Job Description Simulation | Education Technical Officer
Clinical Learning and Development
Senior Resuscitation Officer
Clinical Learning and Development Lead
Job Purpose:
To provide professional technical and educational support for the Learning and Development departments.
To act as the primary technician supporting the delivery of high fidelity simulation within the center and point of care
simulation (POCSim). Support the general coordination and planning and delivery of services within the establishment.
Provide audio-visual support across Learning and Development within the Trust. Effectively manage the center’s audiovisual systems ensuring business continuity and where needed, appropriate management of contracted audio-visual
maintenance services. Provision of basic technical maintenance and repair for training manikins & part task trainers and
appropriate referral to contracted technical support where needed.
Responsibilities and Duties
Responsible for the maintenance of the education center audio-visual equipment and the direct referral to
appropriate technical support where necessary
Assist with the implementation of simulation training programs with responsibility for the operation of the
simulation manikin control system and the audio-visual control system
Assist with the co-ordination of the simulation training days with regular liaison with center administration
and the course faculty
Assist with technical, audio-visual and IT aspects of service and course development within the center.
Assist with the development of information and guidance for the basic operation of the simulation controls
and the audio-visual systems used in simulation training to ensure business continuity for the future, or in
the event of an unplanned absence.
Ensure the cost effective use and maintenance of the manikins and/or spares and consumables needed
for the day to day running of the center.
Control the inventory of spares and consumable needed for the repair and maintenance of the simulation
manikins and audio-visual equipment within the center.
Co-ordination of the procurement and purchase of spares or consumables for the manikins and audiovisual systems in the center.
Responsible for the storage and loss control of the maintenance spares, equipment and consumable for
the center.
Maintaining the audio-visual equipment in good working condition to maintain high standards for audiovisual recordings for simulation.
Co-coordinating and assisting the educators with the setup of training manikins and part task trainers.
Provide support and training to instructors using the simulation control software and audio-visual
Liaise with and co-ordinate the loan of equipment for use in the center from CED and other partner
organizations or suppliers.
Liaise closely with center coordinator and educators for the planning of education programs, to ensure
minimal disruption to training by routine preventative maintenance.
Co-ordinate IT maintenance with the Trust IT department or other contracted support partners.
Responsible for the routine archiving of course audio-visual recordings, and the retrieval of necessary
information to contribute to research conducted by or on behalf of the simulation center.
Providing tours of the center and simulation & audio-visual demonstrations to prospective clients of the
center in liaison with the management
Responsible for the maintenance of adequate levels of medical gases needed to operate the simulation
manikins and the safe storage of these gases as per Trust Medical gases policy.
Working with the medical instructors able to analyze and manipulate physiological parameters of the
simulation software to facilitate the accurate variations in response to medical intervention during
simulation training.
Where possible carry out necessary maintenance or repairs to education manikins and models.
Educational development and research
Contribute to research / and research-based practice within the center via inter-team projects research
Facilitate the development of team members, i.e. nurse, students, trainees
Represent the center when attending internal or external meeting or conferences.
Maintain your personal professional development in relation to audio-visual, simulation (software and
physiological aspects) and technical aspects of the role and evidence based practice.
Assist in the development and education of staff and simulation instructors in technical and audio-visual
aspects of the center where needed
1. Physical Requirements
Occupational Health clearance.
Ability to cope with demands of Centers duties
2. Education/ Qualification
Electrical/ Electronic or IT Degree or equivalent
Qualification in Medical Electronics.
Membership of relevant professional Technical Institute or Professional body
3. Previous Experience
Tangible evidence of Departmental or Project Management.
Proven ability to work effectively in teams.
Evidence of setting and completing objectives.
Experience working in a NHS healthcare environment
Experience in Simulation training audio-visual use and management
Medical Simulator Maintenance course.
Audio-visual maintenance experience
Prior experience working in educational services for healthcare
4. Skills, Knowledge Abilities, (Manual Dexterity)
Good command of written and spoken English.
Computer skills in use of Microsoft office including PowerPoint, and Excel
Ability to demonstrate use if initiative and good judgment in decisions making and problem solving.
Ability to demonstrate well developed interpersonal and communication skills.
Presentation Skills
Understanding of general safety practices
5. Aptitudes, Personal, Characteristics e.g. aptitude for figures, special demands of the post.
Excellent Organizational and Communication Skills.
Methodical and thorough.
Effective team work and able to accept authority.
Excellent time Management skills
Willingness to develop advanced skills
Effective stress management Demonstrable evidence of being able and willing to understand our Trust values of respect,
kindness, excellence and safety, with behavior which reinforces these values

Job Description Simulation | Education Technical Officer Clinical