BASIC LIVERY to include; stable, grazing and full use of the facilities
To be paid one month in advance
(available 7 days a week - hours subject to change)
all yard services must be clearly written in the diary at least 24hrs before
the service is required To be paid at the end of the month
Putting in feeds/nutballs & checking water
(feeds must be ready outside of the stable)
£ charge for each time
Putting in haynets/tubs & checking water
(hay must be reading outside of the stable)
Turn out with no rug changes (if horse already in turn out rug or no rug)
if using modern NZ suitable for both in/out of stable
Rug changes all types either on/off up to 2 rugs
Any additional services before turn out e.g. boots up to 2 pairs, fly spray, fly
masks on
Bandages or dressings attended to in the stable
Skip out beds & water changes
Muck out beds & water changes
Making up haynets to include up to 2 haynets, hosing/soaking
Making up feeds to include up to 2 feeds, dampen (using owner’s feed)
Catch in with no rug changes, boots off only if wearing
Feet washed & picked out
Attention in the field summer time (rugs/fly masks/feeds etc)
Finish horse for night to include fully check over, bed down, check hay &
water (when owner not returning)
Walk in hand – maximum 15 minutes
Assistance with vet, farrier, physio, toothman etc. includes clearing up
(horse owners must confirm the staff’s availability first)
HAY PER BALE (this price may be subject to review depending on market
Put on and off horsewalker
Horsebox parking
Trailer parking
Christmas & New Year services
Exercise, tack cleaning & grooming services
Recommendations will be provided for local farriers, vets & clipping
The above prices are not subject to VAT
Forage and bedding delivered weekly by a local supplier
£12/calendar month
£10/calendar month
Please ask for details
Details to be checked
with Yard Manager
TERMS & CONDITIONS OF LIVERY 2013/2014 (updated)
Proprietor: Mr G C Sanders
Yard Manager: Deborah Sanders (07711 199 166)
All terms and conditions of this livery service may be varied by 4 weeks written notice to the horse owner
OPENING HOURS (entry outside these hours by prior arrangement)
6:00am to 9:00pm Weekdays
7:00am to 9:00pm Weekends and Public Holidays
1. At least THIRD PARTY insurance cover is required for ALL horses kept at the farm.
2. The farm’s staff reserve the right to call out a horse owner’s chosen vet in the unfortunate event of their horse
becoming ill or injured, should the horse owner not be available. However, every effort will be made to contact an
owner in respect of any charges made on their behalf. Horses kept at the farm must have an up to date vaccination
card and passport id page (photocopies will be required before new horse enters the farm).
3. All requests for services must be written in the diary. Horse owners going away or on holiday must provide prior notice
to the yard manager and settle their livery account before their departure. Horse owners must provide access to the
proprietor’s employees to carry out any works to the farm, following reasonable notice.
4. Persons invited/employed by horse owners must be accompanied if they are newcomers or if they are unfamiliar with
horses at all times. Horse owners are obliged to take responsibility for their visitor’s actions whilst on the farm.
Notice must be given to the yard manager of any unknown visitors entering.
5. Dogs must always be kept on a lead, and any mess must be cleared up.
6. Head protection to current British Safety Standards must always be worn when riding on the farm.
7. Grazing is available throughout the year but from October to April all horses must be in at night. Turn out may not be
possible in dangerous weather conditions but hay and water will be checked in this event subject to the above charges.
Hay/feed must not be given in the fields.
No horse must be left without a grazing companion. A routine worming programme is practised at yard, please ask for
further details.
8. Fixtures and fittings belonging to horse owners are not permitted to the stables and facilities of the farm (including any
changes to them) unless special permission has been given by the yard manager. Please ask how to fix name plates if
9. Children less than 15 years must be accompanied by their parent or guardian (adult) whilst on the farm, and young
children must be fully supervised by their parent or guardian.
10. Forage and bedding - Please ask for details.
11. All persons entering the farm are required to conduct themselves in a considerate and safe manner. Clearing up must
be carried out after attending to any horse. When leaving the farm at any time, all the lights must be switched off. No
person must touch the farm vehicles or enter designated private areas (details to be checked).
12. Smoking is only permitted in the car park.
13. Facilities - Notices are provided by the schools and jumping field for conduct. All lessons and training sessions must be
booked in the Diary; clashes of use are best avoided. All animals and persons must remain on the designated paths
when using the farm tracks.
14. Vehicles - No vehicle must be parked on the main yard unless unloading/loading, access-ways must not be blocked with
vehicles. Horse owners must confirm the parking place for their horse box or trailer and flexibility from horse owners
in this regard is required occasionally. It is recommended that all vehicles are locked and valuables removed. The
farm cannot provide wash down facilities for horse owner’s vehicles.
15. Livery charges - Submitted to horse owners must be settled in full within five (5) days of receipt.
16. Notice of Vacation - The farm’s proprietor is obliged to provide four (4) week’s written notice to any horse owner to
remove their horse and possessions from the farm should they be in breach of these terms and conditions, or for
whatever reason may be necessary. Horse owners must provide at least four (4) week’s written notice to vacate the
farm with their horse and possessions, all livery charges incurred must be paid up to and including the day of vacation.
On vacation the stables and storage areas must be left clean of all debris and owner’s possessions. Should a horse
owner wish to retain a stable, the full rental will be applicable until four (4) week’s written notice has been provided.
Sub-letting of the stables by horse owners is not permitted.
17. Although every care is taken by the farm, the proprietor and his employees will not be held responsible for any loss,
injury or damage to any person, horse or their possessions entering or visiting.
18. Horse owners must first satisfy themselves that the facilities, grazing and services provided by the farm are adequate
for their purposes.
19. All advice in respect of animal welfare (including abandonment) is taken by the farm from the RSPCA. If at any time
the yard manager had cause for concern as to the well being of a horse kept at the farm, then urgent contact will be
made with that horse’s owner (or representative) in order to immediately and mutually resolve the matter.
20. All horse owners at the farm must complete the horse owner’s information form which can be found in the folder in
the waiting room, the horse owner’s signature on this form is their acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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