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John Smith
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Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU)
Double Major Bachelor of Science Biology/ Bachelor of Science Biochemistry May 2015
GPA: 3.795, Provost Honors
Microbiology Research
Point Loma Nazarene University
Spring 2013
Department of Biology
Mentor: Dr. Dave Cummings, PhD
 40 hour research study on bacteria from the Tijuana River Estuary for antibiotic resistance
 Discovered resistance to rifampicin, but unable to identify if the resistance was plasmid-borne
 Laboratory work also includes active sharing of related scientific literature
Organofluorine Chemistry Research
Summer 2011-Spring/Summer 2012
Point Loma Nazarene University
Department of Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Dale F. Shellhamer, PhD
 Published work, with over 1000 hours of student guided medically-related Organofluorochemistry
 Mechanistic and Kinetics studies on Beta-Lactam and Fluorinated Beta-Lactam formation
 Discovered alkenes (as nucleophiles) react with chlorosulfonyl isocyanate (strong electrophile) in a
Single Electron Transfer (SET) mechanism under certain conditions
 Discovered L-proline ester activation of chlorosulfonyl isocyanate on the reaction pathway
 Synthesized an original Fluorinated Beta-Lactam, a catalytically chirally enriched product of 1Fluoro-decene and chlorosulfonyl isocyanate
Honors Research
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
Promise Hospital, San Diego, CA
Mentors: Gemma Rama-Baanag and Dr. Chester Banaag, DDS
 Shadowed Gemma Rama-Banaag, Chief Nurse and Dr. Chester Banaag, DDS
 Assessed American healthcare costs, quality of care, coverage and efficiency
 Surveyed all hospital departments and performed literature research
Research Endowment Fund, $500 per annum, PLNU
Trustees Scholarship, $10,000 per annum, PLNU
Provost Scholarship, $7,000 per annum, PLNU
Fall 2011
Science Honors Scholarship Qualifier, $10,000 per annum, PLNU
Fall 2011
Varsity Basketball Scholarship, $1000 per annum, PLNU
Honors Writing, PLNU. Entry pursuant a 730/800 SAT Writing Section score
Fall 2010
Science Honors Weekend invitee; Multi-regional invitational for top high school students in science, PLNU
247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX, "Study on the synthetic utility of chlorosulfonyl isocyanate (CSI)
reactions with alkenes: Optimizing pre-equilibrium phenomena by varying temperature." Date Pending
21st Winter Fluorine Conference, “Kinetic and Quantum Chemical Calculations on the Stepwise vs. Concerted
Pathways for Reaction of Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate With Monofluoroalkenes.” Shellhamer Dale F., Milligan
JC, Shipowick DE, Smith Lincoln B., Boatz JA. Paper presented by Dale Shellhamer at the 21st
Fluorine Conference, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. Jan. 17 2013. 2013
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, “Kinetic Studies on the Reaction of Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate with
Monofluoroalkenes: Experimental Evidence for Both Stepwise and Concerted Mechanisms and a Preequilibrium Complex on the Reaction Pathway.” Shellhamer Dale F., Bunting SA, Hickle KR, Horn PC, Milligan
JC, Shipowick DE, Smith Lincoln B., Vandenbroek DJ, Perry MC, Boatz JA. J Org Chem. 2013 Jan 18;78(2):24652. doi: 10.1021/jo3016488. Epub 2012 Dec 26.
The Driftwood, Literary Arts journal contributing author 2011, 2012
The Point Weekly, campus newspaper, PLNU contributing editorialist 2010
Performed Molecular Biology experiment – “Site-specific mutations in the regulatory regions of the
Kanamycin kinase gene.” Spring 2012
 Attempted to knockout the HisC gene of E. coli with a plasmid-carried Kanamycin-resistance gene
 Utilized bioinformatics data and genetic code analysis
 Results: The E. coli with the acquired Kanamycin-resistance gene survived the Kanamycin, but could
not survive without supplemented amino acids. Successful knockout mutants were acquired.
Performed Genetics experiment – "Amplification at the Big Brain Locus in Drosophila via PCR" Fall 2011
 Obtained Drosophila DNA to test for selection at the Big Brain Locus
 Used PCR to amplify the genetic material of interest
 Results: The population was in relative Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for the 2 alleles tested.
PCR, transposon transfer, and gel electrophoresis performed.
Additional skills: IR spectroscopy, gas chromatography, NMR spectroscopy, refractive index, highaccuracy melting point analyses, mass spectrometry, vacuum filtration, high-powered vacuum
filtration, column chromatography; various, acid hydrolysis, 2D Chromatography, various biological
assays, carboxypeptidase digestion; as well as other enzymatic digestion, plating and streaking of
Microbiology cultures.
General Chemistry I and II (with labs)
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (with lab)
Molecular Biology (with lab)
Organic Chemistry I and II (with labs)
Cell Biology (with lab)
Molecular Biology (with lab)
Biochemistry (with lab)
Physical Chemistry (with lab)
Microbiology (with lab)
Genetics (with lab)
Research Methodology (with lab)
Physics I and II (with lab)
Chemistry Tutor, PLNU, San Diego, CA
Cell Biology Tutor, PLNU, San Diego, CA
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Tutor, PLNU, San Diego, CA
Fall 2011 - present
Fall 2011
Fall 2011
ACS, American Chemical Society
Toastmasters International
CMDA, Christian Medical and Dental Society, PLNU
SAACS, Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society, PLNU
Point Loma Pre-Health Student Association, PLNU
Spring 2013 present
Fall 2013 - present
Spring 2012 - present
Fall 2010 - present PLPHSA,
Fall 2011 - present
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Francis Collins
Spring 2010
Honors Diploma, San Diego Academy
Fall 2009/Spring 2010
 Research on The Effectiveness of the American Healthcare System
 Involved shadowing health professionals, portfolio, paper, and presentation to faculty
NYLF/MED nominee
Spring 2009/Spring 2010
Homeless Ministry Leader
Vice-President for Toastmasters Club
Varsity Basketball, PLNU
Volunteer at Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego, CA
Fall 2013 - present
Spring 2013 - present
Fall 2010 - Fall 2011
Summer 2010 – Summer 2013
Permanent Address
3415 Aliso Drive
Bonita CA 91902
Dr. Dale Shellhammer, Ph.D
Research Advisor
Professor Emeritus of Organic Chemistry
Point Loma Nazarene University
3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, 92106
[email protected]
Dr. Charles Hardison, MD
General Practitioner of Medicine
Arch Healthcare Partners
211 13th Street
San Diego, 92065
[email protected]
Lincoln Smith
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