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New Course Proposal for:Christian-Muslim Relations and the Relationship Between the World of
Islam and the West
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Course Proposal Details for - Christian-Muslim Relations and the Relationship Between the
World of Islam and the West (Course code not assigned)
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
This course will investigate two related, but nevertheless distinct, topics,
namely the relationship between Christianity and Islam, and the
relationship between the World of Islam and the West. There will thus
be a focus on specifically religious thought and a focus on wider
historical, political and social issues, in both the medieval/classical and
modern/contemporary periods. Topics investigated will include
scriptural foundations (Bible and Qur'an), later Christian thinking about
Islam and Muslim thinking about Christianity, how Muslims and
Christians have interacted over the course of the centuries, and, in the
modern world, the relationship between the West and the World of
Islam in political, social and cultural terms, in both Muslim-majority and
Muslim-minority contexts. Students will thus come to a better
understanding of the similarities and differences between the two
traditions in terms of belief and practice, the different attitudes each
tradition has had toward the other in history, the different factors
involved in the contemporary relationship between the World of Islam
and the West, and the prospects for dialogue and better mutual
understanding in the future. This course is jointly taught with
undergraduate students.
Normal Year Taken
Year 4 Undergraduate
Course Level (PG/UG)
Visiting Student
Available to all students
SCQF Credits
Credit Level (SCQF)
SCQF Level 10
Home Subject Area
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Other Subject Area
Course Organiser
Hugh Goddard
Course Secretary
Eleanor Birch
% not taught by this
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Total contact
teaching hours
Any costs to be met
by students
Visting Student Prerequisites
Visiting students should have at least 3 courses in a suitable subject area
at grade B or above (or be predicted to obtain this). We will only
consider University/College level courses.
IMES CMrelations
Fee Code (if invoiced
at course level)
Eleanor Birch
Default Mode of
Default delivery
Semester 1
Marking Scheme to
be employed
Common Marking Scheme - UG Honours Mark/Grade
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Course Type
Special Arrangements
Before enrolling students on this course, you are asked to contact the
IMES Secretary to ensure that a place is available (Tel: 504182, e-mail
[email protected]).
One 2,500 word essay (35%); one 3-hour examination (55%), class
presentation and participation (10%).
Components of
Exam Information
Written Exam 55%
Coursework 10%
Practical Exam 35%
One three hour examination with a 20 page script book in the relevant
main exam diet.
Graduate Attributes
and Skills
Study Abroad
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Reading List
Reading Lists
Available through the course learn page.
Course description
Learning outcomes
1. An understanding of the different dimensions of the relationship between Christianity and Islam, and b
two communities
2. An awareness of both the similarities and contrasts between the two religions traditions
3. An ability to analyse the judgements made by each community about the other, and to locate these jud
4. A capacity to discern where there are possibilities for deeper mutual understanding and co-operation b
5. Improved skills in textual interpretation, critical evaluation of historical sources, and understanding cur
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Christian-Muslim Relations and the Relationship Between the World of