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Meeting Title
Learning Disability Partnership Board
Monday 9th March 2015 at 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Insight House, Pearson Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 3BL
Neil Davies (Chair), Brendan Clifford, Donna Patel,
Sarah Offley, Tina Harrison, Diane Baker,
Sharon Davies, Dave Buxton, Alex Burns,
Madeleine Cowley, Mollie Berry, Maniza Begum,
Gita Patel, Saleem Naz,
In Attendance
Nicola McGregor
Claire Allen attending on behalf of Julie Cox.
Susan Bradley
Julie Cox, Viv Webb, Anne-Marie Carter,
Paul Jaunzems, Jacqui Howells , Cllr David Vickers
Minute Taker
1. Welcome
Neil welcomed everyone to the meeting.
2. Apologies
Apologies were given as indicated above.
3. Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising
The draft minutes dated Monday 12th January 2015 were
discussed and agreed.
An amendment to the minutes – page 3, Madeleine said
that it was she and not Brendan who advised everyone to
speak with the candidate to discuss their issues. Members
agreed to the amendment.
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
Matters Arising
Page 6. Dave confirmed that he had received details of the
Unicorn budget from Brendan.
4. Learning Disability Partnership Board Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference was circulated to the Board.
Brendan went through the terms of reference and asked if
the document requires any changes.
Madeleine said that it did not refer to complex needs and
thought it should be included in the document. Members
The Sub groups of the Partnership Board are not listed
within the document. Donna suggested inviting the Sub
Groups on a rota basis to feedback to the Board. Sue to
circulate the list of Sub Groups to the members of the
The Learning Disability Partnership Board feedback to the
Health & Wellbeing Board, the chair is Cllr. Rachel Harris,
and invitees are Dudley Council, Dudley CCG and
voluntary organisations.
Brendan said that we need to find new ways to engage
people together and try and find out what other areas do.
Sarah said that Dudley Voices for Choice has been invited
to observe the Partnership Board in Solihull and suggested
inviting them to our Board.
Dave said that communication with carers is poor at the
moment. In the past information regarding training,
conferences and events was shared with carers through the
day centres. Brendan said we will look at the resources for
sharing information. Donna suggested inviting carers to
sessions of working groups.
Mollie said that she had been involved in a validation
process which took place 3 years ago, a group of people
visited Health and Social Care services around the West
Midlands. Asked if further vailiation visits would be arranged.
Brendan said that Peer Reviews have been arranged and
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
suggested that the Board could develop a similar process.
Madeleine said that some carers are not on the internet
and do not engage with social media. More carers are
isolated since the closure of day centres. Brendan said we
need to find something to replace and benefit which carers
felt the Day Centres provided.
Amendments to be made to the terms of reference and
to be agreed at the next Learning Disability Partnership
Board meeting.
5. Feedback from Dudley Voices for Choice
Feedback from Sharon.
West Midlands Self Assessment Framework Reviews.
Dudley Voices for Choice went to Birmingham to peer
review the reports and were paired with Solihull. They had a
lot of the same issues as Dudley. Solihull have invited Dudley
Voices for Choice to visit their partnership board to see how
it runs.
Rachael has been training the local GPs, community nurses
and social workers in what she thinks is good practice.
Dudley Voices for Choice members have been training the
student nurses and graduate nurses at Russell Hall hospital in
how to communicate with a person with a learning
Dudley Voices for Choice are meeting with MP's James
Morris and Ian Austin at Insight cafe on Friday 13th March this
will give local people with learning disabilities the
opportunity to ask MPs questions which are important to
Dudley Voices for Choice were a part of the Shine event. It
was a really good night and everyone who took part did
themselves proud.
Brendan said that links with Solihull will be very valuable,
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
working together and sharing good practice.
Brendan said that the Shine event was a good night and
thanked everyone who supported the event.
6. Feedback from Carers Group
Madeleine and Alex raised questions regarding the
Independent Living Fund. Brendan said that information
had been shared but understood how sometimes people
may be anxious.
Madeleine said that the assessments were promised last
year which has not taken place.
Donna said that the delay is due to the Care Act as the
assessments will need to be Care Act compliant.
Brendan said that information is available on the website.
Local Authority will be assessing each person in Dudley
during this year and letters will be going out at the end of
this week explaining the process. Sue to send carers a copy
of the letter.
Madeleine said at the last meeting regarding the budget
presentation it was difficult to understand regarding the
figures and asked the percentage of savings for Adult Social
Care since 2010, Brendan said it is about 25% but more
savings are to be made, Madeleine said this is very
Dave said that Independent Living Fund was discussed at
the last Carers Forum and that people are now receiving an
A number of carers are experiencing difficulties contacting
the Duty team and messages are left on an answer
machine not knowing if it is being actioned.
Brendan said that the Day Duty team should return the call
and suggested that carers to make a note of the person
they speak to and the time of call as this will enable us to
look into the matter and respond.
People are on a waiting list and are notified by letter.
Waiting lists are reviewed and prioritised accordingly each
week by managers.
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
Mollie said that a parent/carer had received a customer
satisfaction form to complete and that only recently
completed a form. The forms are not easy to complete. The
form was tabled. Mollie asked who is requesting this
information and what is it used for. Brendan said that it is
Policy & Performance who request the information as we
are obliged to report to the Government on specific
Sarah said that Dudley Voices for Choice hold consultation
groups to view and assess the questions so that they are not
too complex.
Maniza said that Ehsas Carers are waiting for a meeting to
be arranged with a Welfare Benefits Officer and also asked
for a meeting with Brendan. Brendan will discuss this matter
with them after the meeting.
Alex said that EPlus have now helped 22 people into
employment. The staffing are being reduced which is
concerning. Brendan congratulated EPlus. It is not just
Local Authority responsibility but other agencies in the
community are also responsible to support people with
disabilities into employment. We need to make better use
of public money.
Alex said that The Department of Work & Pensions and Job
Centres have been invited to meetings but they do not
Donna said that Employment steering groups have been set
up with multi agencies to see what services there are within
the community and to encourage social workers to view all
options available. This is a requirement within the Care Act.
Carers are welcome to attend the steering group.
7. Feedback from Providers Forum
Deferred - no provider representative.
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
8. Carers Co-ordinator – Nicola McGregor
Nicola started in December 2014.
Nicola said that they provide information and signposting
for carers and also have a Carers Network. They are looking
at ways to improve communication with parents/carers, as
many carers are isolated; they are reviewing the Carers
Strategy and will be developing partnerships of carers
The Care Act will be implemented 1st April and will give
carers new rights and the entitlement to receive an
Letters will be sent to inform carers of a Care Act event
which will take place on Friday 27th March regarding the
many changes taking place with advocacy, advice and
Carers assessments.
A small grant, of £3000 for voluntary organisations is
available. Closing date 1st April 2015. Application packs
were launched at Insight on Wednesday 4th March and if
anyone would like an application pack to contact Nicola.
Advice Network is being launched from 1st April 2015, which
will have two advisors available from Monday to Friday, 9am
until 5pm. Telephone number 01384 818723, email address –
[email protected]
Carers Network has no literature at the moment but is in the
process of updating the fact sheets.
Alex congratulated and thanked Nicola. He asked how
many carers assessments have been received. Nicola said
there were 25 last week, we have been working on all
assessments prior to 31st March 2015 and currently the
waiting time for completion is approximately 4 weeks.
Brendan said that there are approximately 40,000 carers
within Dudley.
The carers newsletter is published three times a year, a brief
newsletter will be published at the end of April updating
information on the Care Act.
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
Carers week will be taking place in June.
9. Self Assessment Framework Feedback – Donna Patel
Donna discussed in detail the Self Assessment Framework
The feedback links with the action plan.
The feedback has been presented to the Health Sub group.
Alex said that some statistics are not correct.
Brendan said that there has been many changes within
Adult Social Care, Health and CCG and this has made it
difficult to obtain the correct data.
Madeleine asked what the information is used for. Brendan
said that learning disabilities is highly inspected and
Government ask for a a lot of data which is used for
forward planning.
Claire said that LD Network have a new data base to
collate information which will help in the completion of
future Self Assessment Frameworks with the correct
Not all GPs complete annual health checks. A GP event
was held to increase awareness.
Claire visits all GP practices within Dudley and have 47
practices registered for health checks, a further 7 new
practices have recently applied.
Practice Managers meet on a regular basis and Clarie is
waiting confirmation to see if she can attend the meetings.
10.Health Sub Group Feedback – Donna Patel
Defer to the next meeting.
11. Autism Self Assessment Framework – Donna Patel
The Autism Self Assessment Framework will be submitted
Monday 9th March 2015. Sue to circulate to the Board.
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015
12. Winterbourne View – Donna Patel/Julie Cox
We do have an action plan which links to the concordat.
Defer to the next meeting.
13. Care Quality Commission Public Engagement Strategy –
Donna Patel
Documents circulated to the Board.
Inspections are taking place between April and June 2015
on health and social care services.
Care Quality
Commission are asking for public engagement and
comments. Dudley has not been listed for an inspection.
10. Any Other Business
 Changing the meeting day of the Learning Disability
Partnership Board – Donna Patel
Members were asked if the Boards meeting day could
be changed from a Monday to a Thursday. Board
members agreed. Sue to send new meeting dates to
11. Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting
Thursday 14th May 2015, 1.30pm – 3.30pm at Insight House,
Pearson Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 3BL
If any parties disagree with any of the above minutes please
contact the sender.
Susan Bradley
01384 813291
01384 813502
[email protected]
LDPB Minutes 09.03.2015

minutes of 9th March 2015 - Dudley Learning Disability Partnership