Student Affairs Communications Group Minutes
January 28, 2015
Attendance: Kami Hammerschmith, Brianna McNall, Kent Sumner, Majeed
Badizadegan, Wendy Little, Colleen Schlonga, Lisa Hoogesteger, Carolyn Boyd, Sophie
Wilson, Katie Figoni, Michele Ribeiro, Vanessa Johnson, Marigold Holmes, Jennifer
Viña, Sarah Norek, Nancy Raskauskas, Michael McDonald, Carly Barnhart, Megan
McGinty, Ashley Locke, Gary Dulude, Melody Oldfield
Next meeting of the Student Affairs Communications Group will be Wednesday,
February 11, 2015, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., MU Council Room. Topic: Best practices for
marketing communications from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Session with Vice Provost for
Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Melody Oldfield, Gary Dulude and Ashley Locke from University Relations &
Marketing (URM) presented a Powerpoint on Oregon State Core Messages. These core
messages have been used for the past couple years.
They shared our brand message: Oregon State University is an authentic community,
whose accomplishments, inclusive excellence, innovation and leadership promote a
healthy planet, wellness and economic progress. Underlined are the key words
Melody and Gary emphasized about Oregon State. More information on the OSU brand
can be found at
They shared the seven core prompts. These are intentionally not full sentences. The
themes of the core prompts should be demonstrated using examples.
• Internationally recognized public research university
• World-class faculty and accomplished students
• America’s natural resources university
• Drives innovation through collaboration
• Enhances well-being, social progress and community prosperity
• An inclusive community
• Transforms students into leaders
Melody and Gary shared some examples of banners in Kerr. They said they are trying
to make sure the internal audience understands the messaging, so we can all be brand
ambassadors. We can repurpose University Marketing work for our departments. See
the brand website for downloads.
They shared some examples of creative execution of the brand: Beaver Nation. Melody
passed around sample Beaver Nation print collateral. They shared some statements
on what it means to be Beaver Nation.
Fall Term they held a fireworks event in Goss Stadium geared toward welcoming new
students to Beaver Nation. They filled Goss Stadium with 3,600 students. Some of the
students received glow sticks and created the shape of Oregon on the field. President
Ray used this photo on his Christmas card. The event generated a lot of social media.
They hope to make it an annual event.
We own the state. Gary shared that 69 percent of all students at OSU are from Oregon.
We have an impact across the state and internationally, as well. They have started
adding the tagline ‘Since 1868’ leading up to the sesquicentennial (150 years) in 2018.
There is a Beaver Nation website that shares stories from across the state. They have
the state broken into seven regions and then include the nation and the world. An
image of Oregon appears with the region the story represents shaded in orange. If you have story ideas you’d like to share, email
[email protected]
Examples shared included:
• Enhancing well-being – Healthy Campus Initiative tag: Be Well. Be Orange.
• Driving innovation – OSU Impact 2014, student entrepreneur story
• Transforming students into leaders – Adventure Leadership Institute in
Recreational Sports, video on Beaver Nation website
• Innovation through collaboration – College of Engineering Momentum inserted into
the Oregon Stater Winter 2015, Creating Rocket Science from Scratch
Melody said all the examples are storytelling. We can link/use anything on the Beaver
Nation website, as well.
URM created Brag Points to share with alumni.
• 30,000 students – largest university in the state
• $285 million – research funding, more than UO and PSU combined
• Top 1.5% worldwide – global reputation (US News & World Report)
• No. 3 college town – (American Institute for Economic Research)
• No. 5 online – (US News & World Report)
• No. 7 agriculture and forestry program in the world – (Top Universities)
On Friday, President Ray will present the State of the University address in Portland.
They are expecting 700 people. Everyone attending will get a research folder and a
copy of the brag points.
They shared a copy of The Heart of Beaver Nation (anthem) related to living/being on
Gary said he is happy to meet with anyone to brainstorm about messaging, story
ideas, etc. (7-9027, [email protected]).
During discussion, it was suggested that stories include students working to put
themselves through school. They gain real-life experience, complement their
academics, and learn good work ethic and persistence. On-campus employment
offsets affordability of college and balances support systems through Student Affairs
to help students be successful. On-campus employment also offers flexible hours and
recognition that being a student comes first. One of the four Student Affairs focus
areas is career development.
Gary said University Marketing is conscious that they represent the student body in
the stories they tell.
Michael said that Career Services has a new name. They are now the Career
Development Center. He shared three versions of some new print promotional
material they are using.
Katie shared a flyer on Spiritual Wellness Week, Feb. 9-13.
Carolyn said she would be sharing new campaign materials for It’s On Us. She will
share a link to the website and a link to a short video. The Dean of Student Life Office
is working with other departments on a Barometer insert focusing on Home and
Away – Spring Break Safety tips and keeping your home safe while away.
There have been on-campus meetings about the new marijuana legislation. Even
though it will be legal statewide, it is still illegal on the national level. Since OSU
receives federal funding, it will still not be allowed on campus. We must follow the
Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug Free Workplace Act.
There will be no classes on cultivation or production of marijuana.
Quarterly meetings on alcohol prevention messaging are occurring. More to come.
The next meeting of the IMC Network conflicts with our Student Affairs
Communications Group meeting. However, Susie Brubaker-Cole is scheduled to
attend our meeting, so it will not be cancelled.

Student Affairs Communications Group Minutes