Rev. Lisa R. Withrow, Ph.D.
99 Providence Lane, Delaware, Ohio 43015
740.815.6131 (cell) ● 740.362.3343 (office)
[email protected]
Doctor of Philosophy, Practical Theology and Feminist Psychology/Theologies, University of Glasgow, Scotland
(1993). Dissertation Title: Moving Toward koinonia in the Church: Reconciliation Through Group Work with Women.
Master of Divinity, Duke University Divinity School, Durham, NC (1988).
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Biology, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA (1985).
Deacon, East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church (1987).
Elder, East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church (1994).
Additional Training
Certification in process, Fundraising Management, The School of Philanthropy (IUPUI), Indianapolis, IN.
Training in process, Adjunct instructor for Lake Institute, the Fundraising School (Lilly Family School of
Philanthropy), Indianapolis, IN.
Completed Training, Fundamentals of Online Teaching, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (spring 2013).
Certification, Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator, Baltimore, MD (February 2013).
Certification, Pastoral Ministry, Craighead Institute, Glasgow, Scotland (1992).
Clinical Pastoral Education, basic unit - HIV/AIDS and cancer specialty, University of North Carolina Hospital,
Chapel Hill, NC (1987).
Administrative Experience
(concurrent with academic teaching)
Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Methodist Theological School in Ohio (June 2014 – present). Responsible for the Academic Affairs of the school,
bridging academic development with administration, and supervising staff in service of the academic life.
Associate Academic Dean
Methodist Theological School in Ohio: (July 2011 - 2014). Responsible for Theological Commons development,
programming, administration, and budget allocation; intercultural development chair for the institution; supervisory
role for student administrative assistance and student services director positions; aid in institutional program
operation. Accomplishments to date:
 Co-developed and implemented Theological Commons as interface between academic research and public
theologies; responsible for attending to budget and working with development office to foster donors.
 Wrote and was awarded Wabash Grant for anti-racism/intercultural development work for MTSO in all facets
of the institution.
 Participate in ongoing institutional advancement initiatives with the President and Dean to position the
school as a significant theological presence in the jurisdiction; work alongside development officer on
programming that involves alumni, donors, and potential donors.
 Participate in two-year schedule of Faculty/Trustee phase committee meetings for strategic planning.
 Chair Practical Theology Division (2011-2013).
 Participate in Educational Technology development and academic program development with hybrid/online
offerings; partner in conversation with Educational Technology chair about online theologically-based
pedagogies and seminary dialogues.
 Direct chapel program, including schedule and design of two services per week and special occasions.
Supervise Educational Technology assistant, student worship coordinator, director of student services, and
faculty assistant.
Work with registrar on short and long-term faculty load, scheduling, and adjunct requirements.
Doctor of Ministry Director
Methodist Theological School in Ohio: (2009 - 2011, 2013 - 2014). Accomplishments:
 Designed and implemented joint Doctor of Ministry program with Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Columbus,
Ohio); facilitated successful accreditation for the joint program with ATS, HLC, and Ohio Board of Regents,
established and implemented budgetary policies and administrative responsibilities between schools.
 Expanded program specializations and recruiting; currently manage budget and in process of assessing
Field Education Director
Methodist Theological School in Ohio: (1999-2008). Accomplishments:
 Personally visited all student field sites each year for three years to establish site relationships and study
 Communicated with judicatory leaders and United Methodist cabinets regularly regarding potential student
sites and implemented innovative student leadership opportunities.
 Revitalized the program by adding significant structure and accountability to the classroom experience;
recruited new instructors and new placement sites; procured additional financial support for students; and
added meaningful expectations on site and in the course.
Led Supervisory Training for Teaching Churches annually.
 Served as United Methodist Caucus chair at international Association for Theological Field Educators for 5
 Managed budget.
Additional Administrative Positions
Chair, Pastoral Advisory Group, OhioHealth hospital system with $2.5 billion in revenue, affiliated with the United
Methodist Church: (2013 – present). Regular meetings with central Ohio hospital, Hospice, and Home Reach
chaplains regarding vocational work, programming, and policies, with particular oversight for accreditation
President, Academy of Religious Leadership (2008 – 2009); President-elect (2007 – 2008); Steering Committee
(2005 – 2010). ARL is the international academic guild for professors of leadership in theological schools.
Chair, United Methodist Caucus, Association of Theological Field Educators (2003 – 2008).
Co-developer, Director, and Representative to the Board, Gault Center for Christian Leadership (2000 – 2007).
The Gault Center Board at Methodist Theological School in Ohio voluntarily disbanded when technological advances
and new vision led to the development of the Theological Commons, which is now in place.
Partnerships Facilitated
Joint Doctor of Ministry Program (Trinity Lutheran Seminary and MTSO). Negotiated program standards and
content; wrote and supplied documents for accreditation for the joint program (ATS, HLC and Ohio Board of
Regents); established administrative protocols between schools; recruited and trained faculty.
OhioHealth Hospital System and MTSO (in progress). Designing training for supervisory CPE that includes D.Min
in leadership specialization; discussing interreligious training in medical ethics for physicians with an international
Lake Institute (Fundraising School) and MTSO. Co-developed theologically-based course on fundraising for notfor-profits and churches in seminary curriculum; currently offering training for churches in fundraising; in process of
training for adjunct teaching opportunities at national and international levels.
Grants and Accepted Applications
Visiting Fellow, Durham University, England (November-December 2014).
Association of Theological Schools, Women in Leadership program, (Senior Administrator); (October, 2013).
Oxford Institute, Oxford, England: Faculty Special Grant (2013). Presented paper.
Grant-writer for Methodist Theological School in Ohio: Wabash grant – Becoming an Anti-Racist
Institution; $20,000 award (2012 – 2014).
Wabash Fellowship: One-Year Project for Teaching Development (2010 – 2011).
Wabash Grant: Mid-Career Faculty Colloquy – The Art of Teaching (2010 – 2011).
Oxford Institute, Oxford, England: Faculty Grant (2007). Presented paper.
University of Glasgow: Divinity Faculty Grant for dissertation development (1990 – 1992).
Bucknell University: McKenna Foundation Grant for environmental and land management (1984).
Teaching Experience
(concurrent with administrative roles)
Professor of Christian Leadership
Methodist Theological School in Ohio (2009 – present).
 Teaching 80% class load, not including Master’s theses, while serving as Associate Dean.
 Courses include Introduction to Practical Theology, Conflict Management, Church Growth with Integrity,
Women and the Ethics of Leadership, Celtic Spirituality, Doctor of Ministry courses in the leadership track;
Cross Cultural immersion classes and trips to South Africa/Namibia, El Salvador, Russia, Mexico; and
supervising Master’s theses.
Adjunct Faculty
The Lake Institute, The Fundraising School (School of Philanthropy), Indianapolis, IN (2013 – present).
 Implemented and currently facilitating annual summer seminar for church leaders –“Creating Congregational
Cultures of Generosity,” led by Lake Institute instructors.
 Designed stewardship course for MTSO curriculum as co-teacher with Lake Institute instructors (fall 2013).
 In process of training to teach stewardship courses for the Lake Institute throughout the United States.
Associate Professor of Congregational Studies and Director of Field Education
Methodist Theological School in Ohio (2004 – 2008). 100% class load.
Assistant Professor, Director of Field Education
Methodist Theological School in Ohio (1999 – 2004). 100% class load.
OhioHealth Hospital system, “Resonant Leadership,” two online courses (2009 – 2010).
Adjunct Instructor
Methodist Theological School in Ohio: Introduction to Homiletics (1993 – 1994).
Additional Academic Contributions
External Reviewer for Andrews University Press book manuscript (August 2012).
Co-editor, Journal of Religious Leadership, (juried), spring 2012 volume.
Participant, Study Group on Spirituality, Wabash Grant, with 7-member national study team (2010).
Researcher, Report compiler and writer, Study Group for Cross-cultural theological education and formation for
ministry, Wabash Grant, with 5-member national research team (2008 – 2010).
Task Force member for Introduction to Theology course, Methodist Theological School in Ohio curriculum review
Committee member, Dempster Fellowships (PhD candidates), General Board of Higher Education of the United
Methodist Church (2008).
Chair, Institutional Organization and Resources sub-committee, Self-study for reaccreditation, Methodist Theological
School in Ohio (2007 – 2008).
Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Leadership (juried) (2006 – present).
Editorial Board, Theological Field Educators Abstracts (2006 – 2008).
Research Committee member, Association of Theological Field Educators (2006 – 2008).
External Examiner for Drew Theological School, Supervised Ministry program review (2006).
External Examiner for Garrett-Evangelical Theological School, Field Education position review (2006).
External Examiner for Bangor Theological School, Mentored Practice position review (2006).
Search Committee member, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, for searches in Homiletics, Youth and Young
Adult Ministries, Academic Dean.
Faculty Board of Trustees member (2010 – 2012).
Academic and Professional Associations
American Academy of Religion (AAR): 2003, 2007, 2008 – 2010, 2013.
Academy of Religious Leadership (ARL): 2003 – present.
Association of Doctor of Ministry (ADME): 2008 – 2010.
Association of Theological Field Educators (ATFE): 2000 – 2008.
Academic Seminars and Lectures
“Bordering on C(h)aos.” Women in Leadership Deans’ Consultation (forthcoming, March 2015).
“Seeking Meaningful Discourse Through Disruption of the Center/Margin Dichotomy.” Oxford Institute of
Methodist Theological Studies, Oxford, England (August 2013).
“Ecology of Vocation.” Academy of Religious Leadership, joint presentation with other schools (April 2012).
“Change: Implications for Curricular Pedagogy in Religious Leadership.” Academy of Religious Leadership
(April 2008); revised for Faculty Lecture at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (February 2009).
“Living Authentically in Diverse Professional Partnerships.” OhioHealth seminar (September, November
“The Great Divide – Globalization and the Church.” Schooler Institute, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
(October 2007).
“Success and the Prosperity Gospel: From Commodification to Transformation - a Wesleyan Perspective.”
The Oxford Institute, Oxford, England (August 2007).
“Power, Authority and the ‘Ethic of Nice.’” Academy of Religious Leadership (April 2007).
“Developing Leadership in Emerging Contexts.” Association of Theological Field Educators, Dallas, TX
(January 2007).
“Field Education/Contextual Ministry Assessment: Colleague Schools and Tools.” Association of
Theological Field Educators, Dallas, TX (January 2007).
“New Field Educators.” Association of Theological Field Educators, Dallas, TX (January 2007).
“Church Growth in International Context.” Keynote speaker in 4-day seminar, Berlin, Germany (January
Sample case studies presented. Academy of Religious Leadership (April, 2005).
Introduction to Field Education seminars. Association of Theological Field Educators. Co-leader (spring
2003, 2005, 2007).
Alienation and Connection: Suffering in a Global Age. Editor and contributor. Lexington Books, November
Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Spring 2012.
Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, volume in Bible Immersion. Abingdon Press, April 2011.
Claiming New Life: A Process-Church for the Future. Chalice Press, 2008.
Reviewed in Journal of Religious Leadership, Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2009. 147-150.
Reviewed in Bucknell Magazine, spring 2009. 14-15.
Occasions of Prayer: Resources for Prayerful Living. SPCK/United Church Press, 1999.
Seasons of Prayer. SPCK/Abingdon, 1995.
Contributing Writer – Spirituality and Liturgy
Prayers for Health and Healing. SPCK, London, 2000.
Women at the Well: Meditations on Healing and Wholeness. Mary L. Mild. Judson Press, 1996.
Sourcebook of Weddings. Communication Resources, Inc., 2006, 2001.
Sourcebook of Worship Resources. Communication Resources, Inc., 2009, 2005, 2001.
Sourcebook of Funerals. Communication Resources, Inc., 2001.
“Creating Knowledge in Hybrid Format,” Teaching Theology and Religion, Vol. 17, No. 3, July 2014.
“Introduction: Women and Leadership” to the Journal of Religious Leadership, guest co-editor, Vol. 11,
No. 1, spring 2012.
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Perspective,” Journal of Religious Leadership, Vol. 6, No. 2, fall 2007.
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“An Ethic of Inquiry for the Future of the Church,” Journal of Theology, summer, 2006.
“Leadership Curriculum at Methodist Theological School in Ohio,” Journal of Religious Leadership,
spring/fall, 2005.
“Disciples for the Future: Small Groups and Vital Faith Development,” Quarterly Review, Vol. 23, no. 2,
“A Wesleyan View on ‘Making Disciples’,” Journal of Theology, summer 2001.
“Celtic Christianity: A Path for Spiritual Renewal,” Journal of Theology, summer, 2000.
Popular Articles
“Wanted: Christian Leaders and Ground Fertile for Them to Thrive,” East Ohio Joining Hands, Vol. 9,
Issue 1 (Fall 2008).
“Church for the Future,” Circuit Rider (September/October 2007).
Book Reviews
Religious Leadership: A Reference Handbook. Sharon Henderson Callahan, ed. Thousand Oaks, CA:
Sage Publications, Inc., 2013. Journal of Religious Leadership, Vol. 13, No. 2, fall 2014.
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The Influentials, Ed Keller and Jon Berry. Free Press, 2003. Review in Journal of Religious Leadership,
spring/fall, 2004.
Church Leadership Experience
Stewardship Chair/Finance Committee member
Asbury United Methodist Church, Delaware, OH; as affiliate/clergy member of the church (2011 – present).
Associate Pastor
Faith United Methodist Church, North Canton, OH (1995 – 1999). 1200 member church.
Lockwood United Methodist Church, Youngstown, OH (1992 – 1995). 200 member church.
Associate Pastor
Jordanhill Parish Church (Church of Scotland), Glasgow, Scotland (1988 – 1992). 900 member church.
Duke University Chapel (1986 – 1987).
Student Chaplain
Student Associate Pastor
United Methodist churches - Haw River, NC (2 summer terms by church request); Mt.Gilead, NC (1985 – 1986).
Additional Positions
Member, District Committee on Ministry, Mid-Ohio District/East Ohio Conference (2006 – 2014).
Chair, Pastoral Care Commission, East Ohio Conference (2006 – 2008); Board member (2000 – 2008).
Dean, East Ohio Conference Probationary Program (2001 – 2006).
Seminary Representative, Connectional Table of the United Methodist Church, “An Upright, Charitable and Discreet
Conversation: State of the Church,” Nashville, TN (2006).
Chair, Superintendency Committee, Mt. Vernon District/East Ohio Conference (2001 – 2002).
Member, Cross-Racial Appointment Dialogue, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (2002.)
Chair, General Conference 2000 Local Worship Committee, Cleveland, Ohio (1998 – 2000).
Chair, Commission on the Status and Role of Women, East Ohio Conference (1996 – 2000).
Secretary, Conference Council on Ministries, East Ohio Conference (1996 – 2000).
Designer, Designer, national Course of Study Correspondence Course in Church Leadership (2000).
Member, Bishop’s Task Force on Congregational Development (1997 – 1998).
Chair, Annual Conference Worship Committee, East Ohio Conference (1994 – 1997).
Member, Annual Conference Program Committee, East Ohio Conference (1994 – 1997).
Initiator and Implementer, Domestic Violence Response Community Networks, East Ohio (1997 – 1999).
Member, East Ohio Conference Board of Higher Education (1992 – 1996).
Member, Africa University Task Force, East Ohio Conference (1993 – 1995).
Reviewer, IdeaSource: Communication Resources, Inc., OH (1995).
Steering Committee Member, Boardman Ministerium, President, Vice President, Secretary (1992 – 1995).
Governing Board Member, Mahoning Valley Association of Churches (1993 – 1995).
Initiator and Implementer, Women's Spirituality Groups, Youngstown and North Canton, Ohio (1993 –1999).
Initiator and Implementer, Spiritual Formation Groups, Youngstown and North Canton, Ohio (1994 – 1999).
Initiator and Implementer, Single Parents with Teens Support, North Canton, Ohio (1995 – 1999).
Initiator and Implementer, Ecumenical Clergywomen's Support, Youngstown, Ohio (1993 – 1996).
Co-Developer, National WomenSharing Conference, Scotland (1991).
Co-Developer, Women, Religion and Violence Response, National Gathering, Scotland (1990 -1992).
Co-Developer, Worship National Gathering, Scotland (1989 – 1992).
President, Student Government, Duke Divinity School (1987 – 1988).
Treasurer, Student Government, Duke Divinity School (1986 – 1987).
Consultations and Seminars for the Church
Instructor, “Conflict is Inevitable” in two seminars, Three Rivers District Training/East Ohio Conference
(January 23 – 24, 2013).
Consultant and Instructor, Leadership Development consultation for United Methodist pastors, western Michigan
(October 2012).
Instructor, Conflict Management Seminars, United Methodist District Events in East Ohio Conference (April, 2012;
September, 2011; October, 2010; November, 2009; February, 2007).
Retreat leader and keynote speaker, Syracuse, NY Episcopal diocese (October 18 – 19, 2011).
Retreat Leader, Cuyahoga Falls First United Methodist Church staff (August 30, 2011).
Speaker, “Leadership for the Future.” Northcoast Leadership Academy, Cleveland, Ohio (February, 2011).
Mentor, local pastors’ group in East Ohio Conference, Mid-Ohio District (2010 – present).
Instructor, “Leadership for the Future” in two seminars, Mahoning Valley Leadership Training (May 2, 2010).
Consultant, Conflict Transformation and Healing Seminars in individual United Methodist and United Church of
Christ congregations (April, 2012; October, 2010; April, 2010; March, 2010; November, 2009).
Consultant, Stewardship and Visioning for the Future: Easton Community Church, West Ohio Annual Conference
(February 28 and March 7, 2010), and Tiffin, Ohio area United Methodist churches (September – October 2009).
Consultant, Up River Friends Meeting (Quaker meeting, 8 days), Belvidere, NC (July 2009).
Consultant, Akron Children’s Hospital, chaplaincy team building (March, May 2009).
Speaker, “Conflict Transformation.” Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, Palisades District (May 2008).
Speaker, “Conflict Transformation.” Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, Cape Atlantic District (March 2008).
Instructor, “Civil Discourse.” Five-week seminar, DIALOG (ecumenical church forums), Medina, OH (September –
October 2007, October 2008).
Instructor, “The Future of the Mainline.” St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Lecture Series (April 2007).
Speaker, “Women and Authority.” Clergywomen’s Consultation, national event (August 2006).
Speaker, “Conflict and the Church.” Gault Center for Christian Leadership (April 2006).
Respondent, “One Nation Under God: A Response to Bishop Joseph Sprague.” East Ohio Conference (2005).
Instructor, “Leadership for the Changing Church.” Leadership Academy, Central Pennsylvania Conference Training
event (fall 2005).
Instructor, “Managing Change.” Leadership Academy, Springfield District Training event, West Ohio Annual
Conference (2005).
Workshop Leader, “Sacred Space.” Lakeside Institute, Lakeside, OH (summer 2004).
Speaker, “Conflict Management.” Newman Center, Ohio State University (2003).
Speaker, “Conflict Management and the Church.” United Church of Christ seminar (2003).
Retreat leader, “Prayer and Life.” Episcopal Church retreat, Columbus, OH (2003).
Instructor, “Family Systems and Congregations.” Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) seminar, Akron, OH (2002).
Instructor, Mahoning Valley Association of Churches Lay Academy (1994).
Guest speaker and preacher, Bucknell University (1993).
Visiting preacher in local congregations on a regular basis (1999 – 2010).

Curriculum Vitae - Methodist Theological School in Ohio