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Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Alzahra University
Tehran, Iran
Tel: (98 21) 88044051-9
Ext 2714
Fax: (98 21) 88058912
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B.Sc. Microbiology, Faculty of Science, University of Tehran, Iran (1989)
M.Sc. Microbiology, Faculty of Science, University of Tehran, Iran (1994)
PhD. Environmental biotechnology, University of Carl Von Ossietzky Oldenburg, Germany
Isolation of Pectolytic Bacteria and Investigation of their SCP Production with
Cellulomonas Species, Master thesis, Tehran University, 1992
Microbial Investigation of Amir kabir Dam, 1996-1998
Screening of Pectolytic Mould, 2001
Rock Inhabiting and Deteriorating Fungi from Carbonate Monuments of PersepolisIsolation, Characterization, and Inhibitory Treatment, PhD thesis, Carl Von Ossietzky
University, Oldenburg, Germany, 2007
Rock Inhabiting Fungi; a Study State for Biodeteriorating Agent of Cultural Heritage,
Biomodeling of Biofilm Study, 2009-2012
Survey on Indices Microbial Population in Water Sources of Bojnourd by Standard and
Molecular Methods, 2009-2011
DGGE as a Tool for Microbial Investigations in Alzahra University, 2010-2013
Study of Lichens as Deteriorating Agents of Cultural Heritage of Iran, 2012-2014
Evaluation of biodeterioration of encient brick buildings with an emphasis on the
identification of microbial biofilm of Ghale Rood Khan, 2012-2014
Seting up of TTGE Systems in microbiological studies at the University of Alzahra, 2015present
Collaborator of "Mutagenicity of Foods", Institute of Biochemistry &
Biophysics (IBB), Tehran, I.R.Iran
Lecturer at Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
Graduating Teaching Assistant, Carl Von Ossietzky University of
Oldenburg, Germany
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
PCR, The Iranian Research & Developing Center, Tehran, Iran
Electophoresis, The Jahad Academic Center, Tehran, Iran
MIC, Minstry of Health & Medical Education, Tehran, Iran
Stem Cells Bone marrow Culture, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran,
DGGE a molecular tool for ecological investigation, ICBM, University
of Oldenburg (Germany)
Physiology of anaerobes microbes, ICBM, University of Oldenburg
Antifungal Susceptibility Test, Society of Mycology, Tehran, Iran
Bioinformatic , Medical School of Tehran Universuty, Tehran, Iran
List of Papers & Book
Biodeterioration of Ancient Stone Materials from Persepolis Monuments (Iran)
Mohammadi P., Krumbein W. E
Aerobiologia, (2008)24:27–33
Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study of Chemical Warfare Victims: Design and Methods, Tooba
Ghazanfari PhD and the Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study Research Group, Arch Iranian Med,
(2009)12 (1):5–14
Alterations in the Serum Levels of Chemokines 20 years after Sulphur Mustard Exposure:
Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study, Tooba Ghazanfari, Roya Yaraee, Amina Kariminia, Massoumeh
Ebtekar, Soghrat Faghihzadeh, Abbas Rezaei, Mohammad Vojgani, Mohammad R Soroush,
Mohammad R .Vaez-Mahdavi, Arezou Kermani-Jalilvand, Parisa Mohammadi, Abbas
Foroutan, Zuhair M Hassan, International Immuno pharmacology, (2009)9:1471–1476
Rock Inhabiting Fungi Isolated from Persepolis; A Study to Identify
Biodeteriorating Agents of Cultural Heritages in Iran, P. Mohammadi, J. Marquardt,
W. E. Krumbein, A. A. Gorbushina, Iranian Journal of Biology, (2010)23
Evaluation of Biocide Efficiency to ban Biodeteriorating Rock Fungi by Using Fluorescents
Dyes, P. Mohammadi, Iranian Journal of Biology, (2010)23
The Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Ethylene
Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid on Growth Inhibition of Standard Strain of Candida albicans
Journal of Armaghan e Danesh, (2010)15(2):134-141
Haghighi F., Rodbar Mohammadi Sh, Mohammadi P., Eskandari M
Comparative evaluation of the effects of TiO2 nanoparticles and its
photocatalystic form on the formation of fungal biofilms, Arak Medical University Journal,
2012; 15(60): 27-34
Haghighi F, Roudbar Mohammadi S, Mohammadi P, Eskandari M
Assay of Antifungal Effect of Synthetic Tio2 Nanoparticle against Isolated Fungi from Ghajar
Inscription, Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, Ejadpanah-Saravi M, Mohammadi P,
Ejadpanah-Saravi H, (2011)2:140-143
Isolation and detection of Yeast Biofilms from Urine Catheters of Infectious Patients, JMM
54, 2011
Nahid Shoaie, Parisa Mohammadi, ShahlaRodbar Mohammadi
Study of Morphological and Biochemical Alteration of Pasargadae Stone Monument Due to
Deteriorating Microorganisms, Applied Biology, 2014, 3:21-27
Maghbooli, N., Matinfar, M., Mohamadi, P
Fungi as a biodeteriorating agent of Pasargadae, 2014(6)5:361-370
Maghbooli, N., Mohammadi, P
The effect of Cyclamen coum extract alone or in combination with ciprofloxacine on
P.aeruginosa Biofilms, (submitted)
M. Shafiei, A. Abdi-ali, F. Shahcheraghi, A. Saboora, P.Mohammadi, T.Ghazanfari
Comparision of two methods for quantification of Acinetobacter baumannii biofilm
formation, Biological Journal of Microorganism, 2014(8), 51-56
Sagar Hendiani-Ahya Abdi Ali-Parisa Mohammadi
A combination of cis-2-decenoic acid and antibiotics eradicate pre-estabilished catheterassociated biofilms, Journal of medical microbiology, (2014),66, Azadeh Rahmani-Badi,
Shayesteh Sepehr- Parisa Mohammadi- Mohammad Reza Soudi- Hamta Babaie-NaiejHossein Fallahi
Assessment of Biofilm Formation and Resistance to Imipenem and Ciprofloxacin among
Clinical Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii, Joundishapur Journal of Microbiology,
Sagar Hendiani-Ahya Abdi Ali-Parisa Mohammadi, Sara Gharavi
Biodeterioration & Cultural Heritage (Pasargadea), 2013
List of Presentations
Biodeterioration of Cultural Heritage in Iran; Persepolis, ISSM 2005, USA
P. Mohammadi, W. E. Krumbein, A. A. Gorbushina
Biodeteriorating Microbial Communities on Rock Materials of the Cultural Heritage Site at
Persepolis (Iran); VAAM 2005, Germany
P. Mohammadi, A. A. Gorbushina, W. E. Krumbein
Morphological and Molecular Biological Characterization of Rock-inhabiting Fungi from
Persepolis (Iran); VAAM 2006, Germany
P. Mohammadi, J. Marquardt, W. E. Krumbein, A. A. Gorbushina
A Study of Biopitting on Stones from Persepolis Monuments (Iran); VAAM 2006, Germany
P. Mohammadi, W. E. Krumbein
Rapid Screening of Antimicrobial Agents against Rock Biofilms; ISME-11 2006, Germany
P. Mohammadi, A. A. Gorbushina, W. E. Krumbein
Assay of Antimicrobial Agents against Rock Biofilms: Comparison of FDA Fluorometry and
CFU Determinations, VAAM 2007, Germany
P. Mohammadi, A. A. Gorbushina, W. E. Krumbein
Study of Diversity and Concentration of Filamentous Fungi on External Surface of Apple
Fruit var. Golden Delicious Apples, 3rd International Conference of Biology 2008, Iran
M. Shahpoori Arani, M. R. Soudi, P. Mohammadi, A. Abdi Ali
Lab modeling of biofilm formation from sugar factory, The 10Th Iranian Congress of
Microbiology, Ilam, Iran 2009
R. Zolfigol, Mohammadi P, Abdi ali A and Foladi J.
Evaluation of Biocide Efficiency to ban Rock Fungi by Using Fluorescents Dyes, 3rd
International Conference of Biology 2008, Iran
P. Mohammadi
Identification of Cultivable Microbial Population in Laboratory Modeling, and in Situ Biofilm
Samples from Sugar Factory, Eurobiofilm 2009, Italy
P. Mohammadi, R. Zolfigol
Macroscopic and Microscopic Study of Ghajar Inscription Biofilm in Shahr e Rey, 9th
Conference of Iran Conservation and Restoration 2009, Iran
M. E. Saravi, P. Mohammadi, M. Rahimi
Identifying of Microbial Population from Gas-exposed Patients Sputum via Culturing
Methods, National Conference of Biology Student 2009
A. Tavakoli., P. Mohammadi, T. Ghazanfari., R. Yaraee, Z. Fallahi, M. R Sourosh
Macroscopic and Microscopic Study of Biofilm from Ghajar Inscription, 9 th Conference
Conservation, Iran, 2009, Iran
Ejad-Panah M., Mohammadi P., Rahimi M. D
Survey on bacterial population indices of water sources in Bojnourd by standard and
molecular methods, 4 th International Conference of biology 2010 , Iran
Habibian M,. Mohammadi P,. Soudi M.R., Fallahi Z
Study of Fungal Biofilm of Ghajar Inscription in Shahr e Ray, 4 th International Conference
of biology2010, Iran
Ejadpanah-Saravi M., Mohammadi P
Isolation of pathogenic bacteria of urine catheter, 4 th International Conference of Biology,
2010, Iran
Rahmany G., Abdi-ali A., Mohammadi P
Interaction of Plants and Microorganisms in Removal Phenol and 2, 4-D Chloro phenol, 4 th
International Conference of biology, 2010, Iran,
Sharif Rohani N., Saboora A., Mohammadi P., Fallahi Z
Assessment of Antifungal Effect of Nano Metal Solution against Isolated Fungi from Ghajar
Inscription, IBBs15, 2011, Austeria
Parisa Mohammadi, Maryam Ejadpanah-Saravi
Assay of Antifungal Effects of Walnut (Juglans nigra) and Pomegranate (Punica granatum)
Extracts on Book Deteriorating Fungi, IBBs 15, 2011, Austeria
Parisa Mohammadi, Bentolhoda Sargazi1, Shahla Rodbar Mohammadi
Isolation and identification of deteriorating phototrophs of Pasargadae stone monuments,
BIODET 1, 1392, Iran
Matinfar, M., Mohammadi, P., Shahraki, M, G
The role of fungi in biodeterioration of Pasargadae stone monuments, BIODET 1, 1392, Iran
Maghbooli, N., Mohammadi, P., Ghobad-Nejhad, M
Physical deterioration of stone substrate by synergistic relationship of Caloplaca biatorina and
cyanobacterium spp.10th Conference of Iran Conservation and Restoration, 1391, Iran
Mohammadi, P., Shahraki, M, G., Sohrabi, M
Study of Lichen Diversity on Cyrus the Great, 10th Conference of Iran Conservation and
Restoration, 1391, Iran
Shahraki, M, G., Mohammadi, P., Sohrabi, M
Assay of Caloplac biatorina impact in physical deterioration of Cyrus the Great, BIODET 1th,
1392, Iran
Sohrabi, M., Shahraki,M,G, Mohammadi,P
General microbiology (B.Sc level)
Environmental microbiology (B.Sc level)
Mycology (B.Sc level)
Immunology (B.Sc level)
Modern subjects in biotechnology (B.Sc level)
Modern subjects in microbiology (M.Sc level)
Computer in microbiology (M.Sc level)
Ecology of microorganisms (M.Sc level)
Advanced bacteriology (PhD level)
Microbiological methods (PhD level)
Languages & Skills
Persian (mother language), English (fluent), German (good), Arabic (moderate)
To work with Microsoft office, Endnote, Photoshop and Latex software
Supervised and advised 26 Msc students and 6 phD students

Curriculum Vitae Personal Detail