Delivering Benefits to RAeS Members
The Royal Aeronautical Society strives to support those involved in
the aerospace and aviation industry and to further the art, science and engineering of aeronautics for the benefit of all.
We thank you for your continued support and involvement in the Society’s activities and for your commitment to
maintaining the highest professional standards across all aerospace and aviation disciplines. Below are just some of
the ways that we promote our industry and deliver benefits to our members.
Helping You to Develop Your Knowledge and Demonstrate Your Professional Expertise
Continuing Professional
We are committed to providing a
range of opportunities to enhance
your CPD via our online resources
such as our AeroSociety Podcast and
new live streaming of lectures as well
as a comprehensive series of
conferences and lectures held across
the globe each year.
Our monthly magazine,
continues to inform our
members of the latest
developments within the
industry and the Society
itself. All copies of AEROSPACE are
available to access online with your
Heritage Collection
2015 saw the launch of our new
Heritage site. Since its formation in
1866 the RAeS has built up an
extensive collection of documents
pertaining to the development of
aviation. This new site showcases
some of the most exceptional pieces
for your enjoyment.
Influencing Opinion on Aerospace Matters
High Profile, High Impact
With a new emphasis on Policy and
Public Affairs which has seen the
creation of a dedicated position at the
Society our profile and impact as a
learned society is greater than ever.
You can contribute and stay up-todate via the new Policy section of our
Sharing Knowledge
Through our discussion and
specialist papers as well as world
leading conferences and workshops
the Society aims to initiate debate for
the advancement of the industry. We
also provide impartial and
authoritative evidence to government
consultations to the same end.
Corporate Partners
24 new organisations joined the
Society as Corporate Partners in
2105 and as such we now have 217
CPs from across all sectors of
aeronautics and from around the
world. The Society's CP scheme is
the primary international forum for the
exchange of ideas within the sector
and we are thrilled to welcome our
new members.
Inspiring Future Generations of Aerospace Professionals
Cool Aeronautics
Our primary level outreach programme, Cool Aeronautics,
provides aerospace themed
days with fun and interactive
workshops at aviation places of
interest across the country and
has been going from strengthto-strength. For our 2016
celebrations Cool Aeronautics
aims to reach 150 schools, particularly in areas that are
not often exposed to such activities.
Schools Build a Plane
2015 has seen great successes for our Schools Build a
Plane project in partnership with Boeing and supported
by the Light Aircraft Association. A 3rd plane has now
made its debut flight and our 1st plane was successfully
sold earlier in the year. We look forward to the remaining
3 planes becoming flight ready in the near future and
hope that the project has inspired many students to
consider a career in STEM.
Making the Most of Your Membership Benefits
As a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society you are a part of
the world’s foremost Aerospace Community. Our membership is made up from a diverse range of professions
including aircrew, air traffic control, systems design, engineering, military and civilian MOD professionals as well as
professions serving the industry like law, and recruitment and as a result our field of expertise is broad. Getting
involved in RAeS activities provides you with opportunities to build your professional network and gain knowledge
from all areas of the industry.
Get Involved with our Specialist Groups
The Society’s Specialist Groups reflect the expertise and knowledge of our membership and serves the interest of
enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Our 24 Specialist Groups generate a programme of around 25
Conferences and 30 Lectures per year; providing you with the opportunity to meet, discuss and network to further your
continuing professional development. To become more involved with a specialist
group or to receive group mailings please contact [email protected]
The Society’s 24 Specialist groups are:
Flight Simulation
Management Studies
Aerospace Medicine
Flight Operations
Aircraft maintenance Engineers Flight Test
Air Power
General Aviation
Air Law
Greener by Design
Structure and Materials
Air Transport
Air Worthiness and Maintenance
Human Factors
Weapon Systems and Technology
Avionics and Systems
Human Powered Flight
Women in Aviation and Aerospace
RAeS Young Members
With over 8,000 students, apprentices, graduates and young professionals the RAeS Young
Persons Network has been formed to facilitate the exchanging of ideas and to create a supportive
environment for those at the beginning of their careers. Through this network young members
can get involved by volunteering at events such as RIAT, by representing young people on our
specialist groups and local branches and by attending our dedicated annual conference, lecture
and other events organised by and for our young members. To become a part of the Network
and find out how you can become more involved contact
[email protected]
Your Local Branches
As well as the wide range of events held at No.4 Hamilton Place each year the RAeS has over 50
branches both in the UK and across the globe that hold a number of lectures and social events to serve as your local
connection to the wider aerospace community. To find your local branch visit and to search branch events please visit
No.4 Hamilton Place
This year we have undertaken the refurbishment of both our roof terrace and Airbus
business suite. The business suite now offers 4 meeting rooms and a new member’s
lounge for your benefit and the Toulouse meeting room which seats 8 is available for
members to hire free of charge between 9am–5pm Monday-Friday. Members also
receive a 10% discount on all other room hire be it for business or private parties.

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