Clues for Radiology word search


Clues for Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Word Search

1. Radiography of blood vessels after injection of contrast material.


2. The direction the x-ray beam passes through the patient from front to back.


3. Internal radiation therapy delivered by placing radiation sources into the tumor. _____________________________

4. Vertical plane dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions.


5. A mixture of fibrous and glandular tissue. _____________________________

6. Examination of the structures of the body by x-rays.


7. Pertaining to an overt act to change an event or outcome.


8. A subatomic particle equal in mass to an electron but with the opposite charge. ________________________

9. The direction the x-ray beam passes through the patient from back to front. __________________________________

10. Agents that make structures stand out in x-ray imaging.


11. Impenetrable to x-rays or other forms of radiation. _____________________

12. Treatment using radiation. _______________________________

13. Recording of radioactivity with gamma cameras. _________________________

14. Pertaining to a precise three-dimensional method to locate a lesion or a tumor. ___________________________________

15. The interpretation of digitized diagnostic images transmitted from a distance. _________________________________

16. Radiographic image of a selected section or slice of tissue.


17. Radioactive agent used to trace metabolic processes. ___________________

18. Delineation of dynamic structure using sound waves.