Living Lab Outdoor School
Living Lab Program partners with your classroom in a single day trip or a 3-5 day residential environmental education
experience. Build community together in a discovery based program exploring God’s creation. Our interdisciplinary
approach applies classroom learning with hands-on experiences…and FUN!
Living Lab Courses developed by Luther Springs
1. Quadrant Study- an ecosystem is selected such as wooded, field, bog (but not water). Students mark off a
designated area. An organized study is done of this natural area to learn what plants and animals can live
together. A plant and soil profile is completed. Plant identification is made. Weather study of the area
taken each day of stay. Students working in groups allow for the development of team work and the
distribution of work.
2. Lake Zonation- a study of aquatic life and how it fits into the web. Introduces students to the life of a lake,
life in and surrounding the lake and the needs and uses of a lake. Physical factors-water temperature,
turbidity, pH, and test for other substances present. Collect and identify plants and animal life in the lake
and along the shore.
3. Orienteering- learns the skill of finding your way in the out-of-doors with a compass (pace and taking
bearings). Utilizing several courses, students will put this knowledge to use in the fields/forests of Luther
4. Cinquain Poetry – write poetry using nature as the subject.
5. Leaf I.D. - recognize likenesses and differences of leaf structure (shape, margins, tips) necessary for
6. Nature Scavenger Hunt
7. Adaptations- invent an animal that is camouflaged from its environment. Using materials given the animals
are place in the environment and teams switch and search for the hidden animal.
8. ASE (Action Socialization Experiences) – this challenge course consists of a number of situations which
require students to work as a group. Some of the situations (elements) are Spider Web, Climbing Wall,
Island and Whale Watch.
9. Nature’s Camouflage – to show how color helps a plant or an animal adapt to its environment.
10. Stump Scouting/Study of a Rotten Log
11. Gopher Tortoise- a study of actual tortoise burrows
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