Wausau East Football
We will mentor young men to become champions on and off the fields of competition. We will
instill in the players the drive to achieve their best for their teammates, school and community.
We will develop a mutual respect among coaches, athletes, and parents by becoming men of
integrity who are responsible and will make a positive difference in the world.
The Wausau East Football Program will be respected as one of the best football programs in the
state of Wisconsin because of its Class and Pursuit of Excellence.
Core Values
Respect – Lumberjacks will respect the dignity of all people!
Responsibility – Lumberjacks will reliably handle our duties and obligations!
Joy – Lumberjacks will out “PLAY” our opponents on the football field and always display positive
Resilience – Lumberjacks will never give up and move forward through adversity!
Integrity – Lumberjacks will have the courage to always do the right thing!
Service – Lumberjacks will serve their fellow teammates, school and community!
Work Ethic – Lumberjacks will succeed because of their effort to achieve the best!
Compassion – Lumberjacks will have empathy and understand what hurts us hurts others!
Annual Goals
Develop young men who will become great husbands, fathers, and community members later in life
Team Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better
Make the WIAA Playoffs
Win Valley Football Association Conference Championship
Play 14
Wausau East Football Team Rules and Expectations
Rule #1 – Do the Right Thing
Practice Attendance - Players are expected to attend practice everyday
Prior to the start of school, if a player is ill they should have a parent call Coach
Tourtillott (715-218-0788) to communicate an illness
DURING A SCHOOL DAY – please ask the attendance secretary to leave a note in
Coach Tourtillott’s mail box or Coach Heinrich if the player is a freshmen
if a player is injured, they should continue to attend practice and help fellow position
If a player misses a practice and is unexcused they will be held out of the next football
game (this includes weight room sessions and Saturday practices for Varsity Players)
Wausau East Football
Players are expected to be the best possible student – Do their homework, study for tests and
be involved in class
if a player is having a difficult time in classes they should contact their position coach
and the guidance department can help to arrange a tutor.
School Attendance
Players are expected NOT to miss any class periods during a school day unexcused
There will be one coach assigned to have the attendance secretary run an attendance
report on certain days of the week
- For each unexcused absence class period the player will be held out for a half of a
football game
Playing Time / Player Coach Problems
Every player must be coached by their position coach throughout a practice.
The players MUST be treated with RESPECT and have their questions answered in a timely
if a player comes home and is upset, parents are encouraged to ask if the player talked
about their concerns with their position coach
- if the player did talk with their position coach – parents should have their child come to
the Head Coach (Tourtillott or Heinrich) about their concerns
- if the player still feels their concerns are not being heard – an appointment should be
set up with the player, their parents, the position coach, head coach and if the parent
desire the Wausau East Activities Director
- During any player/coach meeting all efforts will be made to discuss problems without
bringing up the names of other players on the team
- Email is NOT a tool to be used to voice concerns about playing time or player/coach
One Way Conversation
- Coaches may declare a “One Way Conversation” – this means the player is not to speak
unless asked a questions and that the coach will be doing all of the speaking
Captains and Post Season Awards
Any player with an athletic code violation is not eligible to be Team Captain or will be
nominated for any post season awards
Wausau East Football
A point system will be used to award a varsity letter. Players need to score 19 points in order to
earn a letter. Players are awarded one (1) point for being on the field during each quarter of a
varsity game. The player gets a point for being on field for an offensive, defensive, or special
teams play for each quarter of a game. In our 9 game season, there are 36 possible quarters.
This means that a player must play in one more than half the possible quarters. Play-off games
will count for quarters earned (played), but do not increase the number required for a letter.
A senior who has been in the football program for four (4) years and finishes the season in good
standing, but did not score 19 points, will be awarded a varsity letter.
If a player is injured during the season and does not have enough points, he can earn a letter
through the Head Coach’s recommendation based on the number of quarters the player might
have played.
A. Player Tom Tourtillott is on the kick-off team. The Lumberjacks kick off to start the
game (1st quarter), they score touchdowns in the 2nd and 3rd quarters which means the
kick-off team is on the field in both the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Tourtillott is awarded 3
B. Player John Cayley is the starting QB. The offense runs plays in every quarter of the
game with Hull as the QB. Cayley is awarded 4 points
C. Player Phil Sturm is a reserve Defensive Back and a starter on the punt team. In the
game, the lumberjacks never have to punt (no points), but Sturm does play as a D back
during a series of downs in the 2nd & 3rd quarters. Sturm is awarded 2 points
Record Keeping
At the Saturday morning practice, the head coach will call the players’ numbers and they will
respond by telling the number of quarters played the previous night’s game. The head coach will
keep a running total for the season.

Wausau East Football - Wausau East High School