Arlington Young Democrats
PO Box 7132
Arlington, VA 22207
The Arlington Young Democrats is an
organization of Arlington citizens,
ages 18-36, committed to furthering
the principles of the Democratic
Party, making an impact in the
Arlington community and providing
networking and social opportunities
for young people in Arlington. The
organization reaches over 1500
people weekly and is the largest local
Young Democrats organization in the
state of Virginia.
The Arlington Young Democrats were
founded in 1936. Over the years, AYD
has served as both a source of
political activism for young people
and a springboard to political
involvement, including elected public
office, later in life. Many of today’s
Democratic leaders in Arlington
County were once members and
officers in AYD. In addition, AYD has
served as the breeding ground for
elected leaders in other jurisdictions,
from neighboring Fairfax to as far
away as Pasadena, California. Of
course, many former AYD members
have chosen not to seek elected office,
but have become community leaders
in many other ways, working for a
variety of community-based
organizations on both a professional
and volunteer basis.
Arlington Young Democrats
2009 14th St. N, Suite 612
Arlington, VA 22201
[email protected]
Get involved with AYD and join us at our
next General Membership meeting or
join one of our nine caucus groups! Our
general meetings are held on the third
Wednesday of every month at 7PM
(location TBD.)
Membership form enclosed. Detach and
mail or bring to an AYD meeting!
AYD is committed to outreach and community
action and our caucuses bring together likeminded members to reach out to
underrepresented communities, volunteer, and
host social and issue advocacy events. Please feel
free to email any of our caucus chairs directly if
you want to get involved.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Careers & Networking
[email protected]
Disability Issues
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Military, Veterans and Foreign Affairs
Please detach this form and mail, or bring to your next AYD event.
Dues are $20 per year and can be paid online at http://bit.ly/joinayd
Benefits include discounts to events, free entry to AYD’s annual membership
appreciation reception, entry to networking events and opportunities to meet with our
many elected Democrats at the local, state, and national level! Dues paying members
are also eligible to vote at AYD officer elections.
Name: _______________________________________________ Date of birth:___________________
(to verify age eligibility)
Address:_____________________________________________ City:___________________________
____________________________________________________ State:_______ Zip:_____________
NOTE: This information will not be shared or sold outside of AYD unless you authorize it.
Signing this form will add you to the AYD weekly email list. ___I DO NOT WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE AYD EMAIL LIST.
What political/campaign activities are you interested in?
___Phone Banking
___Door Knocking ___Poll Greeting
___Driving voters to polls ___Metro Flyering
___Absentee Voting
More info: [email protected]
___Distributing Signs
___New Voter ID
Are you interesting in joining an AYD Committee?
____Finance (event planning/fundraising)
____Community Service
____Communications (website, publicity, blogging, newsletter) ____Political Action
____Outreach (to underrepresented communities)
____Membership (recruitment/retention of new and sustaining members)
More info: [email protected]
Are you interested in joining an AYD Caucus?
___African-American ___Asian-American ___Disability
___Environment ___Faith ___Careers/Networking
___Veteran’s, etc. ___Women’s
___Youth Outreach
More info: [email protected]
Do you have any specific interests? (issue advocacy, happy hours, social events, sports teams, etc.)
I want to receive emails once a month from: ___Virginia Young Democrats
___Arlington County Democrats ___Young Democrats of America
[email protected]
[email protected]
Youth Outreach (High School and College)
[email protected]
___Data entry
___Precinct Operations
____________________________________________ __________
Paid or WA

Membership form - Arlington Young Democrats