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BrainPOP Interactive Activity: Earthquake and Plate Tectonics
Directions: Use the link below to answer the questions about Earthquake and Plate Tectonics
Did you feel that? Earthquakes can be so small that you can barely feel them — or they can be
so strong that they topple buildings. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to the
mechanics of earthquakes. They’ll tell you why earthquakes happen and what plates, faults, and
waves have to do with it all. You’ll learn why the crust of the earth isn’t as stable as it seems;
what can happen on a fault line; and the names for the three types of seismic waves. You’ll also
find out how scientists use seismographs to measure the strength of earthquakes. Take cover!
1. What causes earthquakes?
2. What is the Richter scale?
3. Why don't all buildings collapse when there is an earthquake?
Plate Tectonics
There’s a continent called Pangaea?! Well, there was! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby
will explain how a continent can disappear. You’ll learn about the very first continent on Earth,
how long ago it existed, and what happened to it. Discover why the earth isn’t as stable as you
think it is, as well as just how much the continents can shift in a year! Also, find out about the
three different kinds of plate boundaries, and what can happen at each one. Whatever happens,
you probably don’t want to be there when it does!
4. What does "plate tectonics" mean?
5. What is the San Andreas Fault?
6. What tectonic plate is North America on?