Social Studies: Extra Credit Activity 1
Directions: Pretend that you are a historian studying prehistory. Answer
the prompts below based on the notes from class, the videos watched in
class, and the website visited in class. Be sure to include all necessary
information and include as many specific details as you can. Make sure
you are writing in first person since you are the one who is studying the
1. Tell whether you are an archaeologist, anthropologist, or geologist
and what your objective is in studying prehistory.
2. Tell whether you are studying an artifact or a fossil.
3. Tell what the object is that you have found.
- If you choose an artifact, then tell what the artifact is.
- If you choose a fossil, then tell what the fossil is from.
4. Describe the item that you have found and where you found it.
5. Describe the steps you took in order to find the object.
6. Describe the steps you took in order to analyze the object.
7. Describe what conclusions you made about the object and what it
might tell you about the time period you are studying.
8. Include pictures that represent what you are discussing in your
9. Make sure that the information you are providing is accurate, and
based on what was discussed in class.
10. Spelling and grammar count, so be sure to edit your work!
You are free to choose how you would like to present the information.
You can create a booklet, a diary, a flipbook, a word document with
pictures, or a PowerPoint presentation. However make sure that you
present the information in a clear and creative way.
Social Studies: Extra Credit Activity 2
Directions: Imagine you are an early human from a Hunter-Gatherer
society. You just found out about a new tool/ skill that you want others in
your community to know about/use. Describe what the tool or skill does
and list reasons why it would make life easier for early humans in your
community. Then persuade other early humans in your community to try
this skill or tool. You might give examples, show pictures, or even make a
3D diagram to show why it is so important that other people in your
community try this new tool or skill.
Be creative but make sure you explain the tool/skill and what it does.
Additionally, make sure you give reasons why it will make life easier and
explain how you are going to persuade others in your community.