Constitution for The Guild: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
We, the advocates of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming at the University of North
Carolina at Charlotte, seeking to provide a medium for the free exchange of ideas and
options relating to science-fiction and fantasy literature, art, and gaming for all students of
the University, to be recognized as an integral and important aid to promote and
encourage a feeling of unity and purpose among all advocates of science-fiction and
fantasy, do hereby establish this Constitution of The Guild: UNCC Science Fiction and
Fantasy Club.
ARTICLE I: Nomenclature
This Constitution establishes that the official name of this organization shall be
The Guild: UNCC Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, to be referred to by our group, on
and off campus, and by other organizations as The Guild.
The purposes of The Guild shall be:
1. To provide a forum for the discussion of ideas arising from thorough and extensive
reading in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
2. To promote readership and related activities to said genres.
3. To protect the rights of its constituency.
4. To present an opportunity for writers of science fiction and fantasy to visit and/or confer
with their peers at UNCC.
5. To provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for the pursuit of gaming and fandom.
6. To hold or participate in at least 3 campus-wide events in accordance with the guidelines
established by the Rechartering Act.
7. To abide by all UNCC policies and guidelines relating to on and off campus activities
which our club may sponsor or in which we may participate.
ARTICLE III: Membership
Section A: Eligibility
Any student (part time, full time, and graduate), in good standing at UNCC, is eligible to
become a member of The Guild. A student can become a potential member by attending
a meeting and expressing interest in the club and its purpose. If the student is still
interested after attending one meeting, the potential member may pay the dues that have
been determined for the membership of that term, to become a full-fledged Guild
member. Failure to pay dues will result in the student no longer being considered a
member of the Guild and therefore not eligible to receive Guild membership privileges.
Non students may also become members in the same manner, but may not hold an
officer position.
Guild Member Privileges should be determined by the executive council on a yearly basis
and may include:
oFree participation in Guild sponsored events.
oDiscounts and use of Guild rooms.
oUse of the Guild library
oDiscounts on convention registration and use of Guild rooms at conventions.
oFree candy and or drinks supplied at the Guild meetings by the Guild.
oFree Guild gaming supplies being handed out during the year are handed out to member’s
first non-members second.
oFree participation in Guild sponsored events or tournaments.
oGaming store discounts.
Section B: Membership Dues
Dues shall be determined for the academic year and each semester by the Executive
Council of the Guild. Dues will begin to be collected on the first meeting of the fall
semester, for the entire year, and the first meeting of the spring semester for that
semester only. The dues will cover membership from payment to the beginning of the
following fall semester. Dues must be paid within two months of the new school year for
returning members. New members must pay within two months of coming to their first
Guild meeting.
Section C: Cancellation of Membership
Any member of the Guild can, at any time, voluntarily withdraw their membership from the
organization, with no refund of dues.
Section D: Policy
In accordance with UNCC policy of nondiscrimination, the Guild does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, and
physical or mental ability or disability.
Section E: Removal of a Member
A member may be removed from the Guild at the discretion of the Executive Council.
This requires three quarters majority. The member will not receive a refund for dues paid.
A warning must be given one week prior to voting to remove a member, and the member
must be given the reasons for his dismissal.
ARTICLE IV: Officers & Faculty Advisor
Section A: Executive Council
Four officers elected from the student members shall govern the Guild. A number of nonofficial
officers shall be elected as necessary. The four, official, offices shall be called the
President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers will compromise the
Executive Council. Officers will not have to pay dues.
Section B: President
The President of the Guild shall be responsible for the following duties of office:
oTo call and preside at all meetings of the Guild and Executive Council
oTo represent the Guild in activities involving the administration, the student government of
UNCC, and other on-campus organizations.
oTo be the first point of contact for the Guild in off-campus business.
oTo ensure that all requirements to maintain primary charter are done in a timely manner
with SGA calendars.
oDelegate non-described duties.
oTo serve as daily greeter at the Guild meetings, when the Vice President is not available,
meeting new potential members and introducing them to the Guild and its activities.
Section C: Vice President
The Vice President of the Guild shall be responsible for the following duties of office:
oTo assume the duties of the President in the event of either their absence or incapacity
oTo serve as successor to the President should the President become unable to complete
his term of office for any reason.
oTo serve as daily greeter at the Guild meetings, meeting new potential members and
introducing them to the Guild and its activities.
Section D: Secretary
The Secretary of the Guild shall be responsible for the following duties of office:
oTo record the minutes of all Guild and Executive Council meetings
oTo keep a record of attendance of all Guild members
oTo maintain an updated list of members and their contact information
oTo document and administer any necessary papers for impeachment unless the
Secretary is the one under impeachment. In such cases, the Vice President will assume
the responsibilities of documentation.
Section E: Treasurer
The Treasurer of the Guild shall be responsible for the following duties of office:
oTo collect and record all membership dues and donations made.
oTo maintain accurate records of the Guild's expenditures and collections.
oTo prepare an annual budget to be submitted and approved by the SGA.
oTo collect and record funds made from fundraising events.
Section F: Faculty Advisor
The Guild shall have no more than three Faculty Advisors at one time. The Faculty
Advisors shall be selected by the Executive Council, as necessary, to help advise and
guide the guild.
ARTICLE V: Election of Officers
Section A: Election Dates
The Executive Council shall set a date for nominations to be no later than March 31st,
and elections to be held no later than April 30th .
A vote from the membership in attendance, shall be necessary for election to any office of
the Guild. The winner will be determined by the student who receives the most votes.
All officers elected will assume office at the end of the spring semester, and they will be
responsible for all summer activities for the Guild.
Section B: Eligibility
Any current student member of the Guild is eligible to become an officer.
Section C: Nominations
Any current member of the Guild can make a nomination for office.
Section D: Voting
If two or more people are running for any one particular office then they may request that
the vote be cast by a secret ballot distributed among the current Guild members. If
present, the Faculty Advisor shall count the votes and announce the new officers.
Otherwise a neutral party elected by the Executive council or the members at large shall
count the votes.
If a secret ballot is not used, an election shall be established by a simple showing of hands.
Section E: Term of Office
The term of office for the Executive Council will last for one full year, from the beginning of
the summer semester of the year they are elected, until the end of the next summer
ARTICLE VI: Impeachment
Section A: Justification for Impeachment
Any officer of the Guild shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office if he or
she fails to faithfully perform the duties of his or her office as outlined in ARTICLE IV
Sections A-E of this Constitution.
Section B: Method for Impeachment
Any Guild member may motion for impeachment votes from the membership-at-large. A
two-thirds majority of the membership-at-large vote shall be required for the passage of
such a motion.
Any officer that is not in question may tally the votes. If none are available a member
assigned by the membership at large will tally the votes instead.
Section C: Impeachment Trial
The subject(s) of impeachment shall be notified of the impending action and must have
the reasons for such action outlined in writing, not more than twenty-four hours after the
adoption of the impeachment motion. The impeachment trial shall be held not more than
two weeks from the date of the vote to impeach, at which time both the complainant(s)
and defendant(s) shall be given an opportunity for the presentation of their complaints and
defense respectively.
Section D: Removal from Office
A two-thirds majority vote of the membership-at-large in favor of removal from office of
the subject(s) of impeachment by the membership-at-large of the Guild, shall be result in
the immediate discharge from office of the subject(s) of impeachment.
Section E: Successor(s)
In the case of removal from office by impeachment process, a new election shall be held
to fill the vacancy or vacancies created, at a mutually agreeable time to the Guild
membership-at-large, not to exceed two weeks. A majority
vote shall be necessary for the
election to the vacated office.
ARTICLE VII: Amendments
Section A: Proposition of Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a majority of the membership-atlarge
of the Guild, or may be proposed by the Executive Committee of the Guild. A vote of
the Membership at large shall be taken on the proposed amendment within two weeks of
the proposal.
Section B: Necessary Votes
A two-thirds majority vote of the membership-at-large, in favor of the proposed
amendment shall result in that amendment becoming a part of this Constitution.
Section C: Number of Amendments
If more than three amendments are added to this Constitution, a rewriting of the
Constitution will take place to incorporate the amendments.
ARTICLE VIll: Alumni Division
Section A: Eligibility
Any person who has graduated from UNCC is eligible for membership through the Alumni
Division of the Guild.
Section B: Dues
Any alumnus who wishes to be member of the division after attending one meeting must
pay one half the membership dues of the student members. Failure to pay dues will result
in the alumnus no longer being considered an alumnus member.
Section C: Alumni Representative
The Alumni Division of the Guild may elect, by majority vote, a representative to speak for
this Division at Guild meetings.
ARTICLE IX: Committees
Section A: Purpose
Committees shall be formed, on a need basis, to help in informing and decision making of
certain areas of Guild business.
Section B: Existence
The Executive Council, or a motion brought to and voted upon by the members at large,
can create a committee that has been determined by need. The Executive Council can
bring a motion to the members, to vote upon, to disband a committee if the committee is
no longer needed or is unable to fulfill its purpose.
Section C: Setup
The Committee shall consist of a set number of members who volunteer to preside on the
Committee. The number of Committee members shall be determined by the Executive
Council. The majority of the committee shall select a Chairperson and a ViceChairperson. One officer must be on the Committee, but they cannot serve as the
Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson. The officer does not count in the set number of
members that sit on the Committee.
Section D: Duties of Chairperson
The Chairperson will be responsible for calling meetings, holding votes, and
representation at Guild Meetings for the Committee. If the Chairperson is unable to
complete these duties, then the Vice-Chairperson will assume the duties of the position.
ARTICLE X: Meetings
Section A: Gaming Meeting
Friday nights shall be the date of the standard gaming meetings.
Section B: Guild Sponsorship for LARPs
Obligations of the Guild:
1. Free rooms in any Guild accessible building on campus. Including any required
furniture or equipment available to the Guild.
2. Free advertising at any Guild sanctioned event. Including placement on any Guild
flyers or bulletin boards.
3. Official Guild recognition and support. Including waved membership fees for any
ST's for so long as they remain ST’s.
4. Full confidence in LARP ST's to manage and run their own games without Guild
5. Representation among the membership to be chosen by the LARPs.
Obligations of said LARP groups:
1. Full adherence and deference to any and all rules set forth by the campus for
club-sponsored events.
2. Free advertising for any Guild event or any event judged by the Guild to be in
conjunction with stated Guild agendas.
3. Severe and swift punishment for any ST, narrator, or player found disturbing any
and all UNCC students, staff, or faculty in or around the gaming area provided
forth by the Guild with a minimum punishment of suspension from LARP events
for one game session.
4. The understanding that if at any given time the LARP in any way embarrasses or
causes trouble for the Guild it shall become eligible for removal as a sanctioned
Guild event and required to find another location to hold their events, pending an
investigation into the events by the Guild.
5. Full payment of site fees agreed upon by the LARP and Guild representatives at
the beginning of each academic year.
Section C: Business Meeting
The Executive Council and the membership at large will agree upon the time for the
Business Meeting.
Section D: Content of the Business Meeting
1. Call to order
2. Recording of Attendance
3. Current expenditure/collection financial report
4. Last meeting's minutes
5. Announcements & current issue discussion
Section E: Order of Speaking
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Faculty Advisor
6. Alumni Representative
7. Committee Chairperson
8. Membership at Large

Constitution for The Guild: University of North Carolina at Charlotte