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Celebrating 25th anniversary of Composites Part B Engineering journal
The current two-year impact factor is 2.983, five-year impact factor is 3.242,
it ranks 5th place (top 6%) among all 84 SCI journals in Engineering Mutidisciplinary category
Recognition of most cited authors of Composites B
Nobel Lecture Monday 9:00AM-10:10AM
Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: an Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding
Akira Suzuki (Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo, Japan)
ICCE Lecture Monday 10:10AM-11:10AM
Nanocarbons Based Composites and Energy Storage Devices
Tsu-Wei Chou (Univ. of Delaware)
Arterial Remodeling And Clinical Implications
Linxia GU (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) keynote
Nonlinear Polymer Composite with Electrical Field Dependent Dielectric Characteristics
Jinliang He (Tsinghua U., .Beijing, China) keynote
Antiferromagnetic Coupling In Ferrimagnetic Hard-Soft Core/Shell Nanoparticles And Possible Biomedical
Applications Josep Nogués (UAB, Bellaterra, Spain)
Looking For Magnetic Functionalities In Metastable Oxides
Katsuhisa Tanaka (Kyoto U., Japan)
Thermoelectric Properties of Multiphase Nanostructured Materials
Shiren Wang (Texas A&M U.)
Development Of Advanced Composite Materials For Constructions With High Performance And Longevity
Zhishen Wu (Southeasten U., Nanjing) PI 973 project, most prestigious funded project in China, FRP
Soft Processing Of Nitrogen-Doped Graphenes And Their Hybrids Inks Via Submerged Liquid Plasma (SLP)
And Electrochemical Exfoliation (ECE) Under Ambient Conditions Masahiro Yoshimura
(Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)
Biobased Gelatin-Bioactive Glass Nanocomposites for Biomedical Application
Liqun Zhang (Beijing Univ of Chem Tech, China)
Influence Of Two-Dimensional Fillers On Dynamic Mechanical Properties Of Hybrid Damping
Min-Hao Zhu (SWJTU, Chengdu, China)
Bio Composites
Effect of Melon Shell Particles On The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy/Melon Shell
Particulate Bio-Composites Victor S. AIGBODION (U. Nigeria, Nsukka) , S.B. Hassan (U. Lagos,
Akoka, Nigeria) , C.U. Atuanya (Nnamdi Azikiwe U., Awka, Nigeria)
Electromagnetic Absorption Analysis Of Bio-Plastic Composite Material Based Mobile Wireless Antenna
Touhidul ALAM, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Mohammad Tariqul Islam (UKM, Selangor, Malaysia)
Mechanism Of Bone Healing During Implantation Of Scaffold Materials : Early Stem Cells Attachment
Feng Cai (Southeast U., Zhonda Hospital, Nanjing, China), Xin-Hui Xie (Soochow U., Suzhou, China),
Yun-Feng Rui, Xiao-Tao Wu (Southeast U.), Hui-Ling Yang (Soochuw U.), Ling Qin (Chinese U. of Hong Kong
& CAS, Shenzhen)
A Novel Electrochemical Biosensor Based On Graphene and Cu Nanowires Hybrid Nanocomposites
Mei CHEN, Jing Bao, Danqun Huo, Huanbao Fa, Mei Yang, Changjun Hou (Chongqing U., China)
A Fluorescent Sensor Based on Composite of Carbon Dots and Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Detection of
Sudan I Danqun Huo, Shiying Zou, Dan Li, Huanbao Fa, Mei Yang, Yi Ma,Liang Dong, Changjun Hou
(Chongqing U. & Sichuan U., China)
The Numerical Models of Stem Diameter, Length Vs Flowerings In Papaya (Carica Papaya )
Drumstick (Moringa Sp) , Mustard (Brasica Nigra)
Debabrata Das, Rajendra NATH DAS (West Bengal, India)
Study On Mechanical Properties of Molecular Motors In Muscle Contraction
Jiangcheng CHEN, Xiaodong Zhang, He Wang, Qiangyong Shi (Xian Jiaotong U., China) ,
Linxia Gu (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)
Preparation And Characterization Of HA/UHMWPE Composite Scaffolds For Bone Substitutes
Pan-Pan Dong, Shi-Xi Zhao (Tsinghua U. at Shenzhen, China) , Yuan-Hua Lin, Ce-Wen Nan (Tsinghua U.,
Beijing, China)
Synthesis Of Silver-Incorporated Calcium Phosphate Antibacterial Nanocomposites For Bone Tissue Engineering
Zhihong Dong (Chengdu U., China), Jianxun Sun (West China Hospital, Sichuan U., China), Li Liu
(Chengdu U.), Changchun Zhou (Sichuan U., China) poster
Novel Multi-Step Low Temperature Sintering Of Nanocrystallite Ha Bioceramics For Bone Tissue Engineering
Changchun Zhou, Yujiang Fan (Sichuan U., China), Zhihong Dong (Chengdu U.), Jianxun Sun
(West China Hospital, Sichuan U.), Li Liu (Chengdu U.), Xingdong Zhang (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Effect of Thermomechanical Treatment on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of
Mg- XZn- 1Mn Alloys as a Biomedical Materials Ahmed I.Z. Farahatl, W.A. Metwally, A.N. Abd El-Azim,
Z.M. El-BARADIE (CMRDI, Cairo, Egypt)
Enhanced Electrospun Polycaprolactone Fibres With Magnesium Nanoparticles As Potential Bio-Composites For
Tissue Engineer Andrea Fotticchia (Loughborough U., UK) , Cristina Lenardi (U. Milan, Italy) , Yang LIU
(Loughborough U., UK)
Morphology and Properties of Al–Cu–Mg/Eggshell Particulate Composites
S.B. Hassan (U. Lagos, Nigeria) , V.S. Aigbodion (U. Nigeria, Nsukka) , J.O. Agunsoye (U. Lagos)
High-Current-Density (HDEP) And High-Voltage (HVEP) Electrochemical Treatment Processes In Service For
The Metallic Biomaterial Surface Improvement Tadeusz Hryniewicz, Krzysztof Rokosz (Koszalin U.T.,
Modeling Axial Nonlinearity in Jute and Fiberglass Hybrid Biocomposites
Shane JOHNSON, Liping Kang (Shanghai Jiaotong U. -U. Michigan)
Effect of Nanofillers On Structure and Properties of Biodegradable Microfibrillar Composites"
Ivan Kelnar (CAS, Czech Rep.)
Sintering and Characterization of Graphene Platelet/Alumina Composites For Biomedical Applications
Jian LIU (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China) , Yang Yang, Sunan Deng, Kyle Jiang (U. Birmingham, UK)
Promoting Hepatocyte Spheroid Formation By Patterned Fibers Embedded Microfluidic Chip
Yaowen Liu, Shuyao WANG, Hejun Wu, Shujuan Chen, Li He (Sichuan Agricultural U., Yaan, China)
Surface Characteristics And Biological Responses Of Si, Mg And CO32- Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coatings
Guolong Meng, Yao Su, Tao Huang, Jing He, Fang Wu, Zhongwei Gu (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Enhanced Performance Of Polysulfone Membranes Using Carboxylic Acid-Functionalized Graphene
Mariana IONITA, Livia Elena CRICA, Eugenia VASILE (U. Polit Bucharest, Romania)
Graphene Oxide Reinforced Gelatin - Chitosan Cross-Linked With Genipin Biocomposite Scaffolds
Livia Elena CRICA, Mariana IONITA, Eugenia VASILE, Nicolae Vladimir VOICU, Horia IOVU
(U. Polit Bucharest, Romania)
Biocomposites Based On Pulp Fibres And Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil
Jasmina OBRADOVIC, Joanna Narewska, Pedro Fardim (Turku, Finland)
Hybrid Nano, Bio, Composite Materials From Industrial Bio-Wastes For High Value Applications
Thanikaivelan Palanisamy (Chennai, India)
Synthesis, Characterization And Antimicrobial Properties Of Chitosan-Polyvinyl Alcohol Blended With
Ca2+MMT For Biomedical Applications A. Babul Reddy, B. Manjula, K. Sudhakar, T. Jayaramudu,
E. Rotimi Sadiku (Tshwane Univ.Tech., Pretoria, S. Africa)
Biocatalytic Oxidation of Trimethilphenol Using Magnetic-Separable Oxidoreductases As Alternative
Method For Vitamin E Synthesis Esther SULMAN , Olga Matveeva, Natalia Lakina,
Valentina Matveeva (Tver Tech U., Russia)
Biosensor Integration for Quantitative Gait Measurement
Ming-Gui Tan, Yean-Chun Tea, Jee-Hou Ho (U. Nottingham-Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur), Hui-Ting Goh
(U. Malaya), Hoon-Kiat Ng, Ing Kong (U. Nottingham-Malaysia)
Fabrication Of Controlled Drug Release Microcapsules Via A Layer-By-Layer Self-Assembly Technique
Jia Xin Wang, Yi Tian Huang, He Zhang, Da Zhu Chen (Shenzhen U., China)
Green Coupling Agent from Coconut Oil For Agro-Waste Based Thermoplastic Composites
Koay Seong CHUN, Salmah Hussiensyah (U. Malaysia Perlis) , David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Properties and Characterization of Crosslinked Chitosan/Corn Cob Biocomposite Films With
Phthalic Anhydride Chan Ming YENG, Salmah Husseinsyah, Sam Sung Ting
(U. Malaysia Perlis) , David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Synthesis And Bioapplications Of Nanocomposites Based On Gold Nanorods
Xuefeng Yu (Shenzhen Inst., CAS, China), Jia-Hong Wang (Wuhan U., China)
Construction Of Cell Outer Membrane Mimetic Chitosan Nanoparticles
Jing Zhao (Xian Polytec., China), Fei Liang b (Xian Medical U., China)
Chemistry of Composites
Experimental And Theoretical Study Of Gamma Alumina Precursors
Xim BOKHIMI , A. Morales, A. Reyes-Retana (UNAM, Mexico)
Properties Of Graphene/Natural Rubber Nanocomposites Prepared By Mechanical Blending
Qinghong FANG, Yinyin Tang, Hailan Kang,Na Wang (Shenyang U.Chem.Tech., China) ,Tiam-Ting Tee,
Tin-Sin Lee (UTAR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Pseudo-Catalytic Effect of KH for Li-Mg-N-H Hydrogen Storage Systems
Takayuki Ichikawa (Hiroshima U., Japan)
Ammonia Borane – Metal Hydride Mixture Materials- Dehydrogenation Properties And Decomposition
Processes Shigehito Isobe, Yuki Nakagawa (Hokkaido U., Sapporo, Japan)
Preparation Of Bi-Based Oxide Superconducting Crystal Grains By Shock Compression Without Annealing
Process Takaki Kameya, Tsutomu Mashimo (Kumamoto U., Japan), Hiroshi Kezuka, Makoto Tsuruoka
(Tokyo U.T., Japan), Tamio Endo (Mie U.), Kazuhiro Endo (Kanazawa I.T.), Shunichi Arisawa
(NIMS, Ibaraki), Liliang Chen (Kumamoto U.), Xun Liu (Kumamoto U., Japan)
Effect Of Microwave Radiation On The Hydrogen Releases From MgH2 And Li-N-H System Doped With LiBH4
Haiyan LENG, Jia Wei, Qian Li, Kuo-Chin Chou (Shanghai U., China)
Influence Of Peroxide And Sulfur Curing System On The Properties Of Natural Rubber
Xiu-Ming Li, Hua Zou, Jun LIU,Xiao-yu Song (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Synthesis of N-[(4-bromo-3,5-difluorine)phenyl]maleimide/Styrene/Maleic Anhydride Tercopolymer and Curing
to Epoxy Resin Yanxun Li (Henan Inst.Engrg., Zhengzhou, China)
Optical and Morphological Properties of Porous Silicon Grown At Low Hydrofluoric Acid Concentration By
Electrochemical Anodization M.S. Moura, A.J. Costa, I. Pepe, D.G.F. David, Marcio Fontana
(Fed U. Bahia, Salvador, Brazil)
Pd Nanoparticles Deposited On Poly(Lactic Acid) Grafted Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Characterization And'
Application In Heck C-C Coupling Reaction Gururaj M. Neelgund, Huajun Fan, Aderemi Oki
(Prairie View A&M Univ., TX)
Hydrogen Separation Using Vanadium Alloy Membranes From Gas Mixture Of Hydrogen And Nitrogen
(H2 : N2 = 3 : 1) Chikashi NISHIMURA, Jeng-Ting TSAI (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan), Hirotaka Kimura
(Tokyo, Japan), Sea-Fue WANG (Nat. Taipei U. Tech.)
Biobased Gelatin-Bioactive Glass Nanocomposites for Biomedical Application
Yuzhao Niu, Jiajia Xue, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
STEM-EELS Study Of Structural Phase Transitions In Core/Shell Bi-Magnetic Oxide Nanoparticles
Manuel A. Roldan, J. Salafranca (U. Complutense Madrid, Spain), R. Ishikawa (Oak Ridge, TN), R. Mishra
(Vanderbilt U., TN), A. Lopez-Ortega (U. Firenze, Italy), M. Estrader (U. Barcelona, Spain), G. Salazar-Alvarez
(Stockholm U., Sweden), Josep Nogues (UAB, Bellaterra, Spain), S.J. Pennycook (Nat.U. Singapore),
M. Varela (U. Complutense Madrid) invited
Formation Of Acetamide/Zinc Chloride Eutectic Ionic Liquid And Its Dissolution On Lignin’s Regeneration
Xiang SUN, Panpan Xie, Ping Zhuand Hailan Lian (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Advanced Oxide Film Grown by Photo-Induced Chemical Solution Deposition
Tetsuo Tsuchiya, T. Nakajima, T. Nakamura, I. Yamaguchi, H. Matsui (Nat.Inst. AIST, Tsukuba, Japan) invited
Novel Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber/Sliding Graft Copolymer Composites With Improved Strength And High
Damping Performance Xiuying Zhao, Xiaoyan Geng, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Preparation, Characterization And Adsorptive Behavior To Iodine Of Nano Cu-Mg-Al Layer Hydroxides
Jie Zheng, Xiaping Zhu, Pin Li (Chengdu U.T., China)
The Preparation And Thermal-Mechanical Properties Of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) Based Composites
Yi Zhong, Xiaobi Deng, Hong Xu, Linping Zhang, Xiaofeng Sui, Zhiping Mao (Donghua U., Shanghai, China)
Enhanced Electrochemical Property And Thermal Stability of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 By Surface Modification With
Eu2O3 Weibo Zhu, Yingbin Lin, Zhigao Huang (Fujian Normal U., China)
Ionic Liquid-Catalyzed Controllable Synthesis Of Water-Soluble Cellulose Acetate And Its Functional
Biocomposites Canhui Lu, Xinxing Zhang, Xunwen Sun (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Melamine Polyphosphate And Aluminum Diethyphosphinate Flame Retardant Glass Fiber Reinforced
Polyamide 66 Wenhua Chen, Yuan Liu, Qi Wang (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Orientation, Structure Evolution And Performance Of Microinjection Molded Polymer Nanocomposites
Yinghong Chen, Zhuo Liu, Weiei Ding, Qi Wang (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Influence Of Carbon Black On Tension And Compression Performance Of EPDM
Li-yuan Shen, Hong Wu, Shao-yun Guo (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Mechanical And Acoustic Properties Of LDPE/BaSO4 Multilayer Sound Insulation Materials
Lichao Xia, Hong Wu, Shaoyun Guo (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Multilayered Thermally Conductive Composites With High Thermal Conductivity And Polyfunctionality
Xiaomeng Zhang, Hong Wu, Shaoyun Guo (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Non-Isothermal Crystallization Behaviors Of Polyamide 6 / Phosphate Glass Composites
Huan Li, Hong Wu, and Shaoyun Guo (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Cellulose Nanowhiskere Modulated Morphology Control And Property Enhancements Of Conductive Natural
Rubber/Carbon Nanotube Composites Shuman Wang, Xinxing Zhang, Canhui Lu
(Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Thermally Responsive Cellulose Nanofibers/Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) Hybrid Aerogels
Xiaofang Zhang, Wei Zhang, Canhui Lu (Sichuan U., China)
Influence Of Surface-Functionalized Graphene Oxide On The Cell Morphology Of Poly(Methyl
Methacrylate) Nanocomposite Jianwei BAI, Yuwei Wang, Xia Liao, Qi Yang, Guangxian Li
(Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Structure And Photo-Catalytic Performance Of C, Cl Co-Doped TiO2
Shaoqiang Cao, Yuanqing Song, Jianling Zhang, Long Jiang, Yi Dan (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Ultraviolet Light Stability Of ABS And ABS/Graphene Composites
Yanyun Ding, Long Jiang, Yi Dan (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Mg-, Al-, and Ga-doped ZnO Filmsas Seed Layers forZnONanorods Synthesized in Chemical Bath Deposition
Shengwen Hou, Chaoyang Li (Kochi U.T., Japan) Tues,Wed
Enhanced Electrical Conductivity And Mechanical Properties Of Rubber Composites With The
Segregated Network Of Self-Assembled Graphene By Latex Mixing
Fangfang He, HeshengXia , BuQiang (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Probing The Reinforcing Mechanism Of Graphene And Graphene Oxide In Natural Rubber
Fayong Li, Hesheng Xia (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Preparation Of Microporous Silicone Rubber Memebrane With Tunable Pore Size Via Solvent
Evaporation-Induced Phase Separation
Jian Zhao (Sichuan U.), Gaoxing Luo, Jun Wu (Southwestern Hospital, Chongqing), Hesheng Xia
(Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
A Comparative Investigation On The Reinforcing Effect Of Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes On
Natural Rubber Hesheng Xia, Daihua Fu (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Preparationof Electricallyself-Healable Graphene/Polyurethane Nanocomposites
Wuli PU, Hesheng Xia (Sichuan U., China)
Preparation Of Shelf-Healing Polyethylene Glycol Based On Diels-Alder Reaction
Yang Li, XiaHesheng (Sichuan U., China)
Thermoplastic Starch/Poly (Butylene Adipate Co-Terephthalate) Composites With The Addition Of Nano-Silica
He Zhang, Fangping Chen, Qunjie Yin, Changsheng Liu (East China U.Sci.Tech., China)
Enhanced Electrochemical Performances Of LiNi 0.5Mn1.5 O4 By Surface Modification With Cu Nanoparticles
Guiying Zhao, Yingbin Lin, Ruibing Yu, Wenyu Yang,Zhigao Huang (Fujian Normal U., Fuzhou, China)
Fluorescent Poly (N-Hexyl Isocyante) Triblock Terpolymer and Its Thermoreversible Gels
Yu-Heng Cui, Cui Li, Li Yang, Li-Qun Zhang, Dong-Mei Yue (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Synthesis of Silver-Plated Gadolinium Hydroxide Activated By Polydopamine
Ye Fu, Ainv Zhang, Wencai Wang, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
The Research and Development of A Novel Curing System
Song Xiaoyu, Liu Jun, Li Xiuming, Zhang Liqun (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Synthesis and Characterization of High Strength and Noncytotoxic Bio-Elastomers Based On 2,3-Butanediol
Xiaoran Hu, Yiting Geng, Yan Li, Manqiang Li, Runguo Wang and Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Dynamics and Interfacial Bonding Characteristics of Various Structural Styrene - Butadiene Rubber/Graphene
Composites Through Molecular Dynamics Simulation Yanlong Luo, Liangliang Qu, Xiao Shi,
Sizhu Wu (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Methylpropargyl Leucine Polymer With pH-Responsiveness and Its Application In Enantioselective
Crystallization Jie Zhang, Fei Men, Yu-Heng Cui, Li-Qun Zhang, Dong-Mei Yue (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Silver-Nanoparticle-Decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared By Poly (Dopamine) Functionalization
and UV Irradiation Mingzheng Hao, Miaomiao Tang, Wencai Wang, Ming Tian, Liqun Zhang, Yonglai Lu
(BUCT, Beijing, China)
The Structures and Dynamic Properties of Bio-Based Elastomer/Hindered Phenol Crosslinked Composites
Xinxin Zhou, Runguo Wang, and Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Highly Aging Resistant Elastomers Doped With Antioxidant Loaded Clay Nanotubes
Ye Fu, Liqun Zhang, Yuri Lvov, Wencai Wang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
High Content Graphene Nanosheets Filled Liquid Silicone Rubber Nanocomposites : Preparation Structure And
Properities Lei WANG, Jun Liu, Yonglai LU, Wencai Wang, Liqun ZHANG (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Molecular Simulation Study of Role of Polymer–Particle Interactions In The Straindependent Viscoelasticity Of
Elastomers (Payne Effect) Ziwei Li, Yulong Chen, Shipeng Wen, Liqun Zhang, Li Liu (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Morphological Configuration of Poly (Dimethylsiloxane) On The
Surface of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheet Ziwei Li, Yulong Chen, Shipeng Wen, Liqun Zhang,
Li Liu (BUCT, Beijing, China)
A Combination of Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method To Investigate The Damping
Properties of AO-80/ACM Hybrids Sizhu Wu, Dawei Yang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
United Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Poly (Butadiene) / Poly (Isoprene) Blend : Structure,
Dynamics And Mechanical Behavior Zijian Zheng, Jun Liu, Youping Wu (BUCT, Beijing, China)
The Effect of Spring-Shaped Fillers On The Viscoelasticity of Rubber Nanocomposite
Haibo Yang, Fanzhu Li, Li Liu, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Experimental and Simulation Studies of Elastomer Nanocomposites With Well-Dispersed State
Jun Liu, Jianxiang Shen, Yangyang Gao, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Preparation of Green Clay/Bio-Based Elastomer Nanocomposite With Ionic Bonding Interfaces
Qiao He, Wang Run-Guo, Zhou Xin-Xin, Lei Wei-Wei and Zhang Li-Qun (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Effect of Epoxidized Natural Rubber As A Compatibilizer In NR/NBR Blends
Kaijing Niu, Shuquan Sun, Xiuying Zhao, Liqun Zhang (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Fracture Resistance Of Carbon Black/Styrene- Butadiene Rubber Composites
ChangLiu, BinDong, Liqun Zhang, YoupingWu (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Tunable Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Polymer Composites By Controlled Distribution of
Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Suting Liu, Nanying Ning, Liqun Zhang, Ming Tian (BUCT, Beijing, China)
Equi-Biaxial Fatigue Behavior of SiO2-GO/SBR Composite
Shipeng Wen, Donghai Liu, Yanfen Zhou, Liang Jiang, Li Liu, Stephen Jerrams (BUCT, Beijing, China)
A Molecular Dynamics Simulation On Microscopic Diffusion Behaviors of Oxygen and Ozone in CIS-1,4
Polybutadiene During Thermo-Oxidative Aging Wei Zheng; Xiujuan Wang, Sizhu Wu
(BUCT, Beijing, China)
Clay Nanotube/Elastomer Composites With Sustained Release of Chemical Inhibitors
Wencai Wang (Beijing U.Chem.Tech., China)
MNO2/Chitosan Composite As A New Adsorbent For Removing of Pb (ii) From Aqueous Solutions:
Equilibrium And Kinetic Studies Van-Phuc Dinh (Dong Nai U., Vietnam) , Ngoc-Chung Le
(Dalat U., Vietnam), Ngoc-Tuan Nguyen (Vietnam Atomic Energy Inst.)
Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polybenzoxazine-Epoxy Composites Using
CTBN Rubber Chanchira JUBSILP (Srinakharinwirot U., Thailand) , Phattarin Mora,
Sarawut Rimdusit (Chulalongkorn U., Bangkok, Thailand)
Crude Oil Combustion In The Presence of Clay As Catalyst
Mustafa Versan Kok (Middle East T.U., Turkey)
Effects of Microwave Irradiation On Polyvinyl Alcohol-Starch Blends Reinforced By Montmorillonite
Tin-Sin LEE, Tiam-Ting Tee, Soo-Tueen Bee, Tee-Yan Wah, Chong-Yu Low, Rui-Ren Ang
(UTAR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Application of Graphene-Filled Polybenzoxazine For Bipolar Plate In Fuel Cell
Sarawut Rimdusit, Ratcha Plengudomkit (Chulalongkorn U., Bangkok, Thailand) , Chanchira Jubsilp
(Srinakharinwirot U., Nakhonnayok, Thailand) , Manunya Okhawilai (Chulalongkorn U.)
PE/Clay/Silver Nanocomposites Using Itaconic-Acid and Amine-Alcohol Functionalized Polyethylene As
Compatibilizers Saul Sanchez Valdes (CIQA, Mexico)
Study on Preparation and Characterization of PDCPD/CaCO3 Nanocomposites via Frontal Polymerization
Yuqing ZHANG, XXuyang Li, Meng Guo (Henan U. Sci.Tech., Luoyang, China)
Influence of Peroxide and Sulfur curing system on the properties of Natural rubber
Xiuming Li, Hua Zou, Jun Liu, Xiaoyu Song (BUCT, Beijing, China)
General Applications
Effect Of The Cobalt On The Performance Of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter(PDC)
Ping Fan, Qi Xue, Hong Lan (Southwest Petroleum U., Chengdu, China)
Design and Optimization of a Variable Stiffness Composite Wing
Yan ZHANG, Qiao Zhang, Ke Liang (China Acad Space Tech., Beijing)
Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer-Based Composites in Space Environment
Leo DANIEL, Confidence A. Anaele (Kwara State U., Nigeria)
Microalgae in Composites as Energy Sources
Confidence A. Anaele, Leo Daniel (Kwara State U., Nigeria)
Evaluation Of The Fracture Behaviour Of A Fibre Reinforced Earthen Material Using Digital Image Correlation
Francesco Aymerich, Luigi Fenu, Luca Francesconi (U. Cagliari, Italy)
Splat Flow And Delamination Mechanisms Of Thermally-Sprayed Nanostructured Glass Coatings
Yuqing Bao, Jiming Gao and David Gawne (London South Bank U., UK)
Preparation And Property Of A Novel Propylene-Based Elastic Hot Melt Adhesive For Plastic Composite Pipe
Hefei Chang; Yi Ma; Wenbin Liang; Shih-yaw Lai (Nat. Inst., Beijing, China)
Water Hydrolysis by LSV Method Of The Thin Film Photocatalyst of TiO2
Jiann-Rong Chen, Chueh-Jung Huang, An-Chi Huang, Yi-sheng Zhou (Hsiuping U.Sci.Tech., Taichung)
Preparation Of TiO2/Cu Photoelectrode And Hydrogen Generation By Photo-Catalytic Water Splitting
Chueh-Jung Huang, Jiann-Rong Chen, An-Chi Huang, Xiang-Ning Xu (Hsiuping U.Sci.Tech., Taichung)
Spontaneous Combustion Charateristics Of Multiple Oxidated Non-Caking Coal Materials
Jing-Yu Zhao, Jun Deng, Yan Ni Zhang (Xian U.Sci.Tech., China)
Thermal Analysis On Potential Risk Of Cosmetic Materials By DSC
An-Chi Huang, Chi-Min Shu (Nat. Yunlin U. Sci. Tech., Yunlin)
Nanosheets Manganese Dioxides As A Zinc-Ion Intercalating Material For High Capacity Zinc Ion Battery
Yanyi Chen, Chengjun Xu, Shan Shi, Qian Yang, Changle Wu, Baozheng Jiang, Feiyu Kang (Tsinghua U.,
Shenzhen & Beijing, China)
Composite Joints With Wrinkled Interfaces
Pei-Han Chiu, Ya-Jung Lee, Hsin-Haou HAUNG (Nat. Taiwan U., Taipei)
Self-Healing Through Diels-Adler Chemistry For Novel Fucntional Composites
Eugenio Amendola, Stefania Dello Iacono, AlfonsoMartone, Mauro Zarrelli, Michele Giordano (CNR, Portici,
Study of the Influence of UV-Light on CFRP Laminates Stitched with Aramid Thread
Daniel Fernandez, Peter Middendorf (U. Stuttgart, Germany)
Development Of Carbon Nanotubes For Optical Applications
Hiroshi Furuta (Kochi U.T., Japan) INVITED Tues-Wed
Epoxy Composites Of Improved Flame Resistance For Aerospace Industry
Henryk Galina, Rafal Oliwa, Maciej Heneczkowski, Mariusz Oleksy (Rzeszow U.T., Poland)
A Study of Cutting Temperatures In Turning CRFP Composites With Nose Radius Tools
Chung-Shin Chang (Nat. Ilan Univ.)
Enhanced Dye Degratation Efficiency Using WO3/Graphene As The Visible-Light Photocatalyst
Lu GAN, Songmin Shang, Chun-Wah Marcus Yuen, Shou-Xiang Jiang (Hong Kong Poly U., China) Tues-Wed
Experiments On Effective Thermal Conductivity Of Composites Made Of Sperical Particles And Polymer Matrix
Benzheng Gao, Jinzao Xu, H.D. Du (Tsinghua U. at Shenzhen, China)
Re-Modelling The Maxwell Model On Effective Thermal Conductivity Of Composite Materials
Jinzao, Xu (Tsinghua at Shenzhen, China), Benzheng Gao (Tsinghua at Beijing, China)
CFRP Defect Detection And Characterisation Using Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography
Bin Gao, Wenwei Ren, Gui Yun Tian (UESTC, Chengdu, China & Newcastle U., UK), Liang Cheng
(Newcastle U., UK)
Load Adjusted Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Metal Joints In Cathodic Dip Paint Conditions
Colin Gerstenberger, Alexander Hackert, Tomasz Osiecki, Lothar Kroll (TU Chemnitz, Germany),
Holger Seidlitz (UT Cottbus, Germany)
Thermoplastic Fiber Reinforced/Metal-Hybrid Laminates For Structural Lightweight Applications
Tomasz Osiecki, Colin Gerstenberger, Alexander Hackert, Lothar Kroll (TU Chemnitz, Germany),
Holger Seidlitz (Brandenburg U.T. Cottbus, Germany)
Hybrid Sandwich Composites With Porous Aluminum Core And Thermoplastic Fiber-Reinforced Composite
Top Layers Alexander Hackert, Colin Gerstenberger, Tomasz Osiecki, Lothar Kroll (TU Chemnitz, Germany),
Holger Seidlitz (Brandenburg U.T. Cottbus, Germany)
Covalent Bingding Of CdSe at PMMA Nanocomposite Films With Good Transparency And UV-Shielding
Xiaolin Guan, Hongting Fan, Yang Zhang, Donghai Zhang, Tianming Jia (Northwest Normal U., Gansu, China),
Shoujun Lai (Chongqing Three Gorges Univ., China)
Multifunctional Graphene-Based Hybrid Nanomaterials For Renewable Energy Applications
Sanju Gupta (Western Kentucky U., Bowling Green)
High Strain Rate Sensitivity Of Epoxy/Clay Nanocomposites Using Digital Image Correlation
S. Gurusideswar, R. VELMURUGAN (Indian Inst.Tech. Madras)
The Role Of Interface In Nanodiamond Based Epoxy Nanocomposites
Yasir A. Haleem, Daobin Liu, Wei Gan,Wenxing Chen, Li Song (USTC, Hefei, China)
Functionalization and Engineering of Nanodiamond For High Performance Composite
Li SONG (USTC, Hefei, China)
Design And Analysis Of Negative-Index Metamaterial For Mobile Phone
M. Ikbal Hossain, M.R.I. Faruque, M.T. Islam (UKM, Selangor, Malaysia)
Assessing the Optimized Coating of Ti W Carbide NanoComposite for Gate Valve
Adel Husain, M. Sherif El-Eskandarany, A. Alduweesh (Kuwait Inst Sci Res.)
Design Of A Planar UWB Antenna Using Negative Index Metamaterial
M.M. Islam (Space Sci Cen.,Malaysia), M.T. Islam (UKM, Selangor, Malaysia), M.R. I. Faruque
(Space Sci.Cen.)
A New Metamaterial For Electromagnetic Cloak
Sikder Sunbeam Islam, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Mohammad Tariqul Islam (UKM, Malaysia)
Thermal Conductivity Of Nanocomposites Filled With Various Shape Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes And
Graphene Nanoplatelets Hyun Su Kim, Jaesang Yu, Seong Yun Kim (KIST, Jeonbuk, S. Korea)
Hierarchically Structured Surfaces Via Metal Decoration of Colloidal Films
Volker KOERSTGENS, Christoph J. Schaffer, Johannes Schlipf, Lorenz Bießmann, Sigrid Bernstorff1,
Peter Müller-Buschbaum (TU Muenchen, Germany)
A Systematic Approach For Potentials On Closely Packed Cells
Ying-Te Lee, Jeng-Tzong Chen (Nat. Taiwan Ocean U., Keelung)
Design And Analysis Of Deployable Structure Based On Shape Memory Polymer Composites
Fengfeng Li, Tong Wang, Liwu Liu, Yanju Liu, Jinsong Leng (Harbin I.T., China)
Shape Memory PCL/CNT Composite Foams And Their Microwave Activated Behaviors
Tianyang Zhou, Fenghua Zhang, Yanju Liu, Jinsong Leng (Harbin I.T., China)
Investigation Into Hybrid Configuration In Electrospun Nafion/Silica Nanofiber
Yongtao Yao, Jianjun Li, Haibao Lu (Harbin I.T., China)
Ammonia Sensors Based On Polymer/Hydroxyapatite Composite Materials
Huixia Li, Lanlan Luo, Yong Liu, Yanni Tan, Qing Zhang, Kun Li (Central South U., Changsha, China)
Thermal Conductivity of Diamond/Cu-Ti Composites Produced By Gas Pressure Infiltration
Jianwei Li, Xitao Wang, Yang Zhang, Hailong ZHANG (Univ.Sci.Tech. Beijing, China)
The Research And Application Of Aluminum Honeycomb Explosive
Xuejiao Li, Honghao Ma, Zhaowu Shen, Guanghong Miao (USTC, Hefei, China)
Effective Mechanical Properties Of Ceramic Foam/Epoxy Resin Composites With An Interpenetrating Network
Structure Joanna Ligoda-Chmiel, Marek Potoczek, Romana E. Sliwa (Rzeszow U.T., Poland)
Drilling Of Glare Type Composite Materials Using Tool Of Special Geommetry
Romana Ewa Sliwa, Piotr Tyczynski (Rzeszow U.T., Poland)
Fabrications and Applications of Catalysts Coated Membrane (Nafion) used in PEFC, Oxygen Concentrator and
Gas Sensors Andrew S. Lin (Chang Gung U., Taoyuan City), Yingjeng James Li (Ming Chi U.T., New Taipei)
Surface Modification Of Polyimide As The Substrate For Inkjet Printing
Yunlong Lu (UESTC, Chengdu,China), Yu Liu (Green Energy Cen., Chengdu, China), Shu Zhang,
Yong Xiang (UESTC, Chengdu, China), Jun Mei, Woon-ming Lau (Green Energy Cen., China)
Bending Fatigue Performance Of Polymer Composite Gears Under Bi-Directional Loading
M. Kodeeswaran, Anurag Mishra (Indian Inst.Tech. Guwahati) , R. Suresh (Vikram SSC, India) ,
Catalyst Design For Hydrogen Storage Technology Using Formic Acid As Hydrogen Carrier
Yuichi MANAKA (RENRC, Fukushima, Japan), Shaoan XU, Naoya Onishi, Yuichiro Himeda (AIST, Ibaraki,
Manufacture Of Multiscale Composites Utilizing The Displaced Foam Dispersion
Micah CL McCrary-Dennis, Eduardo Fernandez, Okenwa Okoli (Florida State U., Tallahassee)
Superconducting And Thermoelectric Oxide Thin Films For Sustainable Development
Paolo Mele (Muroran I.T., Japan), S. Saini (U. Utah), A. Kamegawa, Y. Mawatari (Muroran I.T., Japan),
X. Obradors (ICMAB, Catalonia, Spain), H. Honda, T. Suzuki (Hiroshima U., Japan), K. Matsumoto ,
K. Miyazaki (Kyushu I.T., Japan), A. Ichinose (Yokosuka, Japan), L. Molina Luna (TU Darmstade, Germany),
P.E. Hopkins (U. Virginia), M. I. Adam (U. Tenaga Nas., Selangor, Malaysia)
Ammonia and Alkali Metal Hydride System as Hydrogen Storage
Hiroki Miyaoka (Hiroshima U., Japan)
Formation Of Polyvinyl Butyral/Silica Nanocomposite Films And Their Application To Laminated Glass
Koji NAKANE (Univ. of Fukui, Japan)
Selective Colorimetric Detection Of Dopamine Using Electrospun Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Containing
Gold Nanoparticles Nokuthula Ngomane, Nelson Torto (Rhodes U., Grahamstown, S. Africa),
Sibulelo Vilakazi, Rui Krausea (Randburg, S. Africa)
Sulfides: Environment-Friendly And Cost-Effective Thermoelectric Materials
Michihiro Ohta, Priyanka Jood (AIST, Ibaraki, Japan), Shinji Hirai (Muroran I.T., Japan), Koichiro Suekuni
(Hiroshima U., Japan)
Nonlinear Failure Analysis of Shear Web Reinforced Composite Wind Blades
H. M. Su, C. Y. Huang, C. H. Jiang, Taiyan Kam (Nat. Chiao Tung U., Hsinchu)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Of A Composite Modified Double-Base Propellant
Chaoxiang Sun, Jinsheng Xu, Xiong Chen, Jian Zheng, Changsheng Zhou, Ya Zheng (Nanjing UST, China)
Rationally Designed Magnetic Fe3O4/CeO2 Core-Shell Microsphere As An Efficient Absorbent For Phosphate
Removal De-Hui Sun, Jiao Wu (Changchun Inst.Tech., China), Ji-Lin Zhang (Changchun Inst.App.Chem,
Cellular Structure Control And Sound Absorption Of Polyolefin Microlayer Sheets
Xiaojie Sun, Wenbin Liang (Nat.Inst. Clean Energy, Beijing, China)
Thermal Conductivities Of Aligned CNT Nanocomposites
M.W. WANG (Oriental Inst.Tech., Taipei), C.C. Liao, N. Allen Yu (Yuan Ze Univ., Chungli)
Comparation Between Helium And Argon Plasma Jets For Pmma Surface Modification
Ruixue Wang, Yuan Shen, Cheng Zhang, Ping Yan (CAS, Beijing, China), Zhi Fang (Nanjing Univ.Tech.,
China), Tao SHAO (CAS, Beijing)
The Degradation Behavior of CVD-SiC Coated C/SiC Composites Under High Temperature Environment
Xiang Yang, Cai Hua-Fei, Liu Ying, Wang Qing, Cao Feng (Nat.Univ.Def. Tech., Changsha, China)
Experiment And Analysis Of Sandwich Xylophone Bars
Meng-Kao Yeh, Chien Heng Chen, Kun Lung Yen (Nat. Tsinghua U., Hsinchu) Mon-Thurs
Effect Of Self-Healing Microcapsules On Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Polymeric Composites
Sung Ho Yoon, Min Sik Kim (Kumoh Nat. Inst.Tech., Gumi, S. Korea) Mon-Wed
Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Polymer/Graphene Composites
Jinhong Yu, Cheng-Te Lin, Nan Jiang (Ningbo Inst.Mat.Tech., CAS, China)
Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of PB DUST/HDPE Composites
Min Yu, Chunxia He (Nanjing Agricultural U., China) , Qinglin Wu (Louisiana St.U.)
Research On Explosive Welding Of Metal Pipes Underwater
Yong Yu, Honghao Ma, Zhaowu Shen, Guanghong Miao (USTC, Hefei, China)
Graphene Aerogel With Superhigh Surface Area By SiO2 As Spacer
Chenwu YUE, Jian FENG, Junzong FENG, Yonggang JIANG (NUDT, Changsha, China)
Recent Progress On The Development Of V-Based Alloy Membranes For Hydrogen Separation And Purification
Hiroshi Yukawa, Asuka Suzuki (Nagoya U., Japan), Tomonori Nambu (Suzuka Coll., Japan),
Yoshihisa Matsumoto (Oita College, Japan), Yoshinori Murata (Nagoya U.)
Li Storage Properties in MgH2 for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
Liang Zeng, T. Ichikawa (Hiroshima U., Japan)
Wideband Terahertz Wave Modulation with Graphene Field Effect Transistors
Dainan Zhang (U. Delaware), Huaiwu Zhang, Dandan Sun, Qiye Wen, Tianlong Wen (UESTC, Sichuan, China),
James Kolodzey (U. Delaware)
A Modified Johnson–Cook Model For Tensile Flow Behaviors Of 6005 Aluminum Alloy Under Dynamic
Condition Yi-Ben Zhang, Song Yao (Central South U., Changsha, China and Key Lab Traffice Safety on Track)
New Application of Conducting Aerogels based on Carbon Nanotube/ Silver Nanocomposites for Thermoelectric
Materials Lijuan Zhao, Jinghong Zhao, Xijing Sun, Nan Hu, Quan Li, Enyan Long (Sichuan Normal U.,
Chengdu, China)
Thermal Conductivity of 3D Graphene Filled Polymer Composites
Yun-Hong Zhao, Zhen-Kun Wu, Ya-Fei Zhang, Shu-Lin Bai (Peking U., Beijing, China)
Shape Memory PCL/CNT Composite Foams And Their Microwave Activated Behaviors
Tianyang Zhou, Fenghua Zhang, Yanju Liu, Jinsong Leng (Harbin I.T., China)
Influence Of Stitching On The In-Plane Mechanical Properties Of Composite Laminates Prepared By VAT
Yingdan Zhu, Chong Hua, Xinyao Lin, Yuan Deng, Xu Haibin, Gang Chen, Dong Liu (Ningbo Inst.Mat.Tech.,
Vibration Based Nondestructive Assessment of Connections Rotational Stiffness of Structural Frame Members
Rafaat Hussein (SUNY Syracuse, New York)
Analysis of Long-Term Performance Prediction of Geomembrane By Environmental Stress Crack Resistance
Test Han-Yong JEON (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea) , Hong Kwan Kim (FITI T&R Inst., S. Korea)
Optimization and Improvement about DSSCs Efficiency As Thickness of TiO2 Photoelectrode With Al BackReflector Yong-Min LEE, Ki-Hwan Hwang, Hyeon-Jin Seo, Choi-Hyeon Ji, Yul-Hee Lee, Sang-Hun Nam,
Jin-Hyo BOO (Sungkyunkwan U., Suwon, S. Korea)
Aging Characteristics On Epoxy Resin Surface Discharged By Microsecond High Voltage Pulses
Xiong Liu, Cheng Zhang, Ruixue Wang, Ping Yan (CAS,Beijing, China), Qing Xie (Baoding, Hebei, China),
Tao Shao (CAS, Beijing, China)
Temperature Effect On The Strength of A Spray Deposited Si-Al Alloy For Space Application
Damien Mauduit, Gilles DUSSERRE, Thierry Cutard (U. Toulouse, France)
Tailoring Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Solar Cell Applications"
Peter MUELLER-Buschbaum (TU Muenchen, Germany)
The Effect of Nano Rubber On The Mechanical Properties of CFRP
N. Ozdemir, Tao ZHANG, H. Hadavinia (Kingston U., London, UK)
The Mechanical Performance of GGBS-HCWA-PFA Hybrid Geopolymer Composites
Chee Ban CHEAH, Muhammad Hasnolhadi Samsudin (U. Sains Malaysia, Penang)
Orientational Order In Carbon Nanotube Suspensions and Resulting Polymer-Composites
Christina Papenfuss (HTW-Berlin, Germany)
The Application of Nanotechnology Application With Compact Hydraulic Oil Filter System
Petrovic PREDRAG, Marija Petrovi (Belgrade, Serbia)
Improvement of Microwave Stress Impedance In Melt-Extracted Microwires By CCMA Modulation
Faxiang Qin (Zhejiang U.. China) , V.V. Popov (Taurida Nat U., Russia) , J.S. Liu (Inner Mongolia U.T.,
Hohhot, China) , Y.Luo (U. Bristol, UK) , H.X. Peng (Zhejiang U., China)
AlxGa 1-xN Based Materials For Optoelectronic Devices : From Deep UV (200 nm) Towards Terahertz
(300 μm) Manijeh Razeghi (Northwestern U., IL)
Creating Hierarchical Metal-Polymer Nanostructures
Stephan V. ROTH, Gonzalo Santoro, Johannes F.H. Risch (DESY, Germany) , Shun Yu
(Royal Inst Tech, Stockholm, Sweden) , Matthias Schwartzkopf, Peng Zhang (DESY, Germany) ,
Bastian Besner, Philipp Bremer, Dieter Rukser, Michael, A. Rübhausen (U. Hamburg, Germany) ,
Nick J. Terrill, Paul A. Staniec (Oxford, UK) , Yuan Yao, Ezzeldin Metwalli,
Peter Müller-Buschbaum (TU Muenchen, Germany)
Watching Morpholgical Degradation in Polymer-Based Solar Cells
Christoph J. SCHAFFER, Claudia M. Palumbiny, Martin A. Niedermeier, Christian Jendrzejewski,
Gonzalo Santoro1, Stephan V. Roth1, Peter Müller-Buschbaum (TU Muenchen, Germany)
Thermoelectric Properties of The Layered Rhodates KxRhO2 and NaxRhO2
Udo Schwingenschlogl (U. Augsburg, Germany)
Morphological and Rheological Properties of Talc powder-filled Polyvinyl Alcohol/Starch Composites
Tiam-Ting Tee, Tin-Sin Lee, Soo-Tueen Bee, Wei-Pin Kok, Chong-Yu Low (UTAR, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia) , Qinghong Fang (Shenyang U.Chem.Tech., China)
Synthesis of Environmentally Sound Polyacrylamide Hydrogel Nano Composites By Frontal Polymerization In
Flow Reactors Anahit Tonoyan, Sevan Davtan (U. Armenia) , Anahit ALEKSANDRYAN
(Ministry Nature Protection, Rep. Armenia)
The Search for New Super- and Ultrahard Materials : Go Nano!
Stan VEPREK, Maritza G.J. Veprek-Heijman (TU Munich, Germany) Mon-Wed
Influence of Grip Lateral Displacement On Performances of Single Lap Joints of Composite Laminate Bolted To
Aluminum Plane Songwei WANG, Xiaoquan Cheng, Guo Xin (Beihang U., Beijing, China) , Xin Li,
Gang Chen (CASIC, Beijing, China)
Characterizing the Performances of The fiber Reinforced Composite Materials Using Interferometry Technique
Lifu Wu, Huimin Xie, Xianglu Dai, Mengmeng Zhou (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China), Jianguo Zhu
(Jiangsu U., Zhenjiang, China)
A Study on the Optical Techniques for Characterizing the Mechanical Parameters of Composites Materials
Lifu Wu, Huimin XIE, MengMeng Zhou and Jianguo Zhu (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)
In Situ Study of The Interface Formation In Block Copolymer/Gold Nanocomposites Thin Film
Peng Zhang, Gonzalo Santoro, Shun Yu, Sarathlal Koyiloth Vayalil (DESY, Hamburg, Germany) ,
Guangsu Huang (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China) , Guang Mo, Zhonghua Wu (CAS, Beijing, China) ,
Stephan V. Roth (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
Carbon Dots Based Light Emitting Devices
Yu Zhang, Yu Wang (Jilan U., Changchun, China) , William W. Yu (Louisiana St.U. Shreveport)
On The Optimized Design Of Interfacial Configurations In Highly Thermal Conductive Graphite
Flakes/Aluminum Composites Cong Zhou, Mingliang Wang, Zhe CHEN, Shengyi Zhong (Shanghai Jiaotong
U., China) , Gang Ji (U. Lille, France) , Haowei Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong U.)
Flexoelectric Effect On The Energy-Harvesting Performance of Laminated Piezoelectric Nanobeams
Baolin WANG (U. Western Sydney, Australia) , Kaifa Wang (Harbin I.T. at Shenzhen, China)
Nanocomposite of Ruthenium Oxide and Carbon For Energy Storage Supercapacitors
Jim P. Zheng (Florida State U., Tallahassee)
"Bio and other applications of Novel Materials" developed by Gary Tsui, HK Poly U.
Fabrication Of Carbon-Based Conductive Polymer Composites For Development Of Clean Energy
Chunli Gong (Huazhong U.S.T., Wuhan, China), Zhigang Xue, Chi Pong Tsui, ChakYin Tang, Wenfei Huang
(Hong Kong Poly U., China), Vesna Mišković-Stankovic (U. Belgrade, Serbia)
Coupled Electromagnetic-Heat Transfer Model For Predicting Temperature Distribution Of Ti6Al4V/MWCNTs
Powder Compact Under Microwave Irradiation Man-Tik Choy, Chi-Pong Tsui, Wing-Cheung Law,
Chak-Yin Tang (Hong Kong Poly U., China)
PVA/TiO2 Composite Coating On Reclaimed Timber By Rapid Microwave Curing
Ling CHEN, Man Tik CHOY, Chi Pong TSUI, Wing Cheung LAW, Wai Man TAM (Hong Kong Poly U., China),
Da Zhu CHEN2 (Shenzhen U., China), Chak Yin TANG (Hong Kong Poly U., China)
Microwave Processing Of High Performance Metal Matrix Composites
Akeem Damilola Akinwekomi, Man-Tik Choy, Ling Chen, Chi-Pong Tsui, Wing-Cheung Law, Chak-Yin Tang
(Hong Kong Poly U., China)
A Method For Fabrication Of Core-Shell Composite Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery Application
Wenfei Huang, Chi Pong Tsui, Chak Yin Tang, Wing Cheung Law, Mo Yang (Hong Kong Poly U., China)
Fabrication Of Functionalized Silica Microparticles/Epoxy Superhydrophobic Coating On Metal Substrates
Yelan XIAO, Chi Pong Tsui, Guocheng Wang, Wenfei Huang, Chak Yin Tang, Suet To
(Hong Kong Poly U., China)
Hybrid Cork-Polymer Composites for Improved Structural Damping Performance
Matthew BLACKLOCK, Alexander Gargano, Chun Wang (RMIT, Melbourne, Australia)
Hyphenated DSC/Fibre-Optic Fresnel Reflection Sensor
F.N. Bogonez, D. King, F. Biddlestone, W. Hay, V.R. Machavaram, G.F. Fernando (U. Birmingham, UK) invited
A Novel Z-Axis Composite
R. White, R. Trim, M.A. Paget, V.R. Machavaram, S.D. Pandita, G.F. Fernando (U. Birmingham, UK) invited
"Insulating Materials and other new materials" developed by Jinliang He, Tsinghua University
Effects Of Nano-MgO Concentration On Insulating Property Of MgO/Polypropylene Nanocomposites
Weikang CAO, Zhe Li, Gehao Sheng, Xiucheng Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China)
Tailored sPP/Silica Nanocomposite for Eco-friendly Insulation of Extruded Cable
Bin Dang, Jinliang He, Yao Zhou, Chuanyang Li (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)
Improving Hydrophobicity Of Insulating Materials Using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Array In Argon
Zhengfang Ding, Zhi Fang (Nanjing T.U., China), Tao SHAO, Cheng Zhang (CAS, Beijing, China)
Performance Improvement Of 0.2LiFeO2-0.2 LiNiO2-0.6Li2MnO3 By Molten Salt Treatment As Cathode
Material For Li-Ion Batteries Lu-Lu Gou (Tsinghua U. Shenzhen & Beijing, China), Shi-Xi Zhao
Energy Storage In Polymer Nanocomposites Filled With Core-Shell Structured Polymer Encapsulatd BaTiO3
Nanoparticles Xingyi Huang, Ming Zhu, Ke Yang, Guanyao Wang, Jun Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China),
Jinliang He (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China), Pingkai Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong U.)
Infrastructure Composites
Durability Of GFRP Reinforcing Bars And Their Bond In Concrete
Arnaud Rolland (Cerema, Sequedin, France) , Sylvain CHATAIGNER (Lunam U., Nantes, France) ,
Marc Quiertant, Karim Benzarti, Pierre Argoul (U. Paris-Est, France) chair
A First Step Toward A Eurocode For The Design And Verification Of Whole Composite Structures: A Scientific
And Technical Report By CEN/TC250 Luigi Ascione, Luciano Feo (U. Salerno, Italy)
Improvement Of Axial Flexibility And Strength Of Web-Flange Junctions Of GFRP Pultruded I-Beams
Subjected To Concentrated Loads Luciano Feo (U. Salerno, Italy), Ayman S. Mosallam (UC Irvine, Calif.),
Rosa Penna (U. Salerno, Italy)
Shear Strengthening Of Concrete Piercaps With Prestressed NSM CFRP Reinforcements
Sungnam Hong, Ui-cheol Shin, Chan-Hyuk Jeon, Sun-Kyu Park, Jinwoong Choi (Sungkyunkwan U., S. Korea)
Shear Performance Assessment Of The Interface Between Polysulfide Epoxy Polymer Concrete Pavement And
Steel Deck Based On Double Direct Shear Tests
Jinwoong CHOI, Yongjoon Jang, Sun-Kyu Park (Sungkyunkwan U., S. Korea), Jieun Jung (Korea Railroad R.I.,
Uiwang), Sungnam Hong (Sungkyunkwan U.)
Bending Steel Girders and Steel Composite Half-deck Consisting of Steel Modular Bridge CO2 Emissions
Assessment Quantification Chan Hyuck Jeon, Jinwoong Choi, Jongho Park, Sun-Kyu Park, Sungnam Hong
(Sungkyunkwan U., Suwon, S. Korea)
Topology Optimization For A Reinforced Concrete Beam
Ileana Corbi (U. Naples, Italy)
Reinforcement Of Secondary Structural Elements Through Composite Provisions
Ottavia Corbi (U. Naples, Italy)
Experimental Study on Static Performance of Steering Area of External Prestressed FRP Tendons
Hong Zhu, JianLi, Haoyang Chen, Zhishen Wu (Southeast U., Nanjing, China)
Study on Fire Resistance Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members Strengthened with Near-SurfaceMounted CFRP Bars Guanlin Zhu, Hong Zhu, Xiaowei Wang Gang Wu (Southeast U., Nanjing, China)
Nanoscale Mechanical Properties of Interfacial Transition Zones between Steel/Polypropylene Fibre and Cement
Matrix Fangqian Deng, Yin CHI, Jie Hu (Wuhan U., China)
Seismic Retrofit of Circular RC Columns Using Tensioned FRP Wire Winding
Eunsoo Choi (Hongik U., Seoul, S. Korea) , Baik-Soon Cho (Inje U., Kimhae, S. Korea) ,
Sol Lee, Gyuchan Choi, Yunjeong Son, Chanyeong Jeon (Hongik U., Seoul, S. Korea) Tues
A DEM Simulation Method Of Sandy Pebble Soil Based On Polyhedral Partiles
Yongjun Deng, Yong Yao, Gang XU, Qing Zhou, Dongxu Wu (Southwest U. Sci.Tech., Mianyang, China)
Investigation On GF/PP Strengthening Ribs Subjected To Compression, Three Point Bending Test And Torsion
Test Shuyong Duan , Xujing Yang (Hunan U., Changsha, China)
Cellulose Microfibril Enhanced Nacre-Like Structure Clay Nanocomposite
Mizi Fan, Pei Huang (Brunel U., UK)
Development Of Fracture-Free Clay Aerogel
Pei Huang, Omar Ado Madyan, Mizi Fan (Brunel U., London, UK)
Design Considerations For Retaining Walls Reinforced With Composite Bars
Maria Gkouma (Mott MacDonald Ltd., Cardiff, UK) , Theodoros Rousakis (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece) ,
Finbarr Batt (Mott MacDonald Ltd.)
A Study On Decrating Wood Flour/Hdpe Composites With Wood Veneer
Li-Min Guo, Wei-Hong WANG, Qin-Wen Wang, Hai-Gang Wang (Northeast Forestry U., Harbin, China)
Effect Of Additives On Properties Of Magnesium Oxysulfate Cement
Zhen-guo LI, Ze-Sheng Ji, Jiang-wu Liu, Wen-jun Dong (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China)
Pressure Sensitivity Of Concrete In FRP Composite Structure
Jia-fei Jiang, Ping-cheng Xiao, Ben-ben Li (Tongji U., Shanghai, China)
Rheology As A Key Factor Affecting The Properties Of Engineered Cementitious Composites
M. Iqbal Khan, G. Fares (King Saud U., S. Arabia)
Reliability Evaluation of FRP T-Joint Using Structural Adhesive
W.S. LEE, G.M. Luo (Nat. Kaohsiung Marine Univ.) , Y.J. Lee (Nat. Taiwan U., Taipei)
Experimental Study on CFRP PBSL Columns
Haitao LI, Jingwen Su (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Gang Wul (Southeast U., Nanjing, China),
Qisheng Zhang (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
T-Joint Biomimetic Design of FRP Constructions
G.M. Luo, C.H. Kuo (Nat. Kaohsiung Marine Univ.) , Y.J. Lee (Nat. Taiwan U., Taipei)
Wavelet Transform Analysis For The Impulse Response Of Pile
Sheng-Huoo Ni, Yu-Zhang Yang, Chia-Rong Lyu (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)
Design Oriented Debonding Model For Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams With U FRP Wraps
Theodoros Rousakis, Maria Saridaki, Soultana Mavrothalassitou (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece) , David Hui
(U. New Orleans)
Analytical Modeling of Load – Deformation Behavior of Non-Circular RC Columns Confined With FRPS And
Composite Fiber Ropes Theodoros Rousakis, I. Tourtouras (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece) , David Hui
(U. New Orleans) , Wang Shuhong (Northeastern U. & Chengdu U.T.) , N. Nistico (Sapienza U. Roma, Italy) ,
Y. Wu (City U. Hong Kong) , A. Karabinis (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece)
Evaluation And Enhancement Of Creep Behavior Of BFRP Tendon
Jianzhe Shi, Xin Wang, Zhishen Wu (Southeastern U., Nanjing, China)
Fatigue Damage Mechanism And Life Prediction Of Basalt FRP Composite
Xing Zhao, Xin Wang, Zhishen Wu (Southeastern U., Nanjing, China)
Study On The Vertical Displacement Analysis Of Concrete Roadbed Slab At High-Speed Train In BridgeEarthwork Transition Zone Ui-cheol Shin, Byeongjin Choi, Jinwoong Choi, Sun-Kyu Park,
Sungnam Hong (Sungkyunkwan U., Suwon, S. Korea)
Bearing Capacity Of Tubular T-Joints With Concrete Filled Chord Member After Fire Exposure
Yang Tian, Fei Gao, Yu Lei, Hongyu Wang (Huazhong U.S.T., Wuhan, China)
Synergistic Effects Of Composite Fibres In Strengthening High Strength Concrete Matrix
J. Vikram, S.K.Sekar (VIT Univ., Vellore, India)
Microstructural Quantification Of Closed Cell Fly Ash/Al Syntactic Foam Using 3d X-Ray Imaging Technique
Qiang Zhang, Yingfei Lin and Gaohui Wu (Harbin I.T., China)
Effect Of Slippage Coefficient On Geometry And Performance Of Non-Geodesics-Based Domes
Lei Zu, Jihui Wang, Shuxin Li (Wuhan U.T., China)
Numerical Simulation And Structural Design Of Combined Anti-Collision System
Lu Zhu, Weiqing Liu, Hai Fang, Yong Zhuang, Ding Zhou (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
Flexural Performance On Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement Structure Strengthening By CFRP Grid
For Steel Bridge Deck Hai Fang, Zhen Qian, Fang Zhou, Lu Zhu, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., China),
David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Impact Behavior Of Sandwich Wall Boards With GFRP Face Sheets And A Foam-Web Core. Part I: Local
Impact Lu Wang,Yuan Fang, Li Wan, Ruili Huo, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
High Temperature Effects On Axial Crush Behavior Of Foam-Filled GFRP Tubes
Xuemin Fan, Lu Wang, Yuan Fang, Li Wan, Ruili Huo, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
Flexural Performance Of Concrete Slabs Reinforced With FRP Grid With Facesheet: Experimental Investigation
And Analytical Modeling Xin Xu, Hai Fang, Weiqing Liu, Lu Zhu (Nanjing Tech U., China), David Hui
(U. New Orleans)
Quantum Dots As Hygrothermal Degradation Sensors For Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Yuan Fang, Yajie Liang, Ruili Huo, Lu Wang, Li Wan, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
Flexural Behavior Of Steel Metal Faced-Composite Core Sandwich Panel
Yue Wang, Hai Fang, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
Experimental Study On Mechanical Performance Of Pultruded GFRP-Wood Composite Column Under Axial
Compression Yujun Qi, Wei Xiong, Weiqing Liu, Weidong Lu (Nanjing Tech U., Nanjing, China)
Combined Effects Of Load And Wet-Dry Cycles On Durability Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Jun Wang (Nanjing Tech Univ., China), Hota GangaRao, Ruifeng Liang (West Virginia U.), Weiqing Liu,
Yang LI (Nanjing T.U.)
Analysis And Design Of Three Types Of Composite Lattice Reinforced Anti-Collision System For Bridge
Weiqing Liu, Hai Fang, Lu Zhu, Lu Wang, Xiaojie Peng (Nanjing Tech.Univ., China), David Hui
(U. New Orleans)
An Investigation On Ordinary Portal Cement Paste And Development Composite Construction Materials
Abdoullah Namdar, Xiong Feng (Sichuan U., China) , Majid Simrakh (Hormozgan U., Iran)
Effect Of Natural Additive On Deflection Of Concrete Beam – A Numerical Analysis
Ershad Darvishi, Xiongling Zhang, Xiong Feng, Abdoullah Namdar (Sichuan U., China)
Effect Of Natural Additive On Micro Properties Of Concrete
Siti Zulaikha Mohamad Amin, Xiong Feng, Abdoullah Namdar (Sichuan U., China) ,
A Comparative Composite Material In Soil Mechanics And Concrete - Review And Analytical Investigation
Syazwana Mohd Sukr, Xiong Feng, Abdoullah Namdar (Sichuan U., China) ,
An Experimental and Analytical Study On Modification of Mechanical Properties of OPC Paste
Abdoullah Namdar, Xiong Feng (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China) , Majid Simrakh (Hormozgan U., Iran)
Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites : Property Enhancement and The Application Confinement of
Concrete Column Guijun Xian, Y. Xia, H. Li (Harbin I.T., China)
Rock and Concrete Lining Frost Heaving Force Calculation For New Tunnel and Its Frost Damage
Classification Shuhong WANG, Zhang Zishan (Northeastern U., Shenyang, China) , David Hui
(U. New Orleans) , Song Tianyu (Northeastern U., China) , Theodoros Rousakis (D.U.Th., Xanthi,
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ambientcured Blended Coal Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete
T. Xie, Togay Ozbakkaloglu (U. Adelaide, Australia)
Computational Study On Delamination Detection In FRP Beam With Ultrasonic-Optic Technique
Ying Xu, Yi YU (Harbin I.T. at Shenzhen, China)
Numerical Studies of Interfacial Debonding Detection In FRP Strengthened Steel Beam Using Rayleigh Waves
Ying XU, Bingcheng Li, Kai Ouyang (Harbin I.T. at Shenzhen, China)
Mechanical And Sensing Properties Of Hybrid Carbon/Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Caiqian Yang, Guan Wang, Hongtao Wang, Youjin Jiao (Southeast U., Nanjing, China)
Mathematical Modeling, Mechanics
Fracture Behavior and Mechanical Characterization of A Composite Orthopedic Use In The Two
Direction of Flow Molding
Sihem ACHOURI, B. Redjel, S. Bouhouche (Annaba, Algeria)
Probabilistic Analysis of The Fracture Behavior of Composite Materials Glass- Perlon-Acrylic For
Orthopedic Use In 3-Point Bending Sihem Achouri, Bachir Redjel, R. Benchouieb, D. Berdjane,
S. Bouhouche (Algeria)
Enhancement Of Fracture Toughness Of Epoxy Resins Using Hybrid Rigid-Soft Particles
Fuzhong WANG (Wuhan I.T., China & Michigan State U.), Lawrence T. Drzal (Michigan State U.), Yan Qin,
Zhixiong Huang (Wuhan I.T., China)
Shock Wave Propagation In Polyethylene Via Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Fan XIE, Zixing Lu, Zhenyu Yang (Beihang U., Beijing, China), Wenjun Hu (CAS, Mianyang, China)
Modeling Of Nanocomposites As Transversally Isotropic Bodies
Malgorzata Chwal, Aleksander Muc (Cracow U.T., Poland)
Buckling And Postbuckling Behaviour Of Composite Structures With Cutouts - Comparision Of Experimental
And Numerical Studies Marek BARSKI , Aleksander Muc (Cracow U.T., Poland)
Numerical Incremental And Limit Analysis Homogenized Discrete Element Models (HDEM) For The Seismic
Upgrading Of Masonry Churches By Means Of FRP Strips
Gennj Venturini, Gabriele Milani (TU Milan, Italy)
Non-Linear Analysis Of Masonry Arches Reinforced With FRP Strips: An Efficient Homogenization Approach
E. Bertolesi, Gabriele Milani (TU Milan, Italy)
Heterogeneous Deformation Of Granular Ceramics Characterized By X-Ray Imaging
J.Y. Huang, L. Lu (USTC, Hefei & PEAC, Chengdu, China), S.L. Xu (USTC, Hefei), S.N. Luo (PEAC, Chengdu)
Dynamic Fracture Of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Composites Under High Strain-Rate Loading
B.X. Bie, J. H. Han, J.Y.Huang, M. L. Qi, Z. Zhang, S. N. Luo
MWCNT Reinforcement Effect On Thermal Conductivity of 70Sn–30Bi Solder Alloy
Md Muktadir Billah, Quanfang Chen (U. Cen. Florida)
Thermomechanical Behavior of Polymer Nanocomposites Considering Reinforcement Damage
J. Nafar DASTGERDI, G. Marquis (Aalto U., Finland)
Experimental and Micromechanical Analysis of Elastic Properties of Unidirectional Hybrid Fiber Reinforced
Polymer Composites Siva Bhaskara Rao DEVIREDDY, Sandhyarani Biswas (Nat. Inst.Tech., Rourkela,
Identification Of The Damage Model Parameters For The Composite Material Under Multiaxial Loading
Pavel A. DODONOV, N.N. Fedonyuk (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Flexural Behaviours of Glass/Carbon Fibre Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Composites
Chensong Dong, Mehdi Kalantari, Ian J. Davies (Curtin U., Perth, Australia)
The Damage Strain Field Analysis of Triangular Symmetrical Composite Eutectic
Zhihong DU, Xinhua Ni, Xiequan Liu (Mech. Eng. Coll., Shijiazhuang,China)
The Intrinsic Strength of Triangular Symmetrical Composite Eutectic
Jinfeng YU, Xie-quan Liu, Xin-hua Ni (Mech. Eng. Coll., Shijiazhuang, China)
Strength Model of Ceramic Composite Under The Non-Ellipsoidal Particles Bridging
Yun-wei Fu, Long Zhang, Xin-hua Ni, Xie-quan Liu (Mech. Eng. Coll., Shijiazhuang, China)
Exact Solutions For One-Dimensional Quasicrystal Laminates In Cylindrical Bending With Imperfect Interfaces
Fanmin HE (Sichuan Energy Electric Power Dev., Chengdu) , Lianzhi Yang (USTB, Beijing, China) ,
Ernian Pan (U. Akron, OH) , Yang Gao (China Agricul.U., Beijing, China)
Three-Dimensional Exact Electric-Elastic Solutions For Multilayered Two-Dimensional Decagonal Quasicrysta
Plates Lianzhi YANG (USTB, Beijing, China) , Fanmin He (Sichuan Energy Electric Power Dev.,
Chengdu) , Ernian Pan (U. Akron, OH) , Yang Gao (China Agricultural U., Beijing, China)
In-Plane Coupling Vibration Analysis Of Rotating Timoshenko Beams
Jian-shi FANG (Nanjing Inst.Tech., China), D. Zhou (Nanjing Tech Univ., China)
Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of A Dielectric Elastomer Based Micro Resonator
Chuang Feng, Jie YANG (RMIT, Melbourne, Austrlaia) , LiaoLiang Ke (Beijing Jiaotong U., China)
Nonlinear Bending of Functionally Graded Euler-Bernoulli Beams Based On Physical Neutral Surface
Buntara Sthenly GAN (Nihon U., Fukushima, Japan) , Nguyen Dinh Kien (VAST, Inst.Mechanics, Hanoi,
FE Analysis On Flexural Behavior Of Concrete-Filled Pentagonal Flange Beam
Fei GAO, Fan Yang , Lingsong Gao, Yu Pan (Huazhong U. Sci.Tech., Wuhan, China)
Challenges of Probabilistic Damage Tolerance Assessment of Thick Composite Structures
Mark R. Gurvich (UTRC, East Hartford, CT)
Study On Mechanical And Anti-Wearing Properties Of UHMWPE Composites Filled With Three Kinds Of
Fibers Chun-xia HE, Min Yu, Xiaonan Chang, Limei Zhao, He-He Wu (Nanjing Agricultural U., China)
Method Of Controlling Shear Bands And Shear Fracture Of Bulk Metallic Glasses
Chun-Hway Hsueh (Nat. Taiwan U., Taipei) invited
The Dynamic Propertis Of Adhesives At High Strain Rate
Zhemin Jia, G.Q.Yuan (Tongji U., Shanghai, China), David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Numerical Simulations of High Velocity Hail Impact on Composite Laminates
Zongwen Hu, Guoqing Yuan (Tongji U., Shanghai, China)
Failure Analysis of Composite I-Beam Under Threepoint Bending
Shun-Fa Hwang, Yu-Tai Chiou (Nat. Yunlin U., Yunlin)
The Shock Resistance Of Square Sandwich Panelswith Graded Metallic Foam Cores
Lin Jing (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Prediction of Poisson’s Ratio Degradation In Hygrothermal Aged and Cracked [ 0m/90n ]s Composite
Laminates Mohamed Khodjet-Kesba, A. Benkhedda, E. Adda bedia, B. Boukert (U. Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria)
Energy Absorption Characteristics Of Al/Cfrp Short Square Hollow Section Beam Under Transverse Impact'
Loading Sang Young Kim, Ju Won Jung (KAIST, Daejeon, S. Korea), Hee Chul Kim (Korea Aero Res Inst,
Daejeon,S. Korea), Dong Kil Shin (Yeungnam U, Gyeongsan), Kum Cheol Shin (Shin Ansan U.), Jung Ju Lee
(KAIST, S. Korea)
Low Velocity Impact Response Of Basalt Reinforced Ultem (PEI) Composites
Bandaru Aswani Kumar, Yogesh Sachan, Suhail Ahmad, Alagirusamy R. (Indian Inst.Tech, Delhi)
The Tensile Properties of CFRP Laminate With Various Stacking Sequences Considering The Strain Rate Effect
At Intermediate Strain Rate Junbeom Kwon, Hoon Huh (KAIST Daejeon, S. Korea)
Failure Analysis Of Notched Laminate Under Thermo-Mechanical Coupling
Liang LI, Purong Jia, Wenge Pan (Northwestern Poly U., Xian, China)
Micromechanical Modeling For Fatigue Hysteresis Loops of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic-Matrix
Composites Under Arbitrary Loading Stress Levels Longbiao Li (Nanjing U. Aero Astro, China)
Blast Resistance Of Sandwich Panels With Graded Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Shiqiang Li, Xin Li, Zhihua Wang, Guiying Wu (Taiyuan U.T., Shanxi, China), Guoxing Lu (Nanyang T.U.,
Singapore), Longmao Zhao (Taiyuan U.T., China)
A Highly Efficient Prediction Of Load Distribution In Multi-Bolted Composit Joints
Xiang LI, Zong-Hong Xie, Wei Zhao (Northwestern Poly U., Xian, China), Jia-Ping Guo (Chengdu, China)
Design and Development of Conformal Antenna Composite Structure
Zong-Hong Xie, Wei Zhao, Peng Zhang (Northwestern Poly U., Xian, China)
Quasi-Static Tensile Behavior In A Closed-Cell Aluminum
Jiefu Liu (Central South U., Changsha, China)
A Unified Progressive Failure Model of Nonlocal Intralaminar Damage and Interlaminar Delamination
Of Carbon Fiber Composite Laminates Pengfei LIU, Y.H. Yang, Z.P. Gu (Zhejiang U.,Hangzhou,
Gluing Defect Influence On Mechanical Properties Of Hexagonal Aluminum Honeycomb
Zhonggang WANG, Zhaijun LU, Jiefu LIU (Central South U., Changsha, China)
Thermo-Mechanical Responses Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates Under Continuous Wave Laser
Irradiation Yan-Chi LIU, Chen-Wu Wu, Hong-Wei Song, Chen-Guang Huang (CAS, Beijing, China)
Dynamic Extension Problem Concerning Mode Ⅲ Semi-Infinite Crack Subjected To Moving Increasing Loads
Nian-chun Lu, Xin-gang Li (Shenyang Ligong U., China), Yun-hong Cheng (Northeastern U., China)
Determination Of Strain Rate Dependent Young's Modulus Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics By'
Static And Dynamic Tests Xiuqi Lyu, Yi Wan, Wataru Nagatsuka, Jun Takahashi (U. Tokyo, Japan)
Multilayer Graphene Sheets. Design For Maximum Fundamental Frequency
Juri Majak, M. Pohlak, K. Karjust, M. Arak, M. Kirs (Tallinn U.T., Finland)
Large Deflection Behavior Of Metal Foam Core Sandwich Beam
Renwei Mao (Taiyuan Univ.Tech., China), Guoxing Lu (Nanyang T.U., Singapore), Zhihua Wang,
Longmao Zhao (Taiyuan Univ.Tech., China)
Static Stress Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composite (Cntrc) Stiffened Plates
Ajim G. MUJAWAR, S M Shiyekar (Rajarambapu I.T., India)
Investigating Graphene Effect On Gradient Stability Of WC-Co Functionally Graded Materials
Ali Nasser, Yasser Shabana, Ayman Elsayed, Mohamed Gepreel, Ahmed A. Moniem (Alexandria, Egypt)
Estimate The Steel Strain By Using The Crack Of Intersection In The Modular Bridge
Jongho Park, Hae-kyun Lee, Jinwoong Choi, Sun-Kyu Park, Sungnam Hong (Sungkyunkwan U., S. Korea)
Evaluation of Energy Release Rate Mode Ratio along Delamination Front in Laminated Composites with General
Fiber Orientation Sylwester SAMBORSKI (Lublin U.T., Poland)
FE Analyze and Experimental Investigation of Short Composite Columns Under A Constant Rate of End
Shortening Andrzej TETER, Hubert Debski, Sylwester Samborski (Lublin U.T., Poland)
Static Analysis Of Soft-Core Sandwich Plates Using Improved Higher-Order Theory
Ali Tian, Renchuan Ye, Yiming chen, Kanghua Pang (Jiangsu U. Sci.Tech., Zhenjiang, China)
Dynamic Response Of Sandwich Plate Under Pulse Load Based On Simple Equivalent Single Layer (SESL)
Theories Renchuan Ye, Ali Tian, Yiming chen, Kanghua Pang (Jiangsu U. Sci.Tech., Zhenjiang, China)
Bending And Impact Properties Of Randomly Orientated Discontinuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced
Thermoplastics With Thin-Ply Structure Yi Wan, J. Takahashi (U. Tokyo, Japan) Wed-Thurs
Deformation Behavior Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plasticsunder Three-Point Bending Loadusing SEM Moire
Method Qinghua Wang, Shien Ri, Hiroshi Tsuda (Nat. Inst. AIST, Tsukuba), Satoshi Kishimoto,
Yoshihisa Tanaka, Yutaka Kagawa (Nat. Insts. Mat Sci.., Ibaraki, Japan)
Displacement And Stress Analysis Of Laminated Composite Plates Using The Quasi-Conforming Solid-Shell
Element Yu Wang, Guangyu Shi, Xiandan Wang (Tianjin U.., China)
RMVT-Based Finite Rectangular Layer Methods For Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Plates
Chih-Ping WU, Shuang Ding (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)
Thermoelastic General Solutions Of Anisotropic Porous Medium
Di WU, Yang Gao (China Agricultural U., Beijing)
Free Vibration Of Laminated Composite Plates By The Various Shear Deformation Theories
Song Xiang, Ji Wang, Yan-ting Ai, Guang-chao Li (Shenyang Aerospace U., Liaoning, China)
A Model of The Composite Sandwich Panel With Gradient Foam Core
Dengbao Xiao, Lin Mu, Guiping ZHAO (Xian Jiaotong U., China)
Constitutive Model Of Magnesium Alloy For A Wide Range Of Strain Rates
Qijun Xie, Zhiwu Zhu, Guozheng Kang (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Nonlinear Constitutive Relations Of Honeycomb Core Materials Under Large Shear Deformation
Outeng Xu, Minghui Fu (Sun Yat-sen U., Guangzhou, China)
Numerical Simulation Of Temperature Distribution Of Precalcining Kiln
Xun Xu (Southwest UST, Mianyang, China), Wang Lan (China Building Mat. Acad., Beijing)
Bending Behavior of C/SiC Composite Sandwich Beams
Fan Yang, Su Cheng, Ying Guo, Yun-long CHU, Tao Zeng (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China) , Dai-ning Fang
(Peking U., China)
Static Crushing Behaviors Of Functionally Graded Foam-Filled Square Columns
Xuehui Yu, Qinghua Qin, Chunping Xiang, T.J. Wang Su(Jiaotong U., Xian, China)
The Failure Behavior of Fully Clamped Geometrical Asymmetric Metal Foam Core Sandwich Beams
Jianxun ZHANG, Qinghua Qin, Xiaohuan Han, Weilong Ai, T.J. Wang (Xian Jiaotong U., China)
Dynamic Response Of Circular Metallic Sandwich Panels Under Projectile Impact
Peiwen Zhang, Xin Li, Shiqiang Li, Zhihua Wang (Taiyuan U.T., China)
Parametric Effect of Wire Cable Isolator on Chaos
Yanping Zhao, Guoyun Lu (Taiyuan U. T., Taiyuan, China)
Meso-Scale Models of Short Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites : Modelling Techniques And
Applications Alessandro Airoldi (Politec Milano, Italy) , Paolo Iavarone, Marco Orlandi (Brembo SGL,
Stezzano, Italy)
A Study On Auxetic Structures Reinforced Intelligent Composites
Muhammet Uzun (Aachen U. Germany & Marmara U., Turkey) , Yongtao Yao (Harbin I.T., China)
Effects Of Chirality Of Graphene On The Mechanical Properties Of Graphene-Embedded Copper
Nanocomposites Under Three Point Bending Fulong Zhu, Ke Duan, Liping He, Kai Tang, Ying Li,
Sheng Liu (Huazhong U.Sci.Tech., Wuhan, China)
"Stochastic Approach to Composites Design" by Wei Gao (UNWS, Sydney) Mon-Wed AM
Time-Dependent Performance Of Composite Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch With Uncertain Creep And
Shrinkage Effects Di WU, Binhua Wu and Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)
Nondeterministic Time-Dependent Analysis Of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arches With Probabilistic Interval
Uncertainties Binhua WU, Di Wu and Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)
Dynamic Analysis Of Train-Bridge Coupling System With Stochastic Process Excitation
Yan ZHU (Southwest Jiaotong U., & UNSW), Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)
Beam Flexures Based on Beam Constrained Method
Hongbo MA, Maochuan Liu, Wei Gao (Xidian U., Xian, China)
Stochastic Homogenization Analysis Of Heterogeneous Materials At Finite Deformation
Juan MA (Xidian U., Xian, China), Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)
Design of Periodic Artificial Composites Using Topology Optimisation
Zhen LUO, Yu Wang, Nong Zhang (UTS, Sydney, Australia) Mon-Tues
Nondeterministic Dynamic Characteristics Of Structures With Mixed Uncertainties
Wei GAO, Jinwen Feng, Chen Wang (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)
The Structural Topology Optimization Under Interval Uncertainty
Jinglai Wu (UT Sydney & Huazhong UST) , Zhen Luo (Univ.Tech, Sydney, Australia) not sure
Effect Of Carbon Content On Mcrostructure And Wear Performance Of Fe-Cr-Chardfacing Alloy
Yan Wang, Qiang Xu, Qin He (Xihua U., Chengdu, China) posters
Impact-Wear Behaviors Of Two Diamond-Like Carbon Films Of Different Thickness
Yan WANG, Qin He, Qiang Xu (Xihua U., Chengdu, China) posters
"Nonlinear Effects on Infrastructure Composites" developed by Tuan Ngo, University of Melbourne
Analysis of Polymer Nanocomposite Tube Reinforced Nanotitanium Dioxide and Glass
Particles Under Pressure and Thermal Loads Nguyen Dinh Duc (Vietnam Nat. U., Hanoi) ,
Ngo Duc Tuan, Phuong Tran (U. Melbourne, Australia) , Tran Quoc Quan (Vietnam Nat. U.) , Pham Van Thu
(Nha Trang U., Vietnam)
Nonlinear Dynamic Response and Vibration of Imperfect Three-Phase Polymer Nanocomposite Panel Resting On
Elastic Foundations In Thermal Environments Pham Van Thu (Nha Trang U., Vietnam) , Tran Quoc Quan,
Nguyen Van Quyen (Vietnam Nat. U., Hanoi) , Phuong Tran, Ngo Duc Tuan (U. Melbourne, Australia) ,
Nguyen Dinh Duc (Vietnam Nat. U.)
Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Imperfect Three-Phase Polymer Nanocomposite Panel Resting
On Elastic Foundations In Thermal Environments Nguyen Dinh Duc (Vietnam Nat. U., Hanoi) ,
Ngo Duc Tuan, Phuong Tran (U. Melbourne, Australia) , Tran Quoc Quan (Vietnam Nat. U., Hanoi) ,
Pham Van Thu (Nha Trang U., Vietnam) , Tran Van Anh (Vietnam Nat. U.)
Influence of Interfacial Geometry On The Energy Absorption Capacity and Load Sharin
Mechanisms of Nacreous Bio-Composites Abdallah Ghazlan, Tuan Ngo, P. Tran (U. Melbourne, Australia)
A Novel Auxetic Composite System For Blast and Low-Speed Impact Applications
Gabriele Imbalzano, Tuan Ngo , P.V.S. Lee, P. Tran (U. Melbourne, Australia)
Use of Nanoclay To Reduce The Flammability of Unsaturated Polyester/Glass Fibre
Composites : An Experimental and Numerical Study Quynh T. Nguyen (Hanoi U. Sci Tech., Vietnam) ,
Tuan Ngo, P. Tran, P. Mendis (U. Melbourne, Australia)
Fire Performance of Nanocomposite Facade : A Computationaly Study
Quynh T. Nguyen (Hanoi U. Sci.Tech., Vietnam) , Tuan Ngo, P. Tran, P. Mendis (U. Melbourne, Australia)
Metals and Metallurgy
Bending Deformation of 316L/Q345R Stainless Composite Plate after Removal Strake
Qin Qin, Zu-huai WU, Yong Zang, Ben Guan, Fei Yang (U. Sci.Tech. Beijing, China)
Tensile Properties Of Laser Clad Ni-Based Alloy Steel Sheets
Rongxia Chai, Chao XU, Bin Zhong, Chuanwei Zhang (Xian U. Sci.Tech., Shaanxi, China), Bin Wang
(Brunel U., London, UK)
First-Principles Study Of Structural, Elastic And Thermodynamic Properties Of Mo3X (X=Al, Si, Ga, Ge, Sn, Os,
Ir And Pt) Intermetallics Zhe Chen, Yi Wu, Dong Chen, Mingliang Wang, Naiheng Ma, Haowei Wang
(Shanghai Jiaotong U., China
Facile Fabrication Of Ordered Porous Anodic Aluminum Membranes With Large Pore By Improved Hard
Anodization Jiangxia Fan, Yong Ren (Southwest U. Sci.Tech., Mianyang, China)
Microstructural Development of a Cf/ZrC-SiC Composite by PIP with RMI
Jinming JIANG, Song Wang, Wei Li, Zhaohui Chen (Nat U. Def.Tech., Changsha, China)
Effects of Process Parameters On The Surface Quality In Rolling of A Teflon-Cu-Spcc Steel Plate
Yong-Shin Lee, Sangheon Yoon (Kookmin U., Seoul, S. Korea) Wed-Thurs
Low-Temperature Ductile-Brittle Transition In Metals Including In Nanostrusture : The
Micro-Mechanics and Modeling Valeriy LEPOV, Valentina Achikasova, Anastasia Ivanova,
Kyunna Lepova (YSN Russia)
Influence Of Deformation Uniformity On Corrosion Resistance Of Pure Magnesium
Biyou Peng, Xue Wang, Shurong Zhou,Yiwen Xia , Yongqiang Wang, Renyuan Pan, Shixiong Chen
(Xihua Univ., Chengdu, China)
Influence Of Deformation Uniformity On Ultra-Refined Grain Magnesium Alloys By ECAP Based On Finite
Element Analysis Yiwen Xia, Biyou Peng (Xihua U., Chengdu, China)
A Meso-Mechanical Constitutive Model Of Particle Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composites At High
Temperatures Weidong Song, Lijun Xiao (Beijing Inst.Tech., China), Xiaonan Mao, Huiping Tang
(Northwest Inst. Non-Ferrous Metal Res., Xian, China)
Preparation And Superlastic Bulging Of Nanocrystalline Ni-Fe Alloys
Guofeng Wang, Qi Liu, You Li, Haishan Zhao, Shoujun Huang and Xiangyu Zhao (Harbin I.T., China)
Effect of SiC Particle Size On Microstructure And Properties Of Cold Sprayed Al5056/SiCp Composite Coatings
Min YU, Hui Chen (Southwest Jiaotong U., China), Wenya Li (Northwester Poly U., Xian, China),
Hanlin Liao (Southwest Jiaotong U.)
Twin-Induced Grain Boundary Engineering For Hastelloy C-276
Xiaoyu Zhang (Northeastern U., Shenyang, China), Defu Li (Beijing), XianmingZhao (Northeastern U.),
ShengliGuo (Beijing, China)
Dynamic Compressive Behavior And Constitutive Model of 5083H111 Aluminum Alloy
Zhiwu Zhu, Qijun Xie, Guozheng Kang (Southwest Jiaotong U., China)
"current critical issues in Engineering Mechanics" developed by Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U.), Yu Chen (Xiamen, China)
Tensile Strength Study Of High—Strength Bolted T—Stub Connections To SHS Columns
Xiaokai Liu, Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U, China)
Analysis Of Nanotechnology For Intracellular Drug/Gene Delivery In Cancer Therapy
Aisha Roshan Mohamed Wali (U. Wolverhampton, UK), Zhigu Wang, Yiyan He, Zhonggwei Gu (Sichuan U,
China), James Zhenggui Tang (U. Wolverhampton, UK)
Application Of CFRP In The Reinforcement Of Perforated Steel Plate And Its Mechanic Alproperties
Ning Zhang, Xiaokai Liu, Zhiyu Wang, Yulei Jiang (Sichuan U, China)
Clean Production Based On The Comprehensive Assessment Of Cost And Environment Load
Mei Sun (Sichuan U, China)
Experimental Research On Uplift Behavior Of Perforated Steel Plate Connector Strengthened With CFRP
Xinsong Yang, Xue Hui, Shuai Shi, Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U, China)
Field Test And Energy Saving Analysis Of The Thermal Performance Of Double Skin Glass Curtain Wall
Yaoyong Wu (CREGC Decoration & Fitment Co., LTD) , Zhiyu Wang, Ning Zhang, Juan Du (Sichuan U, China),
Ke Li, Mingde He, Ke Zhu, Naijie Wang, Yong Tang, Kaisen Xiong, Wei Jiang (CREGC Decoration & Fitment
Co., LTD)
Finite Element Analysis of CFRP Strengthened Welded Details In The Corrugated Web Girders
Zhi-Yu Wang (Sichuan U, China)
Investigation Of Oxidation Resistant Properties Of Tin Coatings
Shengyi Chen, Defu Luo (Jiangsu U, China), Wang Zhiyu (Sichuan U, China)
Performance Investigation On Tensile Strength Of Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tube(S-CFT) With High
Strength Bolts Kui Fan, Xiaokai Liu and Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U, China)
Research On The Micostructure Of TiXCr1-XN Coatings Prepared By Cathodic Arc Deposition
Defu Luo, Shengyi Chen (Jiangsu U, China), Wang Zhiyu (Sichuan U, China)
Study On Pull Out Behavior Of Perforated Steel Plate Connector
Xue Hui, Yalong Shi and Zhi-Yu Wang (Sichuan U, China)
Tests of Concrete-Filled Multi-Planar Tubular Trusses
Jian Yang (Yangtze U., Jingzhou, China), Yu Chen (Huaqiao U., Xiamen, China)
Numerical Investigation Of Concrete-Filled CHS Truss
Yu Chen (Huaqiao U., Xiamen, China), Jian Yang (Yangtze U., Jingzhou, China),
Nano Processing
Surface Treatment On PDMS Stamp And PET Substrate During Soft Transfer Printing Process
Chao Bao, Wen-ran Cai, Xiong Jin, Yongqiang Deng, Yanqiu Chen (Chengdu Green Energy Green Manuf Tech,
China), Hui Yan (Beijing U.T,), Woon-ming Lau, Jun Mei (Chengdu Green Energy...), David Hui (U.
New Orleans), Yu Liu (Chengdu Green Energy & Green Manuf Tech. R&D Cen., China)
Synthesis Of MWCNTs On Graphene Using CVD With And Without Metallic Catalysts
Hsiu-Wei Chen, Hui-Ling Ma, Chen-Yin Hsu, Jarrn-Horng Lin (Nat. Sun Yat-sen U., Kaohsiung)
Normalized Approach To Nano-Film Topography and Magnetism Characteristics : A Study of Their
Interdependence Jean EBOTHE (U. Reims, France)
In-Situ Hot Pressing Sintering Behaviors Of Y2O3-La2O3 Doped Alon Ceramic
Xibao Li, Zhijun Feng, Shengfeng Zhou (Nanchang Hangkong U., China)
Effects Of The Film Thickness On The Mechanical Properties Of Laminated Glass With A Macroporous Silica
Film Zhijun Feng, Xibao Li, Jinshan Lu (Nanchang Hangkong U., China)
One-Step In-Situ Synthesis of FeP/Cu-CuP/Fe Duplex Composite Coatings By Laser Cladding
Shengfeng Zhou, Zezhong Zhang, Monghao Gu (Nanchang Hangkong U., China)
Influence Of Microstructural Parameters On The Effective Elastic Properties Of Epoxy-Clay Nanocomposites
Srinivasulu Gajjela , Velmurugan Ramachandran, Jayasankar Somasekharan (Indian Inst.Tech., Madras)
Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites With Controllable 3D Carbon Nanofiler Network
Changyu Tang, Gucheng Long, Xin Hu, Woon-ming Lau, Jun Mei (Chengdu Green Energy & Green
Manuf.Tech. R&D Cen., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Preparation of Conductive Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites using Graphene Oxide and Sodium
Dodecyl Sulfate as co-Dispersants Xin Hu, Changyu Tang, Woon-Ming Lau, Jun Mei (Chengdu Green Energy
and Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center)
Azobenzene Dendrons Modified The Carbon Nanoparticles: The Effect Of Light Antenna
Qun Wang, Changyu Tang (Chengdu Green Energy and Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center)
Intercalation Behaviour And Sludge Dewatering Property Of Cationic Polyacrylamide/Montmorillonite
Composite Synthesized Via In Situ Intercalation Polymerization Peng Huang Xiaowen Zhao Lin Ye
(Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Modeling and Simulation of Nano-infiltration Processes for Producing Fully-Densed Ceramic Matrix
NanoComposites Zhengqian Jiang, Hui Wang, Licheng Ju, Chengying Xu (Florida State U., Tallahassee)
The Interlaminar Shear Properties of Laminates Incorporated With Carbon Nanotube Backypaper
Ling LIU (Tongji U., Shanghai, China)
Optical Properties of Nanostructured Metamaterials
Bernardo S. MENDOZA (Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico) , W. Luis Mochan (UNAM, Mexico)
A Controllable Interface In Composites Through Varying ZnO Nanowires Morphology On The Carbon Fibers
Ben Wang, Yugang DUAN, Jingjing Zhang (Xian Jiaotong U., China)
In-Situ Monitoring and Study of MWNT Dispersion Process
Mingchia Dawn Yang, Richard Liang (Florida State U., Tallahassee)
Solid-State Nanopore Fabrication Using Focused Electron Beam
Hengbin Zhang (Peking U., Beijing, China)
Synthesis And Electronic Structure Of Ni/Graphene Composite
Chunyu Zhou, Yongfeng Hu, Jerzy A. Szpunar (U. Saskatchewen, Canada)
Regulation Of The Microwave Absorption Of Polyaniline/Nanodiamond Composites By Adding Different
Content Of Nanodiamond Xiangnan Chen, Manli Zhang, Ke Duan, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U.,
Chengdu, China)
Role of Water In Dissolution Of Cellulose In Tetra-Butylammonium Hydroxide Anqueous Solution
Wei Wei, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong Chengdu, China)
In-situ growth of HCNTs on CNTs Paper And Its Electrical Property
Qian Yang, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong Chengdu, China)
Ultrasonic And Microwave Assisted Organosolv Delignification Ofsteam-Exploded Rice Straw With Ethylene
Glycol - Water Mixtures Guangjun Gou, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong Chengdu, China)
3-Dimensional Polyaniline At Helical Carbon Nanotube Composites: Synthesis And Eletromagnetic Absorbing
Properties Xin Tian, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Study Of The Antibacterial Property Of Zinc Oxide Nanoarrays
Yuan Xie, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., China)
Effect Of Pretreatment Of Rice Straw Fibers On Hydration Behavior Of Cement-Based Composites Containing
Rice Straw Fibers Xiaoli Xie, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest U. Sci.Tech., Mianyang, China)
Remarkably Improvement In Antibacterial Activity Of Carbon Nanotubes By Nanosil-Ver Modification
Yanjiao Ma, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U.,Chengdu, China)
Intruducing Graphene Oxide Into PA6/Graphene For Enhanced Thermal Conductivity
Jingjing Chen, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
A Facile Approach To Prepare Helical Carbon Nanotubes With High Purity
Qiang Wang, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Synthesis Of Helical Carbon Nanofibers With Very High Purity Using C4H4O6Cu/MgO As Catalyst Precursor
Ying Wang, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
All Cellulose Composites Fabricated By Cellulose Fiber Extracted From Discarded St-Raw
Xiao Wei, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Preparation And Properties Of Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Composites
Jingnan Sun, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Carbon Nanotubes Induced The Microstructure And Mechanical Property Changes Of The Immiscible
PLLA/EVA Blends Xiongfei Wang, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Optimising Processing Conditions for PP/Clay Nanocomposites Prepared by Melt-State Compounding Using
Response Surface Methodology Tingrui FU, Barry Haworth (Loughborough U., UK)
Fabrication of Ulta-Sharp Tungsten/ Tungsten Oxide Microneedle With High Surface Area
Po Chun Chen, Shih Hsun Chen (Nat. Chiao Tung U., Hsinchu) , Chien Wan Hun (Nat. United Univ., Miaoli) ,
Effect of CNT on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Epoxy Composites and Structures
Naum Naveh (Shenkar Sch.Engrg., Israel) , Y. Seri , Y. Portnoy (Rafael Ltd, Haifa, Israel) , B. Muravin
(Natanya, Israel)
Capacitive Behavior of Functionalized Activated Carbon/MnO2 Composite For Supercapacitor Application
Jitendra Samdani, Woong Bi Park, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea)
The Fabrication of Ordering Arrangment Ni/BaTiO3 Composite Nanotube
Chien-Chon Chen (Nat United Univ.) , Po Chun Chen, Shih Hsun Chen (Nat. Chiao Tung U., Hsinchu) ,
Chih-Yuan Chen (Nat. United Univ., Miaoli) , Chung-Kwei LIN (Taipei Medical Univ., Taipei)
On The Effect of The Filler Geometry and Processing On The Morphology and Properties of Semi-Crystalline
Thermoplastics-Based Nanocomposites Alois K. SCHLARB, Leyu Lin (U. Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Graphene-Based Polyacrylonitrile Composites
Md. Elias Uddin, Hun Jeong, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea)
Manganese Substituted Nanostructured Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films For Photonic Applications
Soram Bobby Singh, H.B. Sharma, Yibin Hu, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea)
Facile Synthesis of Ni-Co-S/Graphene Nanocomposite For Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Jayaraman Balamurugan, Tran Duy Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee
(Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea)
In-Situ Annealing Study of Bismuth Nano-Thermometer
Shih Hsun Chen (Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Hsinchu) , Wen Ching Say (Nat. Taipei U.T.) , Chien Wan Hun
(Nat. United Univ., Miaoli) , Chiu Yuan WANG (Nat. Taiwan U. Sci.Tech., Taipei)
Microwave Prepared Nanocomposite Photocatalyst AgCl-ZnO for Efficient Visible-Light Harvesting
Devices Neelu Chouhan, Rajesh Kumar Meena, Niranjan Kumar Mandawat, Kavita Nagar (U. Kota, India)
Formation of Nanostructures by Low-Energy Particle Bombardment
Bernd Rauschenbach (U. Leipzig, Germany)
Physics of Composites
Comparative Raman Spectroscopic Study Of The Bulk And Nanocrystalline NiFe2O4
Martin Fabian, Vladimir Sepelak (Karlsruhe I.T., Germany), Marta Harnicarova (TU Ostrava, Czech Rep.),
Milena Kušnerova, Jan Valíček (TU Ostrave)
Binary Defect Modes and Photonic Band Gap
Arafa H. ALY and Doaa Mohamed (Ben-Suef U., Egypt)
Effects Of Metal Doping On Properties Of LiFePO4 Cathode Material By First Principle Calculation
Tei-Chen CHEN, Ruei-Huan Lin (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)
Multi-Beam Pulsed Laser Depostion Of Nanocomposite Films As A New Additive Manufacturing Process
Abdalla M. DARWISH, Simeon Wilson, Ashley Blackwell, Keylantra Taylor (Dillard U., New Orleans),
Sergey Sarkisov (SSS Optical Tech., Alabama), Darayas Patel (Oakwood U., Huntsville, AL), Paolo Mele
(Muroran I.T., Japan), Shrikant Saini (Hiroshima U., Japan), Xiaodong Zhang, Brent Koplitz (Tulane U.,
New Orleans) David Hui (U. New Orleans)
Nano-Scale Ferroelectric/Relaxor Composites In La-Doped BNKT Ceramics
Thi Hinh Dinh, Dong-Gun Yoo (U. Ulsan, S. Korea), Hyun-Young Lee, Fang-Zhou Yao, Jing-Feng Li
(Tsinghua U., Beijing, China), Jae-Shin Lee (U. Ulsan)
Piezoelectric And Dielectric Properties Of KNN-Based Piezoceramic–PVDF Composites
Chang-Heon Lee, Jin-Kyu Kang, Jae-Shin Lee (Ulsan U., S. Korea) poster
Preparation And Surface-Dependent Phase Transfer Of Hydrophobic CDSE-Based Quantum Dots
Yingying DU, Haiyan He, Yunshi Liu, Yanping Miao, Jie Zhao, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province, China)
One-Pot Synthesized Graphene-CDTE Quantum Dots Composites For Ion Sensing
Yanping MIAO, Jie Zhao, Yingying Du, Haiyan He, Yunshi Liu, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province,
Control Of One Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanostructures Prepared By Electrospinning Via Adjusting The
Heating Rate During Calcination Yunshi LIU, Yingying Du, Haiyan He, Yanping Miao, Jie Zhao,
Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province, China)
Fabrication Of Ag2O Nanoparticle-Decorated TiO2 Nanobelts For Improved Photocatalytic Activity
Haiyan HE, Yingying Du, Yanping Miao, Jie zhao, Yunshi Liu, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province, China)
A General Synthesis Of Magnetic (Fe, Co, Ni) Oxide Based On The Magic Precursors Pathway
Jie ZHAO, Haiyan He, Yingying Du, Yanping Miao, Yunshi Liu, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province,
3d Structural Resolution of Nanocomposites By Confocal Raman Microscopy
Jose F. FERNANDEZ, E. Enríquez, F. Rubio-Marco, J. J. Reinosa, M. A. de la Rubia, A. del Campo
(CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
Mechanical Properties Of Resin Infused Palm EFB Epoxy Composite
Pooria Khalili, Kim Yeow Tshai (U. Nottingham-Malaysia), Mike Clifford (U. Nottingham, UK), Ing Kong
(U. Nottingham-Malaysia)
Electrodeposition Of N-Type Bismuth Telluride Onto Recycled Carbon Fibre Sheets: Thermoelectric Properties
Characterization Priyanka R. Jagadish, Phei Li Lau, Andy Chan, Mohammad Khalid Siddiqui
(U. Nottingham-Malaysia Campus)
Self-nucleation Growth of InSb Nanowires Under The Assistance of Au particles by MOCVD
Yunjiang Jin, Xiaohong Tang (Nanyang T.U., Singapore), Jinghua Teng (IMRE), Dao Hua Zhang
(Nanyang T.U., Singapore)
Multi Graphene Growth on Sliver-Halide Print Paper Irradiated by Femtosecond Laser
Satoru Kaneko (Kanagawa Ind.Tech., Japan), Kazuo Satoh (Inst.Osaka Pref., Japan), Yoshitada Shimizu,
Takeshi Rachi, Chihiro Kato, Satomi Tanaka, Manabu Yasui (Kanagawa, Japan), Hirofumi Takikawa
(Toyohashi U.T.), Akifumi Matsuda, Mamoru Yoshimoto (Tokyo I.T.), Tamio Endo (Gifu U., Japan)
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Al-doped ZnO films at 355 nm and 532 nm
Reeson Kek, Yen Sian Lee, Chen Hon NEE, Teck Yong Tou (Multimedia U., Selangor, Malaysia), Seong Ling Yap
(U. Malaya, Kuala Lumpur), Seong Shan Yap (Multimedia U.)
Effects of Short Heat Treatment On The Interfacial Bond Properties of Niti SMA Fibers
Dong Joo KIM, Min Kyoung Kim (Sejong U., Seoul, S. Korea) , Eunsoo CHOI (Hongik U., Seoul,
S. Korea) , Young-Soo Chung (Chung-Ang U., Seoul, S. Korea)
Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot : Realization of Two-Channel Kondo Effect
Igor Kuzmenko, T. Kuzmenko, Yshai AVISHAI (U. Negev, Isael) Mon-Wed
Growth And Characterization Of Crystalline Ternary ZnxGa 1-X Oy Thin Films
Duc Duy Le, Trong Si Ngo, Soon-Ku Hong (Chungnam Nat. U., Daejeon, S. Korea)
The Influence Of Amphiphilic Additional Agents On Morphology And Luminous Properties Of Calcium
Carbonate Phosphor Rongqiu Li, Ming Kang (Southwest U. Sci.Tech., Mianyang, China)
In-Situ Diffraction Studies Related To Therm-Mechanical Processes
Klaus-Dieter Liss (ANSTO, Australia) INVITED
Core-Shell Structured Magnetic Nanosized Iron-Silver Composite Nanoparticles With High Oxidation Resistance
Ke LIU, Qiongzhen Liu (Wuhan Textile U., China) , Zhimao Yang, Shengchun Yang (Xian Jiaotong U.,'
China), Dong Wang (Wuhan Textile U.)
Properties of InSbN alloys on GaAs Substrate
Yunjiang Jin, Xiaohong Tang and Dao Hua Zhang (Nanyang T.U., Singapore)
Synthesis Of Neodymium-Ferron-Boron Nanoparticles Via The Route Of LSS Strategy And Thermal
Decomposition Qiongzhen LIU (Wuhan Textile U., China) , Junyou Yang (Huazhong U. Sci.Tech., China) ,
Ke Liu, Mufang Li, Dong Wang (Wuhan Textile U.)
Optical Modulator by Use of Surface Plasmon Polaritons
Yu LIU, Huai-Yu Wang (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China) , Yun-Song Zhou (Capital Normal U., Beijing, China)
Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence of InGaN/GaN Wide-Well Light-Emitting Diodes
Yujia LIU, Tongbo Wei, Lingyu Wan, Zhe Chuan Feng (Guangxi U., Nanning, China)
Photocathodes Based On Metallic Thin Films Deposited By Pulsed Laser Ablation Technique
Antonella Lorusso (U. Salento, Italy)
Effects Of Growth Temperature On Structure Of Ga2O3 Thin Films Grown On C-Plane Sapphire Substrates
Trong Si NGO, Duc Duy Le, Soon Ku-Hong (Chungnam Nat. U., Daejeon,S. Korea)
The Investigation of Dependence of Yield Strength On Temperature and Structure of Nanowires
Based On Intermetallide Ni3Al Mikhail D. STAROSTENKOV, Oleg V. Yashin,
Alexander V. Yashin (Altai State T.U., Russia)
An Experimental Study On Conductivity Properties Of Nano-CB/XLPE Composites
Chang-you SUO, Le-le LIU and Zhong-hua LI (Harbin U. Sci.Tech., China)
A Methodologic Analysis of The Interband of Raman Spectrum of Graphene Oxide
Aida Varea (U. Barcelona, Spain), Sergi Claramunt (U.Aoto Barcelona, Spain), David Lopez-Diaz,
M. Mercedes Velazquez (U. Salamanca, Spain), Albert Cornet, Albert Cirera (U. Barcelona, Spain)
Magnetic Correlations in Ferromagnetic Single-Walled Nanotubes
Huai-Yu Wang (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China) , Bin-Zhou Mi (Capital Normal U., Beijing, China)
Some Features of Water Cyclically Treated With Magnetic Field
Bachtiyar Yakubov (Holon I.T., Israel) , Jacob AZOULAY (Ariel U., Israel)
Near-infrared Light Responsive Photocatalytic DeNOx Activity of (Yb, Er) -NaYF4/C-TiO2 Composite
Shu YIN (Taiyuan U.T. & Tohoku U.) , Xiaoyong Wu (Tohoku U., Japan) , Zhihuan Zhao, Jimin Fan,
Honghong Chang (Taiyuan U.T., China) , Tsugio Sato (Tohoku U., Sendai, Japan)
Sensing Property of CNT/PVA Composites Yarn
Wei LIU (Shanghai U. Engineering and Science, China) , Juan Wang,Wei Li, Baochun Wei, Fujun Xu
(Donghua U., Shanghai, China)
Qualitative Separation of The Influence of Mass Migration of Copper (II) Chloride On The
Chemo-Responsive Shape Memory Effect In Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymer
Chunrui Lu, Yongtao Yao, Haibao Lu (Harbin I.T., China)
Electronic And Magnetic Properties Of Chemically Modified Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Jun CHEN , Bessem Ben Doudou, Alexandre Vivet , Christophe Poilane (Normandie U.,&UNICAEN, France)
Textile Composites, Natural Fibers
Performance of Natural-Fiber Nonwoven Composites in Auto Interior Applications
Jonathan Y. Chen (UT Austin, Texas)
Raman Mapping On CNTs/Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Composites Under Heating And Tension
Shi CHEN, Shaoxu Xia, Yanni Shi, Chaoge Cheng (State Key Lab, Shanghai, China), Qilin Wu
(Donghua U., Shanghai, China)
Modified Carbon Fibers Reinforced PLA-PEG Scaffold Materials Presenting Good Mechanical Property and
Biocompatibility Yanni Shi, Ning Wang, Chen Shi, Shaoxu Xia, Qilin Wu (Donghua U., Shanghai, China)
Strong And Multiband Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Of Acf Felt Screen With Sierpinski Fractal Structure
Shaoxu Xia, Shi Chen, Yanni Shi, Qilin Wu (Donghua U., Shanghai, China)
Modification Of Lignin With Ionic Liquid And The Production Of Lignin-Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive
Shu Hong, SunXiang, Hailan LIAN (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Processing Of Lignin Zinc-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent And Its Use As Modifier In A PhenolFormaldehyde Resin Hailan Lian, Shu Hong, Mingzhu Pan (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Arturo. Carranza
(Louisiana State U.), Josue D. Mota-Morales (UNAM, Mexico), John A. Pojman (Louisiana State U.)
Strength Ananlysis of 3d Braided Composites Under Complex Loadings
Li-li JIANG, Xing-dong Wang, Tao Zeng (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China)
Structural Characterization And Adsorption Behaviour Of Small Molecules In Metal-Organic Frameworks
(MOFS): IR And Solid-State NMR Study Haiyan Mao (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Farhana Gul-E-Noor,
Jun Xu, Wei D. Wang, Yue Hu (Western U., London, Ontario, Canada), Runzhou Huang, Ping Lan
(Nanjing Forestry U.), Yining Huang, Yang Song (Western U., Canada)
Analysis The Mechanical Behavior Of Jute Fiber Composite An Integrated Approach
A.K. NACHIMUTHU (SVS College, Tamilnadu, India)
Preparation And Mechanical Properties Of Cellulose Nanofibrils/ Poly (Hydroxybutyrate-Co-Hydroxyvalerate)
Composites Mingzhu PAN, Jun Du, Dagang Li, Ye Xu and Leilei Zhuang (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Study The Moisture Resist Effect On Alkali Treated Jute Fibre Composite
S. Sathishkumar, A.V. Suresh, H.R. Radha (Bangalore, India)
Controlled Release Of Antibacterial Agent From Conjugated Poly (Ethylene Glycol) -Functionalized-Graphene
Oxide Lin TAN (Hong Kong Poly U., China) , Jinlian HU (Poly U. Shenzhen base, China)
The Low-Velocity Impact and Compression After Impact Behavior of 3D Braided Composites
Shi Yan, Zhao Jinyang, Xiamei Lu, Tao Zeng, Ying Guo, Lili Jiang (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China)
Eletrospun Hybrid Soy Protein Isolate/Polyethylene Oxide Fibers
Minzhi Chen, Xiaoyan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Preparation And Characterization Of Lignin-Based Nanofibers By Electrospinning
Xiang Wang, Xiaoyan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Pyrolysis Of Bamboo-Plastic Composite : Kinetics And Products Characterization
Weiming CHEN, Xiaoyan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Liquefied Peaunt Shell As A Partial Substitude Of Urea-Formaldehyde Resin
Da Shen, Minzhi Chen, Shuguang Han, Xiaoyan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Dynamic Adhesive Wettability Of Wheat Straw With HCHO Plasma Treatment
Yicheng Xu, Ming-Zhi Chen, Xiao-Yan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
DBD Plasma Treatment For The Hydrophobic Wood Surface
Xiaotao Zhang, Minzhi Chen, Xiaoyan Zhou (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
Cylindrical Conformal 3D Integrated Microstrip Antennas with Various Curvatures
Fujun Xu, Shasha Pang, Hongfei Zhu, Xing Xie (Donghua U., Shanghai, China), Wei Liu
(Shanghai U. Engrg Sci., China),Yiping Qiu (Donghua U.)
Effects Of Light Transmission Properties On Structure Of Silk Insert Molded Gfrp
Kiyoshi Fujiwara (Mazda Motor, Hiroshima, Japan), Erika Suzuki, Daisuke Onobori, Tetsuo Kikuchi
(Kyoto I.T., Japan), Takashi Furukawa (Kyoto), Yuka Takai (Osaka Sangyo U.), Defang ZHAO , Yuqiu Yang
(Donghua U., Shanghai, China), Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto I.T.)
Interfacial Properties Of Unidirectional CFRP And CFRTP Plates
Toshi Sugahara, Yan Ma, Yiyi Zhang (Kyoto Inst.Tech., Japan), Yuqiu Yang (Donghua U., Shanghai, China),
Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Inst.Tech.)
Spectral Reflectanceof Insert Molded GFRP With Different Inserting Lamination of Silk Fabrics
Kiyoshi Fujiwara (Mazda Motor, Kanagawa, Japan), Erika Suzuki, Daisuke Onobori, Tetsuo Kikuchi,
Atsushi Endo (Kyoto I.T., Japan), Takashi Furukawa (Kyoto), Yuka Takai (Osaka Sangyo U.),
Defang Zhao, Yuqiu Yang (Donghua U., Shanghai, China), Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto I.T., Japan)
Mechanical properties of the GF / CF Hybrid Fiber Composite
Issei HARIMA, Hiroaki Yamada, Nobuyoshi Kajioka, Yuki Takagaki (Daikyo Nishikawa Corp, Japan),
Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Inst.Tech., Japan)
Effect Of Thermal Cycling Fatigue On Mechanical Properties Of Glass Fiber /Kenaf Fiber Mat Composites.
Md. Sohag Miah (Donghua U., Shanghai,China), Toshihiko Hojo (Kyoto I.T., Japan), Yuqiu Yang
(Donghua U.), Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto I.T., Japan)
Effect of Water Absorption on the Mechanical Properties of Jute/Al2O3 Polymer Composites
Priyadarshi TR. Swain (Nat. Inst.Tech., Rourkela, India)
The Process Analysis Of Stacking Worker In Autoclave Action, And Evaluation Of Mechniacal Property
Toshikazu UCHIDA, Lichao Yu, Yuqiu Yang (Kyoto I.T., Japan), Akihiko GOTO (Osaka Sangyo U., Japan),
Hiroyuki HAMADA (Kyoto I.T., Japan)
Manufacturing Process of A Composite Square Box Part : Comparison Between Textile Reinforcement
Forming and Surface 3D Weaving Peng WANG, Xavier Legrand (U. Lille, France) ,
Philippe Boisse, Nahiène Hamila (INSA-Lyon, France) , Damien Soulat (U. Lille)
Effects of Water, Lithium Bromide and Sodium Bisulfite on Shape Recovery of Goat Hair Fiber
Xueliang Xiao, Jinlian Hu (Hong kong Poly U., China) Mon-Wed
Experimental Investigation On The Low-Velocity Impact Behaviors Of Three Dimensional Six-Directional
Braided Composites Guo Ying (Harbin U.S.T., China), Wu Linzhi (Harbin Inst.Tech., China), Zeng Tao
(Harbin U.S.T., China)
A Study On Surface Modification of Graphene Using Silane Coupling Agent
Dae Sung Kim1, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Multiscale Nanocomposites of Vinylester/Glass fiber with Untreated and Treated MMT
Garima Mittala, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Effect of Stacking Sequence On The Flexural Properties of Carbon/Basalt/Epoxy Hybrid Composites
Jae Ha Lee1, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Finite Element Analysis On The Bending Behavior of Basalt/Carbon/Epoxy Composites
Sang hoon Kim, Jae Il Lim, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Coal Tar Pitch Addition To Improve Wear Properties of Carbon/Carbon Composites
Sang Woo Lee1, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Buckling of Composite Conical Shells Under Lateral Pressure In The Framework of Shear Deformation
Theory David Hui (U. New Orleans) , A.H. Sofiyev (SDU, Isparta, Turkey)
Influence of Elastic Foundation On Vibration of Sandwich Cylinder Containing An Fgm Core With Shear
Stresses and Rotary Inertia A.H. Sofiyev (SDU, Isparta, Turkey) , David Hui (U. New Orleans) ,
A.A. Valiyev (Baku, Azerbaijan) , F. Kadioglu (Istanbul T.U.) , G.Q. Yuan (Tongji U., Shanghai, China) ,
S. Turkaslan (SDU, Isparta)
Harnessing The Exceptional Properties of Nanomaterials In Composites – A Lattice Transformation Strategy
Daqiang Jiang (U.Western Australia & China U. Petroleum) , Lishan Cui (China U. Petroleum, Beijing) ,
Hong Yang, Yinong LIU (U. Wesern Australia, Perth)
Research On The Water Resistance Of Magnesium Oxysulfate Cement
Zhen-guo LI, Ze-sheng Ji, Wen-jun Dong, Jiang-wu Liu (Harbin U.S.T., China)
The Thermal Diffusivity of Nanoliquids System (50%N2Н4+50%H2O) and Nanofillers
M.M. Safarov, N.B. Davlatov, A.S. Nasrulloyev, M.A. Zaripova, Iman Bahrami Manish, Sh. A. Aminov
(Tajik Tech U., Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
Thermal Conductive PTFE-Aluminum Nitride Composite For Heat Dissipation Applications
Roman Shishkin , Andrei Elagin (Ural Federal U., Russia)
Negative Thermal Expansion and Heat Capacity Anomaly of Lub50 At Low Temperatures
Sergey L. Budko (Iowa St.U.., Ames) , Vladimir V. NOVIKOV, Nikolay A. Zhemoedov,
Aleksander V. Matovnikov, Nikolay V. Mitroshenkov, Sergey V.Kuznetsov (Petrovsky B. State U.,
Bryansk, Russia)
Preparation And Characterization Of Lead-Free Piezoceramic/Epoxy Composites With 0-3 Connectivity
Dong Hoon Lee, Young Hwan Hong, Jin-Kyu Kang, Jae-Shin Lee (Ulsan U., S. Korea)
Giant Strain In LaFeO3-Modified-Bnkt Matrix Ferroelctric Ceramic Composites
Young-Seok Park, Thi Hinh Dinh, Gwang-Hwi Jeong, and Jae-Shin Lee (Ulsan U., S. Korea)
Cure Behaviors And Chemorheological Properties Of Silica-Filled Epoxy Composites
Eun-A Cho, Fan-Long Jin (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.), Soo-Jin Park
(Inha U.) posters
Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Performance Of Microporous Melamine/PVDF Composites
Min-Sang Lee (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.), Soo-Jin Park (Inha U.) posters
Thermal Stability And Oxidation Resistance Of Carbonized Pitch-Coated Silicon Carbide Composites Via
Surface Treatment Myung-Seok Kim (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.),
Soo-Jin Park (Inha U.)
Effect Of Surface Functionality On Mechanical Properties Of Boehmite/Basalt/Epoxy Composites
Seong-Ock Lee (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.), Soo-Jin Park (Inha U.)
Effect Of Graphene Content On Mechanical Properties Of Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Yeong-Rae Son (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.), Soo-Jin Park (Inha U.)
Facile Synthesis Of PAN/PVDF Composites-Based Activated Carbons For CO2 Capture
Young-Jung Heo (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea), Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U.), Soo-Jin Park (Inha U.)
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X-ray Reflectivity and XPS Analysis of AlN Thin Films
Jaime Andres PEREZ (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
Characterization In Low Dimension of Physico-Chemical Adhesion of Muscles of Salmon With New Production
Processes and Their Effects On PET Polymeric Coatings Ernesto Zumelzu (Austral U. Chile)
Bio-Insprired Nanomaterials As Drug Delivery Nano Systems : Ithaca, Is The Journey, Not The Destination
Costas Demetzos, Natassa Pippa (UOA, Greece)
The Fractal Morphology of Bio-Insprired Drug Delivery Nano Systems : A Possible Regulatory Destination Or
Just A Beautiful Journey
Natassa Pippa, Costas Demetzos (UOA, Greece)
Nanoparticle Reinforced Hydrophilic Coating For Biomedical Applications.
Moshe Gottlieb (Ben Gurion U., Beer Sheva, Israel)
The Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Parallel Strand Bamboo Columns Under Eccentric Loads
Yurong.Shen (Nanjing, China)
Development of Biodegradable Magnesium-Materials For Temporary Implants
Karl Ulrich Kainer (Inst. Mat.Res., Geesthacht, Germany)
This Is One of The Hot Topics For Metallic Biomaterials
Role of Interphase On The Mechanical Behavior of Silica/Epoxy Resin Nanocomposites
Yi Hua, Xiaodong Zhang (Xian Jiaotong U., China) , Linxia Gu (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) ,
Novel Two-Step Low Temperature Sintering of Nanocrystallite CaP Bioceramics For Bone Tissue
Engineering Changchun Zhou (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
Female Species Survive Longer Than A Male Species in Nano-Variation of Moisture Content
Debabrata DAS (West Bengal, India)
Sol-Gel Derived Millimeter Size Porous Silica Gel Spheres For Protein Adsorption,
Y. Shirosaki, K. Tsuru, S. Hayakawa, Akiyoshi OSAKA (Okayama U., Japan) poster
Effects of Several Powder Additives On Thermal Shrinkage of Nanoporous Silica Insulation
Jinpeng Feng (Guangxi U., China)
Photocatalytic Properties of ZnO Based Composites
Annika Pohl (Kemi, UU, Sweden)
Exchange Bias and Stray Fields in Thin Film Cobalt Composites
Annika Pohl (Kemi, UU, Sweden)
Properties Research of Carbon Plastics Based On Liquid Crystalline Polyester
A.I. BURYA (Dneprodzerzhynsk State U., Ukraine)
Clay Nanotube/Elastomer Composites With Sustained Release of Chemical Inhibitors
Wencai Wang (Beijing U.Chem.Tech., China)
Conducting Polymer/Carbon Nanoparticle Composites With Enhanced Thermoelectric Property
Xincheng Hu (Qingdao UST & CAS Beijing) , Xin Wang (Qingdao UST, China) , Guangming CHEN (CAS,
Beijing, China)
A Novel, Flexible and High Performance 3D Silicon OSNano-Wires (SINW) Based Anode For Lithium Ion Batteries
Emanuel Peled (TAU, Israel)
Composite Polymer-In-Ceramic Electrolytes For Advanced Li-Ion Batteries
Diana Golodnitsky (Tel Aviv Univ., Israel) Invited
Mechanical and Tribological Characteristics of Aluminium Based Hybrid Composites Reinforced With SiC and
Graphite Ana Veteleanu (TU Brasov, Romania)
Nano-Engineering Materials For Lubrication
Jianlin Sun (U. Sci.Tech. Beijing, China)
Improvement of Dimensional Accuracy of Parts Made By Rapid Prototyping Using ABS Polymer Materials
Austin Scheiber, David Llanos, Dominick Lentine, Rafiq Noorani (Loyola Marymount U., Los Angeles, CA)
Impact of Porous Size On Evaporation and H Trapping of Lithium On Capillary Porous Systems For Fusion
Research Francisco L. Tabares (CINMAT, Madrid, Spain)
Micro- and Nanocrystallization of Multifunctional Rare Earth Borates In Glass-Forming Systems
Nikolay I. Leonyuk (Lomonosov Moscow State U., Russia)
Polyethylene - Graphene Nanocomposites Compatibilized with Amphiphilic Compatibilizers : Filler Dispersion
And Properties Ali Chaudhry, Vikas MIOTTAL (Petroleum Inst., Abu Dhabi)
Investigations of Defects In Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
Thien-Phap NGUYEN (P CNRS-Inst Mat. Nantes, France)
Adsorption Properties of Coated Barley Straw Pellets
Catherine Hui Niu (U. Saskatchewan, Canada)
Preparation and Characterization of Polypropylene Reinforced By Electrospun Nano-Cellulose
Mohamed H. Gabr, Kiyoshi Uzawa, Isao Kimpara (Kanazawa Inst.Tech.., Japan)
Size Effect In The Residual Stress Generation Induced By Micro Laser Shot Peening
Fan Yang (Tongji U., China)
Shell Composite Material Nanostructured for Rocket Vehicles
Antonio Vricella, Davide Micheli, Roberto Pastore, Mario MARCHETTI (U. Roma Sapienza, Italy)
Transparent Conductive Oxide Nanothinfilms For Solar Energy Applications
Tbota Subba Rao (India) poster
A Composite Surface Coating For Coronary Stent - From Design To Clinic Application
Nan Huang (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Dispersion of Pollutant. Application Software : ALOHA,
PHAST Abdallah TAMERABET, B.Touaher, N. Sahraoui (U. Hadj L. Batna, Algeria)
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Plasma Sprayed Alumina-Titania
Coatings Wojciech Zorawski, M. Makrenek, A. Goral, L. Litynska-Dobrzynska (Kielce U.T., Poland)
Oxidation Protection for Carbon-Carbon Composites
Jarlen Don (Southern Illinois U.)
Local Enhancement Phenomenon of Cellular Materials Based On The 2D Voronoi Model
Z.H. Wang (Taiyuan University of Technology)
Nano Composites with Applications
Q.H. Qin (Xi'an Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Transition Zones In Polymeric Adhesive Joints. Phase Equilibria, Diffusion and Adhesion
Anna A. Sherbina (Russia)
Colloid Carbon Composition With Advanced Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties,
Victor V Tcherdyntsev, Victor N. GULBIN, Victor V Polivkin (Russia)
Resin-Steel Friction and Friction Induced Vibration
Zhichao Hou (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)
Effect of Rare Earth La and Ce Addition On The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of
Al-4.6Cu-0.25Mg-0.6Ag Alloy Sheng-Long LEE, Yu-Te Chen (Nat. Central U., Jhongli)
Optimization of Coating Parameters on Coating Morphology of Basalt Short Fiber for Preparation of
Al/Basalt Metal Matrix Composites Using Genetic Programming M. C. Krishna Murthy
(Bangalore, India)
Morphology and Properties of Poly (Lactide Acid) /Epoxide Natural Rubber Blends By Reactive
Extrusion Rentong Yu (Hainan U., China)
Hydraulic Barrier Materials : Nature versus Engineering
Mileva RADONJIC (Louisiana State U.)
Considerations On Image Quality In Residual Stress Measurements By HDM-ESPI
Claudia Barile, Giovanni PAPPALETTERA (Politec. Bari, Italy)
Mechanical Characterization of Stitched Composite Materials For Aerospace Application
Claudia BARILE, Giovanni Pappalettera (Politec. Bari, Italy)
Electrochemical Investigation On Corrosion Behavior of Al-B4C Composites In Boric Acid Solution
X.Grant CHEN (U. Quebec at Chicoutimi, Canada)
Tailoring Optical Properties of Metal-Polymer Interfaces During Sputter Deposition
Matthias Schwartzkopf, Gonzalo Santoro, Calvin J. Brett, André Rothkirch (DESY, Hamburg, Germany) , Oleksandr Polonskyi,
Alexander Hinz (Kiel,
Germany) , Ezzeldin Metwalli, Yuan Yao (TU Muenchen, Germany) , Thomas Strunskus, Franz Faupel
(Kiel, Germany) , Peter Müller-Buschbaum
(TU Muenchen), Stephan V. Roth (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
High-Performance Nano Composites Applied On The Spacecraft Structure
Weijie LI, Fuming Zeng (Beijing Inst Spacraft Engrg System, China) poster
NSM-FRP Based Solutions For Strengthening of RC Slabs and Walls With Cut-Outs
Sorin-Codrut FLORU
(Politeh U. Timisoara, Romania)
Repair of Damaged Concrete Columns With TRC and FRP Systems
Amnon KATZ, Alva Peled (Technion, Israel) Thurs-Fri
Development of Bamboo Industry In China
Zhang Qishen (Nanjing Forestry U., China)
An Experimental and Analytical Study On Modification of Mechanical Properties of OPC Paste
Abdoullah Namdar, Xiong Feng (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China) , Majid Simrakh (Hormozgan U., Iran)
Structural Performance and Smart Repair Protocol For All-Composite Bridges
M. Salam, Ayman Mosallam (UC Irvine, Calif.)
Structural Behavior of Cementitious Composite Sandwich Panels,
Ayman Mosallam, M. Salama, M. Elmikaway, I. Rabie (UC Irvine, Calif.)
Use of Waste Materials in Concrete, not Practical
Santaram Venkannah (UOM, Mauritius)
The Effect of Strain Rate On The Failure Load of Structural Adhesive Joints Under Combined Loading
Conditions Min Kuk Choi (KAIST, S. Korea)
Experimental and Numerical Study of The Torsional Property of A Hybrid FRP-Aluminum Modular Space
Truss Bridge Dongdong Zhang, Qilin Zhao, Yifeng Gao (PLA Univ. Sci.Tech., Nanjing, China)
Static and Dynamic Response of RC Beams Strengthened with NSM FRP Rods In Presence of Damage
Roberto Capozucca (Polytec U. Marche, Ancona, Italy)
Degradation of Bond Capacity of Near-Surface-Mounted FRP Straps Under Fire Loading
Soo-Yeon SEO (UT, S. Korea)
Carbonation Behavior of Portland Cement Blended With Micro and Nano Limestone
Yixin SHAO, Vahid Rostami (McGill U., Montreal, Canada) , Zhen He (Wuhan U., China)
A Numerical Examination On Aggregate Shape Effect During Multi-Component Ionic Migration In
Concrete Qingfeng Liu (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China)
Shear Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Shear Reinforcement
Young Hak Lee (Kyung Hee U., S. Korea)
Experimental Research On Seismic Performance of New Type Precast Composite Concrete Structure
Qunyi Huang (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Computational Study On Delamination Detection In FRP Beam With Ultrasonic-Optic Technique
Ying Xu, Yi YU (Harbin I.T. at Shenzhen, China)
Shear Strengthening with CFRP Sheets Applied in Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates with Openings
Nazar K. Oukaili (U. Baghdad, Iraq)
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Novel Semiconductor Nanocomposites For Next Generation Energy Technology
Bin ZHU (Hubei U., Wuhan, China)
Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (3-Methylthiophene Methine) S As Thermoelectric Materials
Lei Wang (Shenzhen U., China)
Metal-decorated Graphene Composites for Hydrogen Storage
Chunyu ZHOU, Jerzy A. Szpunar (U. Saskatchewan, Canada)
Experiment On Effective Thermal Conductivity of Composites Made of Spherical Particles And
Polymer Matrix C.T. HSU (Hong Kong U.Sci.Tech.) and student
Re-Modelling The Maxwell Model On Effective Thermal Conductivity of Composite Materials
C.T. HSU (Hong Kong U.Sci.Tech.) and student
Study On The Interface Thermal Conduction Mechanism of SiC-Si Coated Diamond-Al Composites
Hua Bai (NIMTE, CAS, China)
Enhanced Thermal Conductivity For Polymer Composites With A Three-Dimensional Silicon Carbide Nanowires
at Graphene Sheets Filler Jinhong Yu (NIMTE, China) invited
3D Graphene Structure Embedded In Polymer Matrix As A Highly Efficient Thermal Interface Material
Cheng-Te Lin (NIMTE, China)
Mechanical Properties of In Situ Synthesized Titanium Matrix Composites Under High Temperature
Weijie LU (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China)
Charge and Energy Transport Among Low-Dimensional Nanostructures
Karel Kral, M. Mensik (FZU, Czech Rep.)
Functionally Graded Polymer Materials With Anisotropic Electric Conducting Properties
Jimsher N. Aneli, L.I. Nadareishvili
Advanced Dielectric Elastomers With Tailoring Composition and Properties
Zhimin DANG (Univ.Sci.Tech. Beijing, China)
Fabrication of Pt-Nanoparticle Loaded Mesoporous Alumina Through Anodizing of An Al-Pt Model
Alloy Yanlong Ma (Chongqing Univ. Tech., China)
3D Embedded Solid Model To Predict The Mechanical Properties of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Composites
Hui Liu, Liying JIANG (U.Western Ontario)
Green's Function For Infinite Bi-Material Planes of 1D QCs with Piezoelectric Effect
Liang-Liang Zhang (China Agricultural U., Beijing)
A Study On Auxetic Fabrics Reinforced Intelligent Composites
Yongtao Yao, Jianjun Li, Haibao LU (Harbin I.T., China)
Investigation Into Hybrid Configuration In Electrospun Nafion/Silica Nanofiber
Yongtao YAO, Jianjun Li, Haibao Lu (Harbin I.T., China)
Analytical Modelling of The Static Performance of A Flextensional Actuator
Jacek Przybylski (Czestochowa U.T., Poland)
Application and Strain Detection of Digital Speckle Correlation Method For Vcm Multi-Layer Sheet
De-hai Zhang (Zhengzhou U. Light Ind., China and Xian Jiaotong U.) , Yan-Qin Li, Yong Yang,
Guizhong Xie, Quntao Li, Jun Ma, Duanqin Zhang (Zhengzhou U. Light Ind.)
The Effects of Tool Wear On Delamination Induced In Drilling Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Composites
With Unsaturated Polyester Polymer Che Hassan Che Haron (UKM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Investigation of The Effects of Drill Geometry On Induced Delamination In Drilling of Kenaf Fiber
Reinforced Composites With Unsaturated Polyester Polymer Che Hassan Che Haron (UKM,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Simulation of 3D Textile Composite Reinforcements Preforming
Philippe BOISSE, Mathieu Sylvain, Hamila Nahiène (INSA, U. Lyon, France)
Effect of Surface Lignin of CTMP Fiber On The Performance of PBS/CTMP Fiber Composites
Xiaopeng Yue (Shaanxi U. Sci Tech., Xian, China)
Utilization of Ionic Liquids In Functionalization of Textile Materials
Hosam El-Sayed (Textie Res. Div., NRC, Egypt) poster
Plasma and Vegetable Oils Treatments For Antimicrobial Textiles
Emilia Visileanu (INCDTP-Bucharest, Romania) poster
Microstructure, Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Al2O3-13TiO2
Coatings On Resin-Based Composite Zhiwei Zou, Saiyue Liu, Shaowu Tang, You WANG
(Harbin I.T., China)
Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings Based On Reconstitution of Nanoparticles
Y. Liu, S.Y. Liu, You Wang, L. Wang, X.W. Li, W. Tian and Z.Y. Pan (Harbin I.T., China)
Insight On The Glass-Forming Ability Of Zr-Cu-Al-Ni-Sc Bulk Metallic Glass
Shih-Fan Chen, ChengYu Hsieh(Nat. Taipei U.T., Taipei), Shih-Hsun Chen (Nat. Chiao Tung U., Hsinchu),
Chih-Yuan Chen (Nat United Univ., Miaoli)
Synthesis and Properties of ZnO Nanorod Core / Conducting Polymer Shell For Supercapacitor Application
Alina PRUNA (Bucharest Romania & City U. ,HK) , Q. Shao, Y.Y. Li, A. Zapien, A. Ruotolo (City U.,
Hong Kong, China)
Influence of Graphene Flake Size On Thermal, Mechanical and Barrier Properties of PTT Based
Nanocomposites Sandra Paszkiewicz, A. Szymczyk, M. Jotko, S. Lisiecki, Z. Roslaniec (ZUT, Poland)
Fabrication and Thermal Properties of Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials Filled Polymer Adhesive
Dazhu Chen (Shenzhen U., China)
The Effect of Silanization of Nanocarbon On Enhanced Durability of Polymer Matrix Composites
In LEO Environment : Application of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Oxide
Seung-Bo JIN (KARI, S. Korea)
Kaolinite Review : Intercalation and Production of Polymeric Nanocomposites
Jose Costa de Macedo Neto (Amazonas State U., Manaus, Brazil) , Sheila Contant, Liliane Maria Ferrareso Lona
(U. Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
…Processing of Materials for Safety
C.M. Shu (National Yunlin Sci Tech.)
The Control Mechanism of BaTiO3 Nanometer Particles Anisotropic Self-Assembled
Lihong SU, Yanling.Ai, Hua Ren, Zhiquan.Zhou (Northwestern Poly U., Xian, China)
Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Co-Ni Alloy Fabricated Using Electrodeposition Technique
B. Rajini KANTH (Hyderabad, India)
Structure Controlling for Graphene-Rubber Nanocomposites
Hesheng Xia (Sichuan U., Chengdu, China)
ADONIS/Impact - A Software Platform To Simulate Materials Behavior Under Impact Loads
ZhiQiang Feng (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Numerical Modelling of Fiber-Reinforced Composites At Finite Strains
ZhiQiang Feng (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
Investigation Of Interfacial Fracture Behavior Of Sandwich Composites Affected By Natural Aging
Can WANG, Xiaoping Ren, Dinghai Li (Southwest Jiaotong U.-Emei campus, Sichuan, China)
Multiscale Modeling of Thermal Transport of Junctions In 3D Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Nanostructures
Zhenhai Xia (U. North Texas, Denton) invited
Effective Properties of Elastoplastic Wavy Layered Composites.
D. Tsalis, G. Chatzigeorgiou, C. Tsakmakis, N. CHARALAMBAKIS (Greece)
Kinetics For The Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Agriculture
Gennady E. Zaikov (Inst Bio Phy, RAS, Moscow, Russia)
A DEM-SPH Coupled Approach for the Modelling of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Junjie HUANG (Wuhan U., China) , Jianqiao Ye (Lancaster U., UK) , Ke Wu, Dongmin Yang (U. Leeds,
Experimental Determination of Fracture Toughness of Composite Sandwich Beams".
Evren Toygar (DEU, Izmir, Turkey)
Free Vibration Response of Laminated Plate made of Curved Fibres based on Extended Finite Element
Approach V. Anand, Sundar NATARAJAN, M. Ganapathi, K. Ramajeyathilagam (Bangalore, India)
Flexible Metamaterials
Mehdi K. Hedayati (U. Kiel, Germany)
Effect of Core Thickness and Core Density on low-Velocity Impact Behavior of Sandwich Panels with PU Foam
Core Babu L. Sunith (India)
Frequency Analysis of FGM Beams Reinforced By Agglomerated Carbon Nano Tube Under An Axial
Load Amirhossein Eslampanah, Mohammad Nejati (Arak, Iran)
Imposing Periodic Boundary Condition On Arbitary Mesh When Predict Mechanical Properties Of
Composites Using RVE Liangjia Chen (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)
Development of Mass Fraction Model For The Elastic Properties of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced
Polymer Composite Ikechukwu Ezema (U. Nigeria Nsukka)
Microstructure And Merchanical Properties Investigation Of Dual Titanium Boride Layers On Titanium Surface
By Solid-Pack Diffusion Bo HUANG (Kunming U.Sci.Tech., China)
The Interfaces Between Crystalline Phases In Pb-Mg-Al Alloy By HRTEM
Y.H. Duan (Kunming U. Sci.Tech., China)
Influence of Silica Nanoparticles On The Adhesion of Fusion Bonded Epoxy To Steel.
Patricia Alves Saliba (Federal University of Minas Gerais - Brazil)
Evaluation of Tribological Behaviour of CNTs Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
Huirong Le (U. Plymouth, UK)
Metal Matrix Composite : Property Evaluation : Study and Characterization
Gaofeng Quan (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)