Job Description – Blind Veterans UK
Job title:
Art and Craft Instructor
Reports to:
Professionally accountable to:
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Rehabilitation and Training Manager
Rehabilitation and Training Manager
Rehabilitation and Training
October 2012
Job purpose
To provide art and craft instruction to blind and visually impaired members with a view to
enabling and promoting independence and developing skills.
Through the medium of art and craft, create a stimulating, social environment that aids
rehabilitation and adds to a sense of well-being.
To be responsible for their own workload and work collaboratively colleagues.
Enable the art and craft studio to be an environment that can be used for formal
training courses, as part of a broader social activity programme or on an ad-hoc
Teach and facilitate art and craft skills to blind and visually impaired members and
develop different methods and teaching strategies that will engage their visually
impaired learners with the visual arts.
To provide art and craft sessions on both a one-to-one basis and to groups with
differentiating activities to accommodate all participants.
To be responsible for teaching a wide range of art and craft subjects up to an
advanced level. Subjects include, but are not limited to: Ceramics, Collage, Drawing,
Painting, Jewellery Making, Joinery, Textiles, Mosaics, Paper Mache, Picture
Framing, Stone Carving, Weaving, Woodcarving, Woodwork and Woodturning.
To have a working knowledge of a wide variety of powered and non-powered
equipment including, but not limited to band saw, lathe, cross cut saw, pillar drill,
router, electric and cordless drills, sanding machines, tile and glass cutters, fret saw,
jig saw and guillotine. The Art and Craft Instructor must pursue safe working
practices and where applicable adhere to current Health and Safety
regulations/legislation and be prepared to receive instruction in such equipment.
To co-ordinate and assist with the Charity’s participation in various exhibitions, trips
and events.
Main accountabilities of the post
1. Create and maintain the studio environment which facilitates the diversity of our
members needs.
2. Design and produce stimulating and educational art and craft projects that
differentiate between the wide range of abilities and which enable members to
develop their skills and gain confidence.
3. Demonstrate a wide range of teaching approaches and problem solving skills to cater
for different abilities whilst working with groups to ensure all sessions are inclusive to
4. Devise tailor-made training courses to meet member needs. Undertake
assessments, evaluations, write reports, formulate training plans and provide post
training telephone support to trainees.
5. Provide supervision, orientation and instruction to members attending holiday and
respite sessions and one-to-one training, ensuring individuals benefit fully from all
that Art & Craft can offer.
6. Manage and co-ordinate volunteers and others working in the studio, for example
Healthcare Assistants supporting members.
7. Assist with the Departmental Shop by costing and pricing completed work and taking
monies for goods and trainee materials.
8. Organise and deliver departmental events and activities to ensure they operate
smoothly and promote the services of both the department and charity.
9. Support the Charity’s other centres with exhibitions, events and teaching.
Additional responsibilities
1. Attend relevant internal and external training courses, as agreed with your line
2. Practice and comply with all aspects of the Charity’s current Health and Safety
policies and procedures.
3. Engage actively with our volunteers as appropriate and within the scope of the post.
4. Undertake any reasonable tasks from time to time at the line manager’s request, as
may be deemed appropriate within the scope of the post.
Work context
1. This role is complex and can be both physically and emotionally demanding. The Art
and Craft Instructor works predominantly in the studio at the Llandudno centre and
will support the Sheffield centre on a rotational basis. Overnight travel to the
Charity’s other centres will be required occasionally.
2. Particular attention to health and safety procedures, legislation and COSHH are
required when using the art and craft equipment and resources.
3. There is a significant amount of emotional effort when working with members who
are dealing with recent sight loss, disabilities and other illnesses.
4. The role involves a continuous level of multitasking both during teaching sessions
(such as teaching multiple discipline to multiple ability groups but also in terms of
balancing prep work, reports and other projects.
Autonomy and decision making
The Charity values empowerment and as such, the Art and Craft Instructor will be
required to work independently, but will be responsible to the Rehabilitation and
Training Manager for the quality of service delivery.
Members and other beneficiaries on a daily basis regarding Art and Craft projects,
training and other issues.
Daily contact with all departments within the Charity via telephone, e-mail and
personal contact, particularly Care staff, Welfare Officers and Art and Craft
colleagues at the Brighton centre in order to provide a comprehensive service to
External agencies and relevant organisations to promote art and craft within the
centre and the Charity as a whole.
Main areas of difficulty
Providing a stimulating atmosphere and facilitate access to creative arts for blind and
visually impaired members in and out of the studio.
Multi-tasking and meeting individuals needs.
Limited planning time due to transient population in the studio and differing needs
relating to age, visually impairment or other disabilities.
Each member can display behavioural, challenging and emotional problems.
Additional information
This Job Description is a guide to the work the job holder is required to undertake. It may be
changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances. It does not form part of the
Contract of Employment.
Person Specification – Blind Veterans UK
Personal qualities
A good knowledge of a wide
variety of art and craft
Working knowledge of MS
Office, database systems and
Ability to work in team and
Excellent communication and
interpersonal skills
Excellent problem solving
Excellent time management
and organisational skills.
Ability to multi-task and
project manage.
Qualification in Art/Design or
related subject at degree/City
& Guilds or equivalent level
A teaching/training
qualification or relevant
vocational experience.
Experience teaching art and
Experience of delivering art
and craft workshops in a
studio or in other
environments e.g. in the
lounge or on a care unit.
Positive approach to equality
and diversity.
The post holder will be
required to demonstrate that
they have the personal
qualities to be work within a
care and rehabilitation and
training environment. In
particular, the post holder will
need to be:
 Flexible
 Adaptable
 Proactive
 Personable
 Caring
 Empathy with the client
 Patient
A good demonstrable
knowledge of
photography and digital
manipulation techniques.
Understanding of Welsh
culture and local art
Experience working with
visually impaired people.
Experience working with
people with additional

Job Description – Blind Veterans UK Job title: Art and Craft Instructor