Friends of Coast Community Library
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2015
1. Meeting was called to order 2:03. Present: Steve Whitaker, Alix Levine, Nancy Morin,
Pearl Watts, Donna Drolet, Faye Richie, Beth Knoche, Tom Neth, Leslie Harrison, Don
Blumenthal. Guests: Mary Heibel, John Bastian, Bob Schwein
2. Approval of Partial Minutes of Oct. 14. Moved by Don, seconded by Beth, passed
3. Public Comment
Mary Heibel: Mary said that, this being Veterans Day, she would like to recognize all
service members and thank them for their service. She also wanted to recognize Faye
for her art show success. Faye sold 6 items. Mary added that, in the public interest,
shouldn’t a meeting notice and agenda be posted at the front window a week before
board meeting? Pearl said she would do this. Mary also suggested that whenever
Supervisor Dan Hamburg comes to our area a board member should attend meetings.
She asked if an evacuation plan exists in the library. Discussion of this concluded that an
“emergency exit” sign will be added below “staff only” on the rear door. When Mary
asked if the library had responded to the Grand Jury report, Alix said no but the Library
Advisory Board had responded; county library has not.
John Bastian stated that instructions on what to do in case of earthquake are important
now that we know we have a seismic concern. We should seek advice on this and will
look for an update on disaster trainer. Nancy added that the matter should be brought
up to the Point Arena city council and/or new city manager about an emergency plan for
the entire city.
4. Reports to Board
Branch Manager (Julia Larke) was absent. Lights, toilet. Beth said Julia would like a list
of who she should call if a problem occurs with the building. It was agreed that she
should use her own judgement on calling a plumber, etc. Regarding light tubes, Beth
read a section of MOU which indicates county will provide “funding for operational
materials and supplies” and, therefore, replacement of the tubes should fall under the
county’s responsibilities. We will approach Julia to contact the county on this.
President (Steve Whitaker) Steve asked for any special comments on the meeting with
Wally Clark last month. Short discussion followed.
Review of Action Items:
Nancy, Steve, and Pearl will plan to meet with Point Arena city official. Tabled
Beth and Nancy will compose letter to Dan Hamburg, Co. Supervisor. Done
Treasurer Report: Nancy brought up the year-end donations letter. Don felt we should
make a strong appeal to public explaining the entire seismic problem. Nancy suggests
we mention figures already spent on façade, engineering. Nancy will draft a letter with
Don’s help and Don will send the draft to board for comment. The letter must be sent
out soon. Nancy also suggested that all donations go directly to building fund. Don
moved, Alix seconded that donations over a size to be determined by Nancy go to bldg.
fund. Leslie added that she would like to direct all book sale money to building fund.
Passed unanimously.
Nancy also mention the IRS Form 990. Nancy would like to get a bid from Jerry
Murphy in Fort Bragg to do this work. Don moved we allow Nancy to commission
someone to do this: Alix seconded, passed unanimously. Nancy will file an automatic
Secretary (Pearl Watts) NTR
5. Committee Reports
Building Façade (Steve Whitaker). John Bastian asked if engineering reports had
included any potential danger to the public from falling concrete. The report did not
address that but no concrete has fallen from the building. The pieces in the sidewalk did
not fall but were there after Bob chipped them off to examine the extent of damage
from the cracking façade. John then asked about the $150K set aside for repairs and
was told the only outlays so far have been for engineering reports. John asked for a
copy of the engineering report and one will be sent to him by Pearl. Steve said we don’t
have cost estimates at this time since no RFPs have gone out for façade repairs since we
are waiting to study the seismic repair work in case the interior and exterior work
should be done together. Steve said we did have one estimate prior to engineering
reports from Tom Lewis. John asked that Tom Lewis be sent an RFP when the time
comes since he was so kind as to make a trip up here.
Seismic Retrofit (Steve Whitaker, Bob Schwein) Steve referred to a study re: regarding
earthquakes in the Point Arena area. He said predictions may be interpreted many
ways. The SGH report was received only yesterday and they have not been thoroughly
studied yet. He and Bob will report next meeting.
Building Retrofit Finance (Don Blumenthal) NTR
Book Sale (Leslie Harrison) Sale last weekend netted $880. People are still needed to
help sort. Julia has asked that sales be suspended on Fridays since this disturbs
functioning of the library and staff. Rough idea about hours put in compared to dollars
we received comes to about $3.00 an hour. Having no sales on Friday would mostly
impact book sellers. John recommended that book sales be held with same day as Good
Buy Clothes which is held last Saturday of month. Next Summer Leslie will not be here
for Labor Day sale. She suggested the annual big extravaganza be held on July 4th
instead. It could be a 3 day sale since the 4th falls on a Monday and the library could be
closed on the Saturday. Board approved asking Julia if the library can be closed that
Saturday, July 2.
The next sale will be Dec. 11 set up with the sale on Dec. 12 &13. She would like a
multifaceted sale with bake sale of Christmas goodies, holiday theme gift baskets and
lots of gift-worthy books. A notice should go out to the membership to donate giftworthy books and/or games before next sale. Beth will send a letter out. The Board
approved asking Julia if the library can be closed that day.
Literacy (Steve Whitaker) Final report. No information has come forward regarding the
identity of trainers or tutors. Nancy moved that we consider the literacy item closed.
Beth seconded. Passed unanimously.
Hospitality (Pearl Watts): Sundays at the library will be covered.
Programs (Beth Knoche) Beth announded that Origami is set for Dec. 6, January and
February are tentative. Tom may do a Sunday coffee tasting. John suggested DVD, if
used, should be returned to its original position. Donna will ask Larry Riddle if he could
make a chart or directions so everyone can better understand how to work it.
Maintenance (Steve Whitaker) Showed the manual and how it will function. Called for
someone to take on this task. Could be board member or not. Beth and Pearl will
coordinate efforts on finding someone. Should give Julia guidance on a list of who to
contact in case of an emergency or problem. Steve will write a protocol.
Student Representative (Faye Richie) NTR
6. Old Business
Perkins Archive (Steve Whitaker) NTR
Internet (Steve Whitaker)NTR
7. New Business
Insurance Beth said we are awaiting new pricing after having met with Andrea
Phillips. It was felt we needed to increase our coverage on contents. Earthquake is
still to be offered. Will report further next month.
8. Review of Action Items (Steve Whitaker)
Insurance, Beth and Pearl
Mantenance chairperson: Beth and Pearl to talk to people. Also letter to members
Sound system: Donna
Talk to Julia about July 4th closing of library. Julia
Evacuation Plan to Julie and protocol on maintenance calls: Nancy
Talk to county on maintenance: Light tubes and installation: Steve
Upcoming meeting notice on window: Pearl
Agenda copies on table for meeting. Pearl
9. Closing Public Comment: None
10. Adjourn (Steve Whitaker) Nancy moved to adjourn, Don seconded, passed
unanimously. Adjourned at 4:17.
Respectfully submitted,
Pearl Watts, Secretary

FOCCL Board of Directors - Coast Community Library