HISTORY 17- Class Syllabus
3 Units, 3 hour lectures. Prerequisite: None; Co-requisite: None; Preparation: None required
Text: The American Pageant, by Bailey, Cohen and Kennedy, Vol. II: Since 1865, 15th Edition
Course Description: U.S. History from the Reconstruction Period to the present, relating to:
The Industrial Revolution
Reform movements from the Progressive Era to the New Deal
Overseas expansion
Collective security in foreign affairs
Other foreign and domestic issues since World War II
Course Goals:
To communicate in narrative form the major events of American History during this period
To acquaint students with the major personalities of this period
To develop a sense of national identity leading to a greater appreciation of common citizenship
To present a curriculum that approaches a level of intellectual and academic rigor equal to freshman history
courses offered at four year colleges and universities
Saddleback College History Department Learning Objective:
Students who complete History 17 will be able to analyze critically, with reference to historical evidence, the evolution of
US politics, economics, and culture since 1876.
Specific Student Learning Outcomes, History 17: Modern American History:
Students will be able to identify the Factors of Production which contributed to America’s rapid industrialization. (Unit One)
Students will be able to identify the specific responses of the National Government to the crisis of the Great Depression.
(Unit 2)
Students will be able to identify the major military and diplomatic actions of the American Government in response to the
advent of the Cold War. (Unit 3)
January 22
Industrial Transformation; Political and
Economic Philosophies of the Gilded Age
The Railroads
Chapter 23
January 29
Life in the New Industrial Age
Chapter 26
February 5
Progressivism – the Response to Industrialism
Chapter 28 & 29
February 12
The Rise of the American Empire; Foreign Affairs, 1876 – 1914
Chapter 27
February 19
To Make the World Safe for Democracy The U.S. in World War I, 1914 – 1920
Chapter 30
February 26
EXAM I: (Lecture to follow)
The Early Twenties, Transition from War to Peace
March 5
The Twenties and the Great Depression
Chapter 31 & 32
March 12
The 1930s, Franklin D. Roosevelt and The New Deal
Chapter 33
March 19
America in the Second World War, 1941 – 1945
Chapter 34 & 35
April 2
Harry Truman, The Fair Deal and the Genesis of the Cold War
Chapter 36
April 9
April 16
The Fifties: Ike and Dulles; Waging Peace,
The Happy Days – America at Home
Chapter 37
April 23
JFK: The Thousand Days
Chapter 38
April 30
The Great Society
May 7
Nixon, Ford and Carter – The Seventies
Chapter 39
May 114
The Recent Past
Chapter 40
May 21
Exams are scheduled for the evenings of 2/26, 4/9, 5/21 They are equal in value and composed of multiple choice and
short essay questions. Grading criteria will be discussed in class. The formal written component of History 17 will be a
book report, the format of which is described in an accompanying handout. This paper will have the value of two exam
scores; thus, a student’s grade will be drawn from 3 exams and one paper worth 2 exams. Make-up exams may be
administered for a legitimate or anticipated absence. Irregular attendance may result in a student being dropped from the
class. Drop dates without penalty can be found in the class schedule. This is a student responsibility. Please be punctual
- presentations will begin promptly at 7 o’clock.
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Computer Sites for The American Pageant, 15th Edition:
http://college//cengage.com/history/us/kennedy/am pageant/14e/student home.html
Please note that any materials or information connected to the text that refers to the 14th Edition of the American Pageant
will be essentially the same and just as useful.