January 2013
Veterinary Assist Group
10th Anniversary 2003-2013
Veterinary Assist Charitable Trust No: 1104309 - TEL: 07961 952379
23 Newhouse Walk, Morden, Surrey SM4 6BS – 24 HOUR SERVICES – www.veterinaryassist.co.uk
We are 10 years Old!
Peckham Eight
Our New Fleet
Wildlife Assistance
We have been busy – Rehoming!!!
We have been so busy this past 6 months,
not only with our normal day to day work
but our rehoming too and are pleased to say
that not only have we rescued at least 5 cats
on “Death Row”, but found loving homes for
them and others which include,
Shira (see picture) who was terrorising the
local cats in Ham and has now been rehomed
in Wimbledon.
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Alexander, Charlotte and Bernadette, three
cats due to be put to sleep but saved in the
11th hour. As we go to press, Alexander and
Bernadette have been rehomed with just
Charlotte left in our care.
Matilda a little cat with a badly broken leg
who now has a loving home.
As well as our own website
www.veterinaryassist.co.uk we
also have 3 Facebook pages.
Veterinary Assist Group
Veterinary Assist
Rehoming Page
3. Veterinary Assist
Charitable Trust Wildlife
and Stray Work
Please do check these pages as we
update them regularly with our
latest news.
On 07961 952379
23 Newhouse Walk
[email protected]
Matilda was a one and half year old little
tabby cat, who was hit by a car and had a
badly broken leg. Unfortunately her owners
couldn’t afford to have the leg fixed and
requested euthanasia – we heard of this little
girl’s plight and had her signed over to the
charity. Launching a fundraise on Facebook,
we raised over £ 700 in just over 2 hours and
Matilda’s surgery was done at Goddards in
Ewell. After 6 weeks of cage rest with us and
5 homechecks, we finally found a lovely home
for Matilda in Sanderstead. Big thanks to the
Druckman family, Deb, Debbie, Peter, Zoe,
Miss Entwistle for the funds and to Goddards
for the 1st class veterinary treatment Matilda
Kerry, a West Highland Terrier, whose owner
died and we were able to find a home with
another elderly lady the following day.
Alvin the cat, who was found on the A3 after
being hit by a car, now rehomed in an old
people’s home,
Socks an elderly cat who was to put to sleep
now rehomed with us.
Also other cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and
dogs – all now in loving homes – thank you to
Goddards Veterinary Group, Kellie Brittin
and to our Tania who managed to coordinate
quite a few of the homes for the cats and
the guinea pigs!
I started the Veterinary Assist Charitable
Trust nearly 10 years ago and from growing
from just me and one vehicle to 6 vehicles,
3 drivers and volunteer accounts/admin
personnel, we are still going strong.
OK – I am no millionaire (far from it!!), but
the support I have received and loyalty from
vets and clients has been truly encouraging.
Thank you all!
Veterinary Assist Group
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The Peckham “8”
On 17th November 2012, we received
a call from a member of the public
about 8 puppies that had been
dumped in a holdall on Goose Green
parklands – he had been out walking
his dog and had heard whimpering
noises……..Sarah and Steve went out
to Peckham and rushed. the cold
puppies into the Blue Cross Victoria
where they received immediate
veterinary treatment.
The puppies were eventually sent to
a Blue Cross rehoming Centre where
these mastiff cross puppies were all
found loving homes.
Where their poor mother is we can
only imagine?
Again, we thank our supporters who
help us fund these types of rescues
of which we receive no income.
The puppies made the news on BBC
London as well as being in the
Evening Standard.
Our New Fleet
Earlier last year, the two Ford Focus Estates
and the Volvo Estate finally gave up after
years and mileage of good service, so we
have acquired more vehicles. We have
bought a spacious Vauxhall Combo which has
two kennel spaces and also purchased a
Mercedes E-Class Estate which is imperative
for our rapid response and home visits (for
vets) in the main.
Veterinary Assist Charitable
Trust receives no government
funding or lottery grants for
their subsidised, stray or
Wildlife work so if you would
like to donate to the
charitable part of our work
than you can by either
cheque, credit card (please
telephone your card details)
or directly to our bank
account which we can advise
details if you contact us.
Please remember to tell us
that you have made a
donation if doing directly into
our account so that can thank
you individually.
Wildlife Assistance
Again, these past 6 months, we have been
very busy with wildlife rescues, all of which
we do free of charge. As well as collecting
various animals and birds from the
veterinary practices that we work for,
Jurgen, one of our drivers has been very
busy with fox and swan rescues for the Fox
Project and swan Sanctuary respectively.
We are also in the process of purchasing a
Renault Master which will have 6 cages and
rear seating for monitoring critical care
patients during transit.
Most of the small birds and mammals have
either been cared for by ourselves or in
some cases have been transferred to Wildlife
Aid in Leatherhead and other wildlife
Our thanks to Kevin at KM Motors, Mitcham
who sources and maintains our vans, Miles
who fabricates all the caging and Ian at Final
Products who does all our sign writing at the
right price!!
One little pigeon with a badly injured wing
was handed over to us by Stone Lion Vet
Clinic – after 3 weeks care with Tania, the
little pigeon was successfully released on
Wimbledon Common flying beautifully…..
About Veterinary Assist Group
Veterinary Assist was founded 10 years ago by
myself, Steve Kemp as I wanted to help animals
and people with a service of transporting their
pets to vets. My company offers a 24 hour, 7 days
a week, 365 days of the year service to the
general public, veterinary clinics and other
authoritive bodies. I also work with the larger
animal charities such as the Blue Cross, PDSA, and
RSPCA offering subsidised fares to the elderly,
disabled and disadvantaged.

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