Sauk Prairie Veterinary Clinic
Herd the Moos
June 2015
calves from heat stressed dry cows have
June Dairy Month Rebate
a compromised cellular immune system.
The Sauk Prairie Veterinary Clinic
These effects on the immune system put
would like to offer you a “June Dairy
these animals at a much higher risk of
Month Special” that all clients can take
getting sick and dying. Nutrient
advantage of. So if you pay your bill for
metabolism was altered such that the
all services and products you receive in
stressed calves deposited more fat in
June by July 15, you will receive a 3%
their tissues. This can lead to a higher
rebate of June services and products on
body condition score, lower reproductive
your July statement. We appreciate your
performance and reduced milk
hard work in feeding America and thank
production later in life.
you for your business!
A study from Florida showed many
Sauk Prairie Veterinary Clinic
of these effects in their small (38 calves)
Client Appreciation Picnicstudy of heat stressed dry cows vs.
Celebrating 60 Years of Service
cooled dry cows. A much higher
June 10, 2015 11:30 to 2:30 pm
percentage of the heat stressed calves
Prairie du Sac Town Hall
never made it into the milking herd. It
S9903 Hwy 12, Prairie du Sac
also took more services to get these
Don’t forget to come enjoy a pulled pork
heifers pregnant. The final finding was
or beef brisket sandwich lunch and visit
that these heifers produced 10 lbs. per
with current and former SPVC
day LESS milk than the heifers from
employees and register for door prizes.
cooled cows. The difference in milk
We will have the winners of the oldest
production can pay for the cost of
cow contest and the oldest invoice
cooling dry cows in a very short period
contest also.
of time. If your sprinklers are on for
Cool Dry Cows = Better Calves!
your cows; they should also be on for
We are all aware that cooling dry
your dry cows. Cool dry cows for the
cows/prefresh cows pays off with
added benefits for the cows as well as
increased milk production and decreased
the advantages you will give to the
fresh cow problems. However, new
calves from cool dry cows.
research has shown that cooling dry
BI Producer Rebate Program
cows affects calves in major ways.
Boehringer Ingelheim is offering a
Calves from heat stressed dry cows were
5% rebate back on a $500 purchase of
11 lbs. lighter at birth and this difference
Polyflex, Today and Tomorrow products
extended well into the calf’s first year of
from June 1 to July 31. You must mail
or email in your invoices and their rebate
Colostral antibody absorption is
form by August 1, 2015.
decreased in these calves as well. In
addition to the reduction in antibodies,
Who’s been a Veterinarian and
When at the SPVC?
We have had a few inquiries about
who has been a veterinarian at the clinic
over the years. Here is an abbreviated
history with the disclaimer that the early
years (prior to 1960) are estimates. We
have also included the veterinary school
they attended.
Dale Kelley 1951-1981 (Iowa State
Roger Winans 1952-1988 (University of
Duane Engh 1962-1993 (Iowa State
D. Snow 1971-1973 (University of
Paul Martin 1973-1991 (University of
Bob Block 1978-2010 (University of
Hunter Lang 1982-Present (Michigan
State University)
Jim Meronek 1988-2001 (University of
John Marks 1992-2005 (University of
Andy Alexander 1994-1995 (University
of Wisconsin)
Layne Daniels 1996-2002 (University of
Lynae Schott 2001-Present (Iowa State
Kathy Emery 2003-2006 (University of
Darren Zimmerman 2005-2006
(University of Wisconsin)
Ann Zielinski 2006-Present (University
of Wisconsin)
Jon Garber 2007-2008 (University of
Eric Brummel 2008-Present (Michigan
State University)
We have had veterinarians visit from
Germany, Austria, Japan, Chile and
numerous students from veterinary
schools in the US and abroad (Iowa,
Pennsylvania, Alabama, Massachusetts,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana,
Mississippi, Germany and we are sure
others we have forgotten).
Milk Surplus
We have now heard from several
different sources that processors have
too much milk. In New York and
Pennsylvania, some producers have been
told by their processors that they will no
longer pick up their milk. In some cases
there may have been some SCC issues or
other milk quality concerns but in many
instances it sounds like no problems had
occurred on these farms. In Wisconsin,
several processors have said that if they
have milk that arrives at the plant at 45
degrees or above it is difficult to find a
home for that product. In the past it was
a matter of picking up the phone and
away it went. These processors have
had to make many phone calls and ended
up selling the milk at a steep discount to
the market. Everyone should take some
steps to insure you do not give a
processor a reason to cut you off.
Make sure your cooler/compressor is
working fine especially with the warmer
summer temperatures ahead. Keep cows
well bedded and cool which will help
reduce cell counts plus try to keep cases
of new mastitis to a minimum. Make
sure that you are putting the unit on a
clean dry teat which reduces plate counts
and mastitis cases. If you have any
concerns or questions about milk quality,
do not hesitate to talk to one of us.

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