a
plate with our own rendition of the
Dedham Bunny. Finally, is a plate with our
best interpretation of the pattern originally
done by The Dedham Pottery in the early
2014 Christmas Plate W/The Potting
Shed’s Winterberry Pattern
8.5” Diameter
2014 Christmas Plate
W/The Potting Shed’s
Dedham Bunny Pattern
8.5” Diameter
2014 Christmas Plate W/The
Original Dedham Bunny Pattern
8.5” Diameter
Twice each year we add to our offering of what
we refer to as our Design Series plates. Each
offering highlights one of the original Dedham
Pottery patterns. This season we honor all of you
grape lovers and oenophilias with The Dedham
Pottery’s Wild Grape Pattern
“Groovey” Salt & Peper Set
Dedham Bunny Pattern
3.25” High
Fall 2014 Design Series Plate
W/ Original Dedham Grape Pattern
5.25” Diameter
If you, or someone that you know, has added a
new member to the family, either the dated baby
shoe or Santa’s boot is a classic, lifelong
Dated Baby’s Shoe
2” High X 3.75” Long
Salt & Pepper Sets have always been a popular
item in our line! We discovered this mold hidden
in our mold storage area and loved the shape!
They have an ample capacity for those with a
spicy appetite.
Dated Winterberry Pattern
Santa’s Boot
3.0” High X 3.25” Long
“Groovey” Salt & Pepper Set
W/Winterberry Pattern
3.25” High
One of the strongest Christmas traditions in the Starr
household has always been decorating the tree. The
key element - the ornaments that we use for decoration.
With the last name of Starr, you can probably guess
what configuration is most prominent on our tree!
Each year we look for new star shaped ornaments to
add to our collection. For your decorating pleasure, we
are offering a variety of 2014 ornaments to satisfy
everything from dog lovers to new home owners. We
even added an airplane with Santa at the helm in honor
of my brother who retires from Delta this November
after almost 40 years of flying!
Small Bunny Tree Hangers
Sm. Laying Sm Sitting
2” H
1.5” H
1.0” H
“Carol” The Christmas
Caroling Mouse
1.75” High
“Kitty Christmas” Hanging Ornament
2.75” High
Christmas Tree Hanging Ornament
2.0” Tall
Holiday Hound Hanging Ornament
2.75” Tall
“Carol” snuck into this section! She is, typically,
not a hanger but we will gladly make her one if
you so desire. Let us know when you order.
“Lucky” The Trumpeting Elephant Ornament
2.25” Tall
Personalized Santa’s Sleigh Hanging Ornamnet
2” High X 3” Long
Personalized Santa Airlines Ornament
3” Long
Christmas Bulb Hanging Ornament
2.75” Tall
Personalized Holiday Household Ornament
2.75” Tall
(limit 12 Letters)
Annual Round Hanging Ornament
W/Original Dedham Magnolia Pattern
3.5” Diameter
Hanging Bunny Ornament W/Scarf
2.25” High X 3” Long
Mini Snowman Ornament
3” Tall
Hanging Bunny Ornament W/Garland
2.25” High X 3” Long
Mother’s “Birth Heart” Hanger
3” Tall
Hanging Bunny Ornament W/Holly Spray
2.25” High X 3” Long
Father’s “Birth Heart” Hanger
3” Tall
Yes, yes, we are well aware that the Wedding Season is generally understood to start in Spring and
run through the summer months! There are, however, those HEARTY couples who just can’t wait. Daring to
go head-to-head with what mother nature might serve up as frigid weather, willing to risk competition from
Holiday obligations and poo-pooing the distraction of “Super Sunday”, the adventurous couple selects the
Winter months to say their Nuptials, to take the leap, to tie the knot – to get married. For them, we offer three
sets of Wedding Couples to highlight this Winter’s Wedding Season! Any one of the sets is an imaginative
embellishment to the wedding cake and/or a lifelong memento of the wedding day!
WMC-1 & WMC-2
Medium Sized Wedding Couple
3.5” Tall
WMC-3 & WMC-4
Large Sized Wedding Couple
7” Tall
AN-30 & AN-31
Petite Wedding Couple
1.5” Tall
Please order early, especially seasonal
orders, to ensure timely delivery!
Thanks very much for your interest in The
Potting Shed and for your much appreciated past,
present and, hopefully, future patronage of our
We hope that 2014 has been a happy,
healthy and prosperous year for you, your family
and your friends!
Our best to you
for more of the same
Rob Starr & The Entire Potting Shed Staff

H-190 Kissin` Claus: 8” Tall X 7.5” Wide $195.00