Mr. William Haithcock, Principal
Dear Harborside Families,
Here at Harborside we value Habits of Success as highly as academic grades. In each class, students
not only receive an academic grade, but a Habits of Success grade as well. For Habits of Success, students are graded
based on the Harborside Habits of Success Traits: Integrity, Humor, Cooperation, Leadership, Tenacity and Respect. Each
semester, students begin every class with 15 Habits of Success points. Each time a student breaks a Habits of Success
trait they lose points (for example: a student turns in an assignment late, violates dress code, etc.). A student must pass
Habits of Success in order to receive a passing academic grade in each class. If a student fails Habits of Success in a class,
he/she may recover Habits of Success points by completing a Habits of Success contract or attending Habits of Success
On our Habits of Success Report Card, it shows a student’s Habits of Success grades for each class. The bracketed points
on the right show the points he/she lost with an explanation of the points lost. For each 5 points a student loses, they
effectively lose one Habits of Success grade. The report card can be read as follows: 4= A 3=B 2=C 0=F
Points Deducted
Elective 1
(1) Hands in class work and home work on time
(16) Hands in class work and home work on time
Social Studies
(6) Demonstrates honesty with classmates and staff
(16) Hands in class work and home work on time
In the example, the student would have an A (4) for Science, Elective 1, ELOB Crew, Gym, and Seminar. The student
would have a B (3) in Social Studies, and an F (0) in Math and English. In the “Points Deducted” column you can see that
the student lost 1 point in Crew for handing work in late, 16 points in Math for handing work in late, 6 points in Social
Studies for not demonstrating honesty with classmates and staff, and 16 points in English for handing work in late.
Because only 1 point was lost in Crew, the student’s grade did not decrease, but since the student lost 6 points in Social
Studies their grade went down to B. In English and Math, with a 16 point loss, the student’s grade dropped to failing. For
detailed explanation of how a student loses points, please examine our Habits of Success Grade Record Sheet.
If you have any questions regarding Habits of Success, please call Mr. Naylor or Ms. Jenson at (262) 359-8400.
David Naylor
Dean of Students
913 57th Street, Kenosha WI 53140 . (262) 359-8400 . (262) 359-8450 fax .

Habits of Success Letter to Parents