What is Ethics?
Ethics: The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of
human actions or a particular group (dictionary.reference.com). The dictionary
definition may be simple, but there is much more to ethics than that. The meaning of
the word can be stretched in so many ways that it is hard to tell what it truly means.
There are numerous other words that have great significance to the meaning of
Honesty. This word is incorporated with ethics in a huge way. Being truthful
to someone or something is a tremendous display of ethics. When nobody is
watching, will you do the right thing? When only you know the truth, will you make
up a lie? Honesty is a major factor of ethics that must be recognized.
Tolerance. This is not only being able to endure something of dislike, but
also being able to accept new concepts and ideas. Learning the rules of society on
the go, and adapting to new challenges as they appear. Tolerance plays a major role
and has a big influence on the true character of “ethics”.
Respect. Treating others the way you want to be treated. Handling all
situations with class and integrity is an ethical way to approach life. Knowing what
is and what is not acceptable in a group and not violating ones esteem is part of
having respect. Respect often time needs to be earned in order to get the respect
back in return.
Fairness. In regards to fairness, one must take care of every situation and
treat both sides with equality. Not favoring one or the other, and having no bias.
Fairness, in my opinion, is one of the most crucial aspects to ethics.
Responsibility. Owning up to what is yours and taking all accountability for it.
Taking your life into your own hands and not relying on somebody else to do
something for you. Blaming only yourself, staying aware of your future, and
knowing what is expected of you are all great examples on how to remain not only a
responsible student, but also an ethical one.
Ethics is also known as a personal belief to what an individual believes is
right or wrong, but what if the topic one believes is right is against the law? Is it
better to do what is legal or what you believe is the right thing to do? This is where
the true meaning behind ethics comes out. There is no black and white answer to
that question. In order to be ethical, I believe that you have to find a happy medium
in between what is allowed, and what you think is right. Don’t let your true feelings
get lost, but also take a reasonable approach to the situations.
Being ethical is a very tough achievement to attain, but if you make sure to
have a balance of honesty, tolerance, respect, fairness, and responsibility, you can
get there. Deal with morals carefully, making sure not to do something that may get
you in trouble but also not going against the standards you think are right.
Right now there is a current event situation in which many pro athletes are
struggling with ethics in regards to the use of performance enhancing drugs. One
example is Alex Rodriguez, a major league baseball player who is currently facing a
suspension through the end of the 2014 season. This is not an ethical thing to do as
it puts other players at a disadvantage.
Another example would be ethical dilemmas that politicians face. An
example would be what is an acceptable amount one receives for campaigns.
Politicians have to be ethical on how they present and disclose what they receive as
a donation, a gift, and so forth in order to comply by the laws.
Another highly charged ethical dilemma is the Abortion Rights argument.
Politicians will argue back and forth on what they feel is the right thing to do as well
as what is the ethical thing to do. This is an ethical dilemma that will never go away.
Politicians are involved, religion is involved and individual lives are involved.
All in all, as a society, we face many ethical dilemmas. Whether it is in our
personal lives or our place of work, we have to make decisions and choices that
sometimes may be difficult to make. Many people are conflicted and compromised
in making some tough ethical decisions in regards to what is the right thing to do.

What is Ethics? Ethics: The rules of conduct recognized in respect to